Escape Your Meaningless…

Summary: This fic is so totally au, Light has no memories of being Kira but it's still set in Death Note, as in Light is still suspected of being Kira etc. This is yaoi, meaning boyxboy. L is the seme and Light is uke, for those who don't know what that means L is the dominant one in the relationship making Light the submissive. There is going to eventually be a lemon in this to warn those who are underage, but I will put warnings before it happens.

I don't know how long I am going to make this fic, but it isn't just going to be them jumping into bed with each other, neither of them like each other "that way" yet, so this story is about them finding those feelings and acting on them. I am not familiar with Japanese so I will note be using 'chan' or 'kun' or anything like that. This fic is not betaed.

Rated M for language, violence and eventual explicit man sex.

Disclaimer: I do not own Death note or any of its characters. I am not making any money off of this FAN fiction. The title was based on the song "Escape" by Muse, which I also do not own. The song lyrics will be at the end of this chapter.

Chapter 1

I hate L. I hate L. I hate L. That was the mantra going through Light's head as the world's greatest detective explained the situation to the investigation team, making sure to smirk at Light in all the right places.

Just what Light wanted, to spend more time with L, thought Light sarcastically. Due to the Kira killings being reduced to nothing, L decided to back out of Japan and head to England where he would work on other cases as well as continuing with working on the Kira case; and of course he had to take his favorite suspect with him.

Light Yagami's father, Soichiro, was not at all pleased with this, and neither was Light. After all, if they are no longer going to devote so much time to the case, then why is it so important to keep the prime suspect close to him?

L reasoned that if Light really wanted to prove his innocence, than this was not too big of a feat. Light wanted to punch L's smug face right then. The stupid Goth bastard had him on a leash, and L knew it, too.

Light's father was sputtering a response as L gazed at him coolly. "Now that we have that settled…" L began before Light interrupted.

"No it is not settled, what about school and friends and my girlfriend!?"

"As smart as you are you can take the courses online. You don't hang out with your friends either. And correct me if I'm wrong, but I was under the impression that you have always insisted Misa wasn't your girlfriend." L countered with a wide-eyed innocent look.

Gods I hate him, Light ranted in his head again.

"Now that we have that settled," A firm look was sent by L in Light's direction, "Let's continue discussing what will be going on your side of the Kira investigation."

"So…" ventured Matsuda, "you still want us to continue the investigation in Japan?"

"That is correct, although the situation no longer warrants me to remain in Japan; there is still enough of a risk that I wish you to continue as I will continue in England."

"And you wish my son to go with you, because he is still a suspect!" Soichiro exclaimed.

"I thought that would be obvious at this point Inspector Yagami." L brushed off all of Soichiro's objections. "The only way I am leaving Mr. Light Yagami here is if I am 100 certain of his innocence of 100 certain that he is guilty, in which case he would be in jail."

Light looked up from where he was sitting with his face buried in his hands and saw L staring at him with that blank yet smug look he so detested.

"Is there…" Light coughed to clear his throat, "some sort of…time limit or something that we can place? No offense L, but I don't want to have to waste any more time on this than I have to."

"It will take as much time as needed," responded L, "During which time you will gain hands-on experience with the cases I take as well as continuing your education, your time there will not be wasted."

When Soichiro opened his mouth yet again to protest, this time it was Light who cut him off. "It's okay, Dad, L is right. Besides, I am sure it will be a…worthwhile…experience." The slight grimace Light purposefully made flash across his face was dully noted by his father.

"Are you sure, Light?" Soichiro said sternly, watching Light's face for any hesitation.

Light responded with a forced smile, "It's necessary; other wise L wouldn't have suggested it, right L?"

"It wasn't a suggestion, but you are correct that it is necessary."

Smug spiteful bastard thought L. Luckily the school's quarter was almost over and he could transfer smoothly to online courses after finals. Light vaguely wondered what England would be like as L discussed with the others what he expected of them.

L was wondering what was really going through Light's head when he heard the news. L could practically see the information being processed in the youth's brain as he tried to figure out which was the best path to take. L really did enjoy these games that they played.

There was still a 13 chance that Light was and is Kira, but with no new murders over the past 3 months it was of the public opinion that Kira was no more. The team had nothing new to go on and so they had to retreat into their normal lives, but still be ready to jump back into the case with any hint of Kira killings.

L was quite happy to be going back to England; it was as close to home as anything could get for him. L wasn't a very social person and the country side manor they would be staying in suited his needs better then the busy city.

L sent a calculating side-glance towards Light, although it was not the purpose of him coming, L was certain that Light would also appreciate the tranquility and how solitary the house was, as long as he had something to keep his mind occupied with, that is.

L had debated on whether or not he would let Light help him with the many cases that he dealt with that interested him, but in the end he decided to allow it in order to get Light to want to come. It was much easier to convince the others if Light would willingly come.

Light would probably be of some help anyways, the boy was an intelligent and sharp-minded as he was; it would also be nice working with him just to work with him, Light was his first friends after all. L didn't know if those feelings of friendship were returned, regardless of what Light said, but that didn't really matter.

Light finished packing his things with an anxious twisting in his stomach. It wasn't fear exactly, Light scoffed at that, but it was…nerves? It was a major change; he didn't know how long he would be staying with L or what the situation would be like.

With a teary good-bye from his family- on their part, not his- Light loaded his bags in the back of the limo L had sent over and got into the car. They would be picking up L and then heading straight to the air port.

Light blinked at the bag-less L. "Where are your bags?" he questioned, all the technical stuff alone would fill up a plane…so why wasn't he carrying anything?

"Hmm?" L glanced up, "Oh…Watari is shipping everything else separately, it's too much to take on the plane."

"But…what about clothes and stuff?"

L curled his toes over the leather car seat and lightly chewed on his thumb, "I have extra clothes and stuff I need at the manor so no bags are necessary, but thank you for your concern."

Light continued to gaze at L for a few moments and then huffed lightly and gazed out the window. L, however, continued to gaze at Light with interest. Why did Light find the idea of no bags so perplexing? Perhaps the idea of no real attachments bothered him?

But that didn't strike L as true, in fact Light was the type of guy who loathed attachments. L would go so far to say that Light didn't even have real attachments with his family even. It was something that L would enjoy turning over in his mind until he came up with a suitable answer, after all he had the whole plane ride to do so.

Light turned back to L only to see him staring at him inquisitively. Light was used to this so he just rolled his eyes slightly and leaned back against the car seat. He had an idea that this was going to be a long flight.

Light was right…it was a long flight. L seemed perfectly at home perched on the airplane seat with his legs tucked against him and was no relief to the utter boredom Light felt. The mind puzzles that Light had brought with him weren't challenging enough to even last 5 minutes.

And so it was with great relief that the plane landed and Light was able to escape the boring confines. After retrieving Light's luggage they headed off to L's manor in- surprise- a limo.

Rich bastard. Light thought sadistically. But that was of no consequence seeing how Light was also benefiting from that rich bastard. It felt weird to see someone else driving the limo other than Watari, but Light quickly shook that feeling off and concentrated on gaining his bearings in the surroundings flashing by.

Light had been to England before but he had kept mainly to London so it was nice to get out of the city and watch the country side pass by as they made their way to the manor. Light turned over in his mind what he thought it would look like, probably an overly huge place if the hotel was anything to go by.

Light was not disappointed. It looked more like a mansion than a simple manor house. It was tucked back into the woods with a tall security wall surrounding the entire property and a huge wrought iron gate. It was an older manor but its architecture was handsome and Light found it very pleasing to the eye.

As Light gazed up at the large manor L gazed at Light. It seemed that he was appreciating the beauty of the house and its surroundings. That was good- Light wouldn't be as enjoyable to be around if he didn't like where he was staying. L hoped that he found the inside of the manor just as enjoyable.

If the look on Light's face was enough to go by, he did. Light was had too much control of his emotions to gape, but the awe was apparent in his eyes.

Like a mansion there was a huge foyer and two-story high ceiling to both impress and intimidate guests. The color scheme, however, was much more gothic than prissy like most mansions, black marble decked the floor and the ceiling was domed with stained glass.

Although L wasn't the type of person who cared about impressing others, he liked expensive things like houses and cars because it was in his nature. Regardless of this, he got some sort of satisfaction out of seeing Light's reaction to the manor.

L turned towards Light as the driver brought in his bags. "I would rather show you around now so I won't be bothered to do it later." L glanced at the driver. "Please take Mr. Yagami's bags to the guest room closest to mine."

Light blinked. Was the driver also the butler? With a large house like this there must be lots of help around…but so far there was no sign of life other than themselves. Apparently Light spent too long mulling this over because L promptly grabbed his arm and started to drag him into the next room.

"Dining room." L groused out as he continued to drag Light around, not even letting him stop to admire the room. "Kitchen." Light got to look around for a brief second before he was yanked again. L was too strong for his own good, really.

"Conservatory." What? The bastard gets a conservatory? Although he didn't get to look around he could tell there was a wide array of plants in there. Then he was yanked through the doors again and they were back in the foyer only to be pulled into another room.

"Damn it, L! I can walk on my own." L blinked and glanced at Light and then looked down to where he was gripping Light's arm tightly. He shrugged and didn't let go. He must be getting some kicks out of this.

"Billiard room." Of course there is a billiard room. Does L know how to play? "Entertaining room and bar." Does L have guests over to entertain? Once again they are in the foyer and L reluctantly releases his grip on Light and resumed a much slower pace up the stairs.

"Most of the rooms up here consist of guest rooms and personal rooms so I will only show you where we are going to be working and your own room." Light nodded and L made to grab his arm again but Light dodged.

"I really can walk on my own. Have been for a while now." L blinked at him and continued on, this time without dragging Light behind him.

"Your room has a master bathroom and closet as well as its own seating area. If you need anything else added talk to Watari, he will be arriving in a few days."

L entered a room on the left of the hall. "This will be where most of our work is going to be conducted as well as in the adjoining room." The room had some gadgets and technical equipment, but not near as much as in the hotel they had set up base at.

Seeing that Light was going to look around the room, L snagged his arm before he could protest and led him out of the room. Light sighed, he was so impatient sometimes. But, Light mused, so was he.

"This is your room." L stated. Light looked around with barely concealed pleasure. This really was going to be like a nice vacation, he would be living in the lap of luxury for who knows how long.

There was white leather seating accented with dark blue and purple pillows with a mahogany wood coffee table in the center. The wood was repeated again in the desk, armoire and vanity as well as the hulking bed.

The color theme centered around reds, blues and purple using white as a neutral to soften the tone. Light appreciated the over all plainness of it with no personal touches smattered about.

The bags had already been brought up, Light saw, and were sitting next to the desk inconspicuously. L was looking at Light again with those wide fucking eyes of his.

"Is the room to Light's liking?"

"Yes, it is thank you."

L nodded. "My room is through that door," he pointed at one of the two doors that Light had yet to go through, "I ask that you keep it unlocked so that I can come in freely if I fear you are doing something suspicious."

Light sighed and nodded. It couldn't be worse than being fucking handcuffed to the guy. Although…Light eyed L who was smiling and chewing on the tip of his thumb…this is L we are talking about.

"I usually don't bother with a formal dinner, as you already know about my eating habits, but you are welcome to eat whenever you like. Mr. Porter will fix you something or you can fix yourself something."

Light assumed Mr. Porter was the driver/butler from earlier. "Tomorrow I will be working on cases again so I hope you can get settled tonight." L smiled at Light and left the room leaving Light to his thoughts on his new home, temporary as it may be.



You would say anything
You would try anything
To escape your meaningless
And your insignificance
You're uncontrollable
And we are unlovable

And I don't want you to think that I care
I never would
I never could

Why can't you just love her?
Why be such a monster?
You bully from a distance
Your brain needs some assistance

But I'll still take all the blame
'Cause you and me are both one and the same
And it's driving me mad
And it's driving me mad
I'll take back all the things that I said
I didn't realize I was always talking to the living dead

And I don't want you to think that I care
I never would
I never could

You would say anything
You would try anything
To escape your meaningless
And your insignificance