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Chapter 1

"Torrie!!!" John screamed at the top of his lungs.

"What?" Torrie said, obviously out of breath. She was in her usual loose shirt, her torn jeans and her hair, really messy.

"Where is my Rolex watch?" John asked Torrie angrily. He had his arms on his hips. This was just one of those days where John would scream at Torrie because he couldn't find his stuff.

"I put it in your closet. It was there! I perfectly remember put-" "If it was there, would I be looking for it now?" John cut Torrie off. "But I-" John cut her off for the second time.

"Whatever.. Just get one of my watches. I don't want to be late for my date with Maria."

With that, Torrie rolled her eyes and stormed to John's closet to get one of his gazillion watches. "Here.." Torrie handed John his watch. John roughly grabbed the watch from her and glared.

Torrie and John walked down the stairs in total silence. Torrie was used to this, his screams and glares. He was always mean to her, but he never hurt her physically.

"Open the gate when I get home, understand?"

"Okay" Torrie said, opening the gate for him. John then drove off in his Mazda RX-7.

As Torrie was closing the gate, she remembered when she and John first met.


Torrie was holding her mother's hand as they walked towards a big mansion.

"Is this where you work mom?" Torrie asked, still caught up with the sight before her. Torrie's mom worked as a maid for the Cenas.

"Yes. And starting today, this is where you'll live." Torrie's mom replied with a smile.

"Wow! That's amazing mom!" said Torrie.

"Hi Helen! Oh is this Torrie? My, she sure is beautiful!" Torrie's mother smiled at her compliment.

"Hi Torrie! I am Mrs. Cena. I am plea-" "Mom!" someone called off from inside the house. A handsome boy abou the same age as Torrie came running to where his mother was. "I can't find Batman!" the little boy said.

"Honey I'm sure it's just there. Oh John I'd like you to meet Helen's daughter, Torrie. Torrie this is my son John." John just looked at Torrie with one eyebrow raised. Torrie just kept on smiling.

"Honey, why don't you and Torrie go inside and play while I talk to Helen." Mrs. Cena suggested.

"Okay.." John reluctantly went in with Torrie.

Once they were inside, John grabbed his water gun and started sprayin at Torrie.

"Hey cut it out! Stop it please! The water's so cold!" Torrie screamed desperately.

"Haha! That's the point stupid girl!" John chanted.

Right then and there, Torrie knew this wasn't going to be pretty. It had been like this for a long time, except this time, they weren't playing with water guns or Torrie dodging at Superman or Batman. They grew more mature, well at least Torrie did.

By the time John and Torrie were 21, John decided he wanted to live alone. His prents agreed on one condition, Torrie was going to watch over him, meaning she would live in the same house as John, just the two of them.

John grew up to a handsome man while Torrie, always remained unattractive in John's eyes. She was always clad in loose shirts, torn jeans and her cap is always turned to the opposite direction. Her hair was always in a ponytail, and her actions were kind of rough.

John would always accused her of losing and misplacing his things but in the end, John was always the one who lost his stuff, not Torrie.

Torrie snapped back to the present and went back to her trailer after tidying up John's room. Torrie lived in a trailer parked at the darkest side of John's garden. It was small, but it's got everything that Torrie needed.