Months pass by

Months pass; it was Sakura's 8th month of pregnancy...and she and Syaoran needed to wait for only one month since her due date is near. But, for the past 8 months, their relationship didn't come up to good moments. But it didn't come to worse. Also, Sakura and Syaoran are now having a new business... a restaurant. It was called Taverna.

Syaoran is staring at Sakura whose counting the moneys that the restaurant was earning, He was now happy with her Kura. Happiness that he didn't think he deserved.

"Stop staring at me before I vanished." Sakura said while laughing. She stopped her work and faced him. He walked towards her. "How did you know? I'm trying not to make any sound."

Her smile was sweet. "I can always feel you, Syaoran. Another thing, you always do that."

He held her shoulders and pulled her up slightly. He kissed the tip of her nose. "And you don't like it?"

She faced him and looked straight to his eyes. She lovingly touched his lips with her thumb finger. "I'll dread the day when you didn't look at me anymore..."

"That won't happen. I love you so damned much I'd take my last breath loving you, kura"

"I love you to Syaoran. So f—king much..."

"Oh God, you're dirty." He faked a shocked. "And they were telling that the kids could hear what you are talking about."

She reach him and surrounds her arms around his neck... Then, she kissed him, the kiss filled with passion and desire. "SSHH. Kiss me. Oh god, I want to make love, Syaoran. It's been months, darling..."

He then, felt aroused. Actually, just few minutes ago, he felt aroused. Just staring at Sakura made loin stir. But of course, he couldn't make love to his eight-month-pregnant-kura mush as he wanted.

"But I never stopped giving you a lot of orgasms, honey."

"Now who's talking dirty?" She murmured against his mouth. "I want the real thing, Syaoran..."

He groaned. "I want it too honey. But you know we can't. So please stop teasing me like this. Its pure hell, dammit!" He agonizingly crashed his mouth against hers. His hands supped her tender breast which he was sure now filled with milk. He wanted his wife, probably would never tire of wanting her even when he was eighty.

"But right now, he had to refrain himself even if it killed him. He had to take control of his urges and of hers too.

Sakura groaned as if in pain. She held him out. "Sakura, I'm telling you now. Stop this or—"

"Syaoran. It aches. My stomach is aching." She caresses her stomach and groaned. "M-maybe I'm going to labor our twins."

"No! The doctor said it has to be another two weeks yet."

"M-maybe, he was wrong. Maybe our twins want to come out already" She groaned again.

Syaoran panicked, he doesn't know where he could sit her. Hugging her waist, he reaches the intercom and dialed his mom's number. "Mom, hurry up! Call the ambulance!"


"Oh they're so lovely hon." He said. In his arms is their son while their daughter in on Sakura's arms.

"I guess...they heard me and they know how desperate I am." Sakura said. The twins were born just an hour ago.

"Oh shut up!" He said. Smiling, not just because their twins are there but also because, you know what couple does during night hour.

Thanks guys for waiting so long...hew...Actually...I didn't write up the scene where Sakura is in labor. But, guys...Next chapter would be (maybe) the start of this story.