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This story just so you know, takes place in New Moon. Bella does not jump off a cliff, nor does Alice see her do it, so she doesn't come back to Forks to check on Bella. Which leads to Rosalie not telling Edward that Bella had "killed" herself, which means he doesn't go to Italy to kill himselff and Bella doesn't go after him to save him. Ok if any of you understood that babbling. Kudous to you.

So in other words all that happen after Bella's mad jump off the cliff doesn't happen.

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A Forgotten Life


I stared at the mirrored reflection of my forever eighteen year old face. Sometimes I wonder why I even bother looking in a mirror. I was never going change in appearance.

I learnt that the hard way. When I was changed I had no idea what was going on or why it was happening.

Still to this day I still don't know who changed me into what I am today, but whoever it was, left me for dead, not really realising that I would survive those three days or that first year, but I did.

And here I stood, fifty-six years later, still looking as if I wasn't a day older then eighteen.

I brushed my long, dark hair, with long swiping strokes, no longer taking interest in my reflection.

Today I was starting school, a new school and to fit my mood perfectly about this fact, it was raining; bucketing, really.

I hate rain and I really didn't like the place I was now planning to live for the next five, seven years.

There's really nothing wrong with the area, apart from the fact it rain way too much then is healthy for such a small area. But something about being here was creeping me out. I don't know why, but I feel as if I have been here before or more correctly live here before.

But I couldn't have, I would have remembered, right!

Wrong. Sure I remember every living minute of my life now, but prier to my change my life is a big blank place in my head that is under lock and key and for some absurd reason my brain has thrown away the key. So the place within my head that probably holds all the answers to my questions is tightly sealed with no way in. talk about frustrating.

I really wanted to know what was locked up so tightly inside my head. i wanted to know how exactly I had become what I had. A vampire!

Yes, I'm a vampire, though I really don't think I'm a normal one, for one thing, I heave at the smell of human blood; it makes me all churny inside.

Yeah, what kind of Vampire gets churny over blood, human blood? Well I was one of those who did and I'm damn proud too. I have never once drunk human blood, not once.

I've been vegetarian all the way, in other words I've been drinking Animal Blood as a substitute to human blood and it's worked pretty well for me.

I pulled my hair into a ponytail and gave my fingernails a slight uneven clipping with my teeth. I was nervous, ok. New School, I have right. Ok I may have been to a lot of new schools in my time, but still every single one of those school was different and these one was going to be the same.

Except for the feeling I had already been to the school before. I kick the wall, irritated out of my mind.

Why was this place pulling such chords within? Why? Why? Why?


What in a name, right? But there was something in this name, I just knew it. And today I had the feeling was going to find out exactly what was.

Today was a day of learning and learning I would do!

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