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Chapter One

There was a knock at the door of the TARDIS and Martha went to answer it. Outside stood her family, Donna's parents, Captain Jack and Sarah Jane Smith. She welcomed them in and beckoned to Donna who stood by the console quietly pulling off the post-it notes that were stuck on the screen and sticking them elsewhere. Caught out, she turned and hugged her parents and had a bit of a flirt with Jack before he was silenced with a well-aimed look from Martha.

The Doctor was in the empty ballroom somewhere deep in the TARDIS wishing he hadn't agreed to his companions' idea. 'Invite everyone to the TARDIS to introduce them' had seemed like a perfectly reasonable idea at the time. Now it just sounded like chaos, not to mention the fact that it was very domestic. He couldn't remember why he had agreed but he could still remember their conversation after he had.

"Oh! I can invite my family! Mum, Dad, Leo, Tish. It'll be great!"

"And I can invite my parents!"

"We should invite Jack! What do you think Doc?"

He groaned. "If you must but I'm gonna invite Sarah Jane for protection. And that's Doctor to you!"

He turned as he heard the door open and saw what he had gotten himself into. Everyone piled into the room and simultaneously tried to hug the Doctor before he could run. Grimacing he took a chair from the edge of the room and used it as a makeshift podium.

"Right everyone. I guess this is a party! First things first: Introductions!" He pulled a sheet of sticky labels out his pocket, to the groans of everyone there. Waving them in the air to show them the names in black felt tip pen that he'd already written, he took one of the labels and stuck it on himself. It said 'The Doctor' on it and would have looked professional had he not stuck it on upside down. Jumping down off his podium he walked around sticking labels on the respective people till all was done.

Once everyone was wearing the right labels and Sarah Jane had kindly turned the Doctor's sticker the right way up, the 'party' began. Lemonade, snacks and a large bunch of bananas sat on a table at the edge of the room and music played through hidden speakers. The Doctor sat on a table next to the snacks, watching the people he knew smiling and laughing, dancing and enjoying themselves. Every so often he would catch the eye of one of his companions and smiled convincingly at them, while his memory jogged back suddenly to see a smiling Rose dancing round the console with him. But he pushed these thoughts away and urged himself to just enjoy the party around him.

Sometime later he found himself being dragged onto the dance floor by Martha and Tish who were surprisingly hyper and made the Doctor thankful he had only bought Lemonade. Dancing to the music, he allowed his thoughts to wander past the pain he felt from losing Rose back into the fun that they had had and it made him smile and laugh properly for the first time in a while.

They were all enjoying themselves when all of a sudden the music stopped and there was an enormous burst of light and a wolf's howl that sent a shiver down everyone's spine. Shielding their eyes from the radiance, the party backed out towards the walls of the room terrified of what was happening. Soon the light dimmed and the Doctor and the guests looked on to see a bundle of blankets being lowered by some unseen hand to the ground. There it lay with a piece of paper lying on top of it. Nobody approached it until it let out a cry: A very human cry.

Martha crept slowly forward and gasped when she found herself looking into the eyes of a very young baby. She picked the baby up and held it gently in one arm while she took the paper in her free hand and read quietly but clearly, the note scribbled upon it.


I can't explain what is happening and I'm sorry I lied but please look after her. It's not her fault and I know she'll be safe with you. Her name is Lily, keep her out of harms way, keep her safe and love her like she needs. I'm sorry but thank you.

Love BW xxx

P.S. I know you don't do domestic but anything is worth a try.

"Who's BW?" Martha asked on finishing the note. The Doctor didn't answer but stepped solemnly forward and took the crying bundle into his arms. Martha didn't notice the Doctor's sombre mood and continued to ponder on whom the note was from. The group all pitched in ideas ranging from names to phrases and back again.

"Barry White?"

"Barbara Walters?"

"Be Ware?"

"Boiling water?"

"Bianca Williamson?"

"I can't think of any more. Can you think of any Doctor? Doctor?" She asked, finally noticing his expression.

"Bad Wolf." He croaked, burying his tear-stained face into the blanket. He sunk to the ground and as the tears flowed freely down his face the baby stopped crying and reached out a miniature hand and grabbed the Doctor's hair, twirling it through her tiny fingers. Her eyes were still blue, the same as all babies when they are born but they were a deeper shade of blue, so deep, The Doctor felt he could have fallen into them.

