Chapter 13: Moldiwart's Miscalculated Massacre

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Platform 9 ¾ 10:45am September 1st 1996

Harry, Tonks and Remus all apparated to the station fifteen minutes early, knowing they would be waiting, but still want to be there for security. Tonks had her wand in its holster on her wrist as well as a back-up wand in an unknown location. She was also carrying a dagger in her boot.

Remus was carrying a spare wand as well.

Harry on the other hand, was packing some serious weaponry. Along with two wands, he also had twelve shurikens on his belt, his katana, a wakizashi and his newest weapon. Madam Bones had sent for Harry the evening he bought Tonks' ring.


Harry was on his laptop in the study when the fire roared green.

"Hello Harry, Are you busy?" Madam Bones' head asked from the fireplace.

"Hello Amelia. I'm free if you would like to come through."

She smiled and asked "Would it be possible for you to floo to my office for a few minutes? I would like to introduce you to someone and offer you something."

Harry thought for a second before letting her know he would be along in five minutes or less.

Three minutes later Harry stepped through into Amelia's office to see her and a rather average looking man with short brown hair and brown eyes. "Hello Amelia, What can I do for you this evening?"

"First, I would like you to meet a good friend, Rich Wood." She motioned to the man who was standing, who smiled and offered his hand.

Upon shaking his hand Harry said "Harry Potter, Pleased to meet you Mr. Wood."

"Likewise Mr. Potter. I know it's getting late so I'll be brief. I'm Head of R&D for a small unknown department on the Muggle side of the DMLE. Amelia came to me a couple days ago with a small request and after reviewing you file I agreed." He pointed to a black plastic case on Amelia's desk. "In that case is what she asked for. Go ahead and open it."

Harry flipped the latches and slowly opened the case. Inside was a manila envelope with "Harry Potter" printed neatly on it. He picked up the envelope and almost gasped when he saw what was under it. "That, Mr. Potter, is a Mark XIX Desert Eagle .50 Action Express. It has several charms on it like double capacity clip charm, cooling charm, anti-corrosion charm and a few others. There are three clips, two are back-ups. Each clip will hold fourteen rounds, as supposed to seven. The Black nylon strap is the holster and can be work in several places. All instructions and specs are included inside the envelope, as well as your carry/conceal license. Basically you can carry that weapon anywhere and if you get into any trouble, just flash your badge and papers. Are there any questions?"

Harry was gob smacked to say the least, however he managed, "I…I have never shot a gun before."

Amelia took over the conversation. "Harry, you're free to practice at any range, including ours. Rich here will come by tomorrow or the next day and go over safe handling and he will help you learn to shoot." Richard nodded.

"Thank you, both of you for this. I can be here whenever is good for you Mr. Wood" After agreeing on the time and place, Harry flooed back to Potter Manor and began reading the contents of his envelope.


Harry had his Dessert Eagle proudly displayed on his right thigh. One of the more helpful charms on his weapon was the anti-kick charm. Basically all he had to do was aim and start squeezing out rounds. There was no kickback what so ever.

Remus sniffed the air as the hair on Harry's neck stood up. They both looked at each other and warned Tonks to keep a look out since something was about to happen. How understated that was!

About thirty seconds later, Harry's scar began to twinge. "Oh Shit! He's coming, spread out!" Harry commanded. They all dispersed around the platform.

Pop! Pop! Pop!

Pop! Pop! Pop! Pop! Pop! Pop! Pop! Pop! Pop! Pop! Pop! Pop! Pop!

Sixteen Death Eaters and Voldemort himself had all apparated to the middle of the platform. At first several people didn't notice, then 'mass pandemonium'. People were screaming as the DE's began hurling curses left and right. Tonks was fighting two her-self as was Remus. Harry pulled his wand and Katana and began ducking, rolling, blocking and slicing.

Kingsley, and several other Aurors came through the barrier and began hurling spells as well.

Harry, had just sliced through one of the DE's wand hand when he felt a sharp stinging in his back. With a wince, he spun around to see Voldemort standing there twirling a sword and looking smug. "My, My Harry, you're bleeding a bit on you back there."

Harry reached around and felt something wet on his back, knowing it was blood. "So, I see you drew first blood, even if it was from behind Tom." Harry smirked and threw himself at Voldemort, only to have his sword blocked by Voldemort's. Harry stepped back and with lightning fast reflexes threw three shurikens at Tom's torso. Two missed him completely and the third was deflected. Harry knew that if Voldemort got hurt at all or if he and his DE's were losing, they would simply vanish.

Harry decided to throw everything he could at Voldemort, so he swung his Katana in a wide arc and released it towards his opponent. The moment the sword left his hand he flicked his wrist and grabbed his spare wand in his left hand. He had also pulled two more stars with his right. As the sword flew to Voldemort's left side, Harry threw a bone breaking curse to his right. The stars were again thrown at his torso. Voldemort managed to deflect the katana while he pulled his wand and leaned left and rolled under the stars. The bone breaker missed him completely.

While Voldemort was in a roll, Harry pulled his Dessert Eagle and began pulling the trigger.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

Harry squeezed off five rounds directly at Voldemort. Old Tom Riddle wasn't fast enough to escape four of the bullets. One tore through his shoulder, leaving his right arm useless. Two went into his chest, taking out his heart, left lung and half his back. The third grazed his head taking out his ear and some cheek fat.

"AHHHHH!" he screamed as Harry ran up to him while pulling the trigger twice more and taking out his other lung. Voldemort lay on the ground bleeding and dead. Harry fired one more round.

Bang! Voldemort had a hole in the middle of his forehead. The fact that after the bullet shredded half of The Dead Dark Lord's brain wasn't good enough for Harry. He pulled out his 18 inch wakizashi and with no remorse; he beheaded the body of Lord Voldemort.

The Dark Lord Voldemort's reign of terror had finally ended forever.

He turned around to see close to a hundred people looking at him, some in awe, some in fear. Harry Potter, the Boy-Who-Lived, the Chosen One had killed the deadliest man on the planet in less than a minute.

People clapped, cheered and cried happy tears. There were hugs, kisses and back slaps all around. Harry looked at Tonks, who was rushing over to him. He looked into her violet eyes and smiled. She could see the weight literally lifted off his shoulders and the tears forming in his eyes. When she stopped he grabbed her left hand and dropped to one knee.

"Tonks, I know we have only been together for a short time, but I want you to know that I love you more than life itself. I promised myself that after Voldemort was gone, I would ask you to marry me." He pulled a small velvet box from his pocket. "Nymphadora Tonks, Will you be my wife?"

He never got a straight answer, just a nod as she tackled him to the ground, kissing him forcefully.

Remus smiled and quietly held out his hand to Kingsley, who sighed put a galleon in it.

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