What if…? This is a usual question of regret, or a question for all the possible things that could happen. In this short fanfic, I'll try to state all my "What if…"'s on Mirumo de Pon. Of course, there would be MY version of its FINALE.

This is my tribute for Wagamama Fairy Mirumo de Pon! Charming's finale on Hero TV and on Philippine TV. For everyone who loves the show like me, please appreciate this fic as much as the anime.

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What If…


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What if… Part 2:

Azumi had already planned on giving up Setsu,

The snagged date of Azumi and Setsu began on a bright Sunday morning. Azumi wore her newly bought dress that looked good on her. However, Setsu didn't seem to notice anything new about her. Hence, he just walked beside her. Azumi as usual was clingy. This time, he didn't bother. It's as if he's just a ghost beside her.

"Ne, Yuuki-kun…" Azumi began, "Where do we go first?"

Setsu was absent-mindedly staring at the blue skies above him. Azumi grew impatient, and she dragged Setsu along. "Let's go to the cinema!"

"Aa… ok."

Azumi sighed to herself inaudibly as she took one step behind Setsu. Now what? She's snagged a date, managed to make him come with her, and nothing will ever happen. Nothing, for it was quite obvious that he cares deeply for someone… and that could never be her. It's finally time.

Some things were made obvious during the swimming competition, and even though she tries to ignore it, things are never be the same again.

Right. She had heard Setsu lament to Rirumu how he feels about losing the competition. Not only that. She's seen numerous evidence pointing to his attraction to Kaede.

Somehow, after realizing a lot of stuff and crying over it for some time, she realized she has to let go of her feelings. And even if it takes to beat up Morishita Haruka on arcade games so she could tell him directly.



"I need to tell you something," her voice trailed off…

Kaede and Kaoru's "date" was also where Setsu and Azumi are,

Kaoru finally finished his dress to kill style and Murumo had been cheering him on since last night.

"Whatever happens, give it your best shot okay?" Murumo reminded him. "Now, now… off you go while I munch on these lovely and tasty marshmallows."

Murumo's face was all smiles as Papii frowned. " I can't believe this just happened and you got all the credit."

"And why not? I also convinced Kaede, did I not?" Murumo said as-a-matter-of-factly as he continued stuffing loads of his favourite food in his mouth.

"But Kuichi should've been her date!"

"They dated yesterday! You told me it didn't work out!" Murumo cleared her.

"Then it's outright wrong to give him a chance! We all know who—" Kaoru suddenly glanced at them with a grin.

"Anything wrong, huh?"

Good thing Murumo was in time to stuff some marshmallows on Papii's mouth. "Oh, nothing. You should not keep her waiting! Time's running!" he gave Kaoru one his charming smiles.

"Okay! Here I go! Wish me luck!"

And the door clicked.

"Murumo, it will obviously be your fault if he turns to the miserable old man again…" Papii murmured.

In a flash, Kaoru and his Matsutake corps are in front of the apartment building where Kaede's house is.

"Good luck, bocchama!"

Kaede was already standing in front of the porch. "Ohayou, Kaoru-kun!"

"Minami-san!" he waved his hand as he ran towards her. "Shall we go to the movies?"

She nodded in response as they walked together to downtown. Hirai and the Matsutake corps watches them with their eagle eyes…

Setsu tells it all to Azumi, but Kaede misinterprets what she sees,

"It's Minami-san, right?"

Setsu looked up to Azumi, finally after minutes of being together. Right now, he could see her almost teary-eyed face in front of him.

He kept his solemn silence and uttered a soft "Aa".

"…You don't have to keep it from me, you know. Especially to her. Cheer up. I'm not taking you away from her from now on. Have a happy life!" she tried to run as fast as she could so he could not see her crying face. But darn, his reflexes was quick as if he knew she was to run.

"Hidaka, thanks for understanding."

Azumi wiped a tear that ran down her cheek. "Don't say it again in front of my crying face."

"Sorry. I didn't know it until that time…"

"I said don't repeat it, hear that?" she exclaimed. "It kills me… to even imagine you with Minami-san."

Just at that time, Kaoru and Kaede stood in front of the cinema. "We're here!" Kaoru noticed the blank expression on Kaede's face as she stared at the sidewalk. "Minami-san? What's wrong? Don't you feel like watching a movie now?"

Her expression turned into a surprised, unbelieving and hurt look.

"Kaoru-kun. Let's leave…" she didn't say anything else. When Kaoru turned to what she's looking at, he could see Setsu and Azumi looking their way.

"Howdy!" he greeted for a while. "You're on a date too?"

It shattered Setsu's being when Kaoru had said what is half-true… especially that Kaede's with him. "It's not exactly as it is…!"

"Omedetou, Hidaka-san!" Kaede smiled falsely. "You… won against Haruka-chan… I hope you two will enjoy. Let's go, Kaoru-kun! I know an exciting place to go today!"

"Really?" Kaoru's insensitivity to the matter crept by. "Come on!"

They left without Setsu's words of protest, nor Azumi's. It was just so sudden…

And so Kaede did not come to see Setsu when he summoned her for his confession of love…

"How do I face her now after what she saw yesterday?" Setsu slammed his fist on the desk. "Rirumu, I can't just step into her life again. She's… happy with Kaoru now."

Rirumu frowned. "You're a coward, Yuuki-kun!" she yelled. "Kaede-sama always wanted you! She has her eyes set only on you, yet you disregard her feelings! If only you could learn to express how you feel… everything would be better!"

Suddenly, Setsu's mother opened the door. They didn't hear her knocks. (First appearance of his mom is in my fic? E?)

"Setsu, we have to talk about something…"

"Hai, okaasan."

Rirumu was left alone at his room. "Mirumo-sama!"

Mirumo was hiding in one of the looming corners of Setsu's room. "Are you okay?"

"W-Where there ghosts here?" Mirumo was quite terrified. "Why'd you hide me there?!" he shouted.

"I'm sorry, that's the only way to show you I'm not lying!" Rirumo explained. "What should we do now?"

"You know what it means if she comes to him, right?"

Rirumu nodded softly. "You'll be back to our world soon. I hate it, but it's a fact."

"Still, we can't force her if she doesn't want to."

"That's wrong! Then we'll make them unhappy!"

Mirumo sat on the floor with his arms crossed. "It has happened. Setsu must face his cowardice. And my job here is done."

Rirumu smiled faintly. "I can't believe Kaede-san and Yuuki-kun can sacrifice their love for each other."

Mirumo smiled proudly. "That's the thing only true love can do!"

Setsu cannot believe that Mirumo was there. "Mirumo?"

"I'm busted!"

Setsu bent down to talk to Mirumo properly. "I'll tell Kaede how I feel, though it's useless. Besides, I won't see her again for a couple of years…"

"WHAT?!" Rirumu and Mirumo chorused…

And Setsu was to leave Japan, not Mirumo leaving the human world?

Will it still be a happily ever after?

Tbc. Finale, coming up!