"Honey! Wake up! It's already 9:30…come on!" Syaoran says as he tries to wake up her girlfriend Sakura Kinomoto. There's no morning that Syaoran says 'wake-up' on Sakura

"15 minutes" Sakura mumbled to Syaoran, she's always like that… every morning she'll says ' 15 minutes' other than 'good morning' to her boyfriend.

"No, 15 minutes will turn to half an hour or more than" Syaoran says as he tickled his girl friend on her waist that makes Sakura to laugh. Suddenly their lips met and Syaoran leaned for more kisses he'll get from Sakura. As Syaoran kiss her passionately on the lips, Sakura moaned that makes Syaoran to make his kiss harder until they lost breathe, Syaoran pulled up and they're catching an air.

"Is that a good morning kisses?" Sakura asked. Syaoran giggled and give her a quick kiss on the lips. She pulled him into a hug. I mean a bear hug. Syaoran gently stroke her waist and kiss her neck.

"I think so honey…" Syaoran says as he pulled and stared at Sakura into her eyes.

"You know what Sakura; I really want to take a vacation next week in Paris..."

"So? Do you want me to go there too?" Sakura asked.

"Of course yes. " He leaned on her neck. "I always want to be with you…"

"Okay then lets go." Sakura says as she snaked her arms through his neck. Her left arm is in his neck while the right one on his messy hair.

"To what? Work or Vacation?" Syaoran asked

"Right now in work but next week in vacation" Sakura chuckled on his question.