Completely forgetting about the people around him, he looked at the baby through his tears, trying to find any resemblance to his Rose. He easily found the similarities but he also found some traits that confused him, frightened him even. The short wispy bits of hair on her tiny head were a chestnut brown: definitely not a trait from her mother's side and it was almost an identical shade to his own hair. It made him tremble to think that this petite little baby in his arms was not a child of Mickey the Idiot as he had first thought but was actually his daughter. His beautiful little baby girl: Lily.

The others stood around him watching him, shocked. The Doctor was usually unbeatable at shielding his emotions but now, watching him, all barriers had been dropped and bared underneath was raw, painful emotion. Nobody knew who this Bad Wolf was, but everybody wondered. Jack had a vague idea and Martha thought she had heard the name before but was too shocked by his behaviour to worry about it.

"Doctor?" she crept forward and was surprised when he jumped and shielding the baby to him, snapped his head round to look at her.

"Wait…" Jack stepped forward, finally catching on. "Bad Wolf… That… that was Rose." He stepped forward. "Doctor… That's Rose's kid."

"I know." The Doctor croaked in reply. He buried his face in the blankets again and continued to mutter. "Rose, my Rose, my beautiful beautiful Rose."

"Wait… you know?!" Martha stepped forward again. "How?" As if to answer this he held the little girl out to her. Martha looked at the girl properly for the first time and what she saw shocked her. Looking up at her was a tiny girl with bright blue eyes filled with a familiar curiosity and hair an even more recognisable shade of brown.

"She looks like you!" she compared the two. "She's yours!" she gasped loudly, frightening Lily as she did so. The Doctor scowled at her and held the baby closer to his hearts, soothing her before turning back to the bemused crowd.

"So?" he retorted in a whisper, his voice shaking. Tears welled up in his eyes again as he looked at his companions, cradling his newfound daughter in his arms.

"You knew about her?" Martha asked, having obviously taken centre stage in this confrontation.

"What makes you think I knew?" he hissed, letting the tears fall from his eyes as an angry look entered them. "What makes you think I would know about and hide my only daughter?" His voice broke. "My only child?" He held his chin up. "What makes you think that I could live with the knowledge that I had not only lost Rose but also a baby that I had never even known about? What makes you think I wouldn't pull apart every world I needed to get back to my beautiful Rose and my child?" His voice turned into a growl. "The only thing stopping me before was the knowledge that Rose was safe with her family, free to move on without me. It tore me apart to know I couldn't get to her but the understanding that she was safe stopped me. Every day I hoped I could find a way back without destroying the Earth. Every day. But nothing." He scowled again. "I… I love her." He ended in a distressed whisper.

With that, he left, aware of the shocked expressions at his back. With the tears once again threatening to return he stalked out the room and in the direction of Rose's bedroom. As he walked a thought came in to his head and it made him laugh even if it was a humourless noise void of any amusement. For so long he had struggled along, hiding his emotion but at the sight of Rose's child lying helpless on the floor, the tears flooded and his temper raged.

For a while after the Doctor had left, there was an unnatural silence that was eventually broken by Jack letting out a whistle. All thoughts of the party were gone.

"Well done Martha." He said sarcastically before smiling at her to show he was joking. He saw her standing, still staring open-mouthed at the door. He looked at the others and saw that even Donna was lost for words for the first time all night. Sarah Jane had tears in her eyes, upset at seeing the Doctor so distant and angry. Donna's parents obviously couldn't understand the fullness of what had just happened but after the year that never was, Martha's family and the Doctor had grown quite close and they were shocked to see this other side of the Doctor. "Don't beat yourself up," he added, "No-one knew he would take it that way."

Once in Rose's room, the Doctor placed Lily gently on the bed and sat down with her in front of him and his back against the headboard. Putting his head in his hands, he let the sobs that he'd held back, out. As he cried, he thought back, remembered the Rose he had known and loved, thought of how naïve he had been, thought of how his life had been without her and wondered what hers had been without him.

Once he had exhausted his tears, he wiped his eyes on his sleeve and looked down