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"So you want to be strong…Abarai-fukutaichou?"


"What do I get in return?" The larger man smirked wickedly.

There was a pause before the redhead muttered, "Anything."

Is this worth it?

The redhead's abused body was sprawled across an unnoticeably comfortable futon. It was an understatement to say that his ass hurt a hell of a lot. The stinging, achy throb coming from his backside made it hard for him to imagine being able to walk straight again. But he had expected it to be that way. The 11th squad captain was not a small man in either sense of the word. The man's large stature along with his almost unrealistically large length made for a very rough experience for the vice-captain.

"Dead already? Where's the fun in that?"

Renji turned weakly towards the direction of the voice. The massive captain stood before him, completely nude and freshly showered, his midnight hair falling over his shoulders. He had a towel in his hand and a full smirk on his lips.

"You look filthy," Zaraki said. The redhead cringed at the predatory look he was given. Without another word, the vice-captain was hoisted up onto a strong, scarred shoulder. He was carried by the larger man into the bathroom where he was sloppily dropped into a large tub full of warm water.

"Clean yourself up. Then leave. We'll continue our…training…tomorrow."

Renji let out a soft growl, his tattooed brows cringing into a scowl. He had been "training" with the captain for weeks, all in hopes of getting stronger. He kept telling himself that he would do anything to be stronger, to be as strong as his captain. Though, before he and Zaraki's arrangement, he never thought "anything" would include brutal sex with a captain. And not even the captain he'd hoped for. He had stopped lying to himself about his feelings for his captain along time ago. He craved the sleek, calm, undeniably sexy Kuchiki like a fish out of water craved the open sea. Just hearing the captain speak set his body on fire. Kuchiki Byakuya was the one thing he wanted most. But he knew that the only way he'd ever have a chance at the stoic beauty would be to somehow reach the same level as him. He needed to be acknowledged by the captain as an equal, therefore good enough to attempt to make a move on him. Unfortunately, the road to his success wasn't paved in silver and gold.

Remembering that the 11th squad's captain was still watching him, Renji snapped out of his daze and grabbed for the washcloth on the side of the tub. He used that and the rose scented soap to clean himself as quickly as possible. Why the very masculine captain had rose scented soap was unknown to the redhead. He didn't spend much time considering the strange choice of soap for the captain as his mind trailed back to the object of his attraction. He idly mused on how the roses didn't smell nearly as nice as the older captain. It was a smell he'd grown to become almost instantly intoxicated by: cherry blossoms and tea. It was an ordinary scent really, but the 6th division captain's own personal scent added to the combination, making it uniquely Byakuya.

His hands continued to wash his body, despite his resumed trance-like state. After a few minutes of staring at nothing in particular and lathering the same spot on is shoulder, he snapped out of it, dunking his head under the water to rinse his body of the lather. He rose from the water, taking the towel that Zaraki handed him and dried himself. He hobbled shakily into the bedroom where his clothes were. Thankfully he hadn't gotten them dirty like last time during his payment session.

He grabbed his zanpakuto, not bothering to fasten it to his side, and walked to exit the larger captains domain. Before he could open the door, he heard the man call his name.

"Renji. Don't forget. Training at 9:30 am…. payment at 10 pm." Zaraki said with a devilish smirk.

Renji said nothing, trying to hold back the sneer that threatened his features. He continued out the door on unsteady legs. He needed to get back to 6th division before Byakuya became suspicious of his returning at unruly hours. He'd surely blame the vice-captain's growing stack of half finished paperwork and lack of sleep and concentration on his late hours.

It's not like I have many choices. I can't go to Urahara. He's busy training Ishida and Chad. I'm sure they need his help a little more than I do. I definitely can't ask Kuchiki-taichou. Out of the question. I mean I only chose Zaraki-taichou because he is one of the strongest captains and he didn't have a lot of shit to do like the other captains did. He was my last resort.

No matter how much he tried to justify it, he still hated doing it. Willingly letting his body be abuse for the sake of strength. No. It was worth it. Anything to get stronger. Anything to reach his level. Anything for his captain.

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