Spoiler of "Mystery Spot"

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Warning: Angst, and possible of OOC, and spoiler, you've been warned!

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Summary: The pain, that Sam feels of losing his brother taking his heart.

All he could see was his brother dying, time after time, and yet he found himself living the same day, again and again.

He tried to stop or rather avoid any accident that might leads to his brother to find his own death, and failed each time.

Each time he tried to avoid his brother to get himself killed, he failed, and it was so damn hurt. Though it seemed that Dean not believed to any word that he is saying to him. No wonder why he felt like crap, and his brother not helping at all.

Someone sure playing Sammy's mind, making him living the same day, and waking up after seeing his brother died in his hands in different situations.

The Trickster seemed wanted revenge as they destroyed his plans last year, knowing Dean's deal with the demon, playing with Sam's mind wished to drive him into insanity.

But then it happened, Dean was killed and he expected to wake up, but he didn't just continue the day, and then started to act like his father, obsessed to find the Trickster.

Hearing Bobby's voice talking to him, not wished him to be like his dad, asking him to call him, and yet, Sam showing the same obsession as his dad had once Mary died.

It hurts; Sam could felt the pain in his chest, not wishing to let himself breaking down and cry after the loss of his brother.

'What am I suppose to do?' he cried in his mind, his heart still aches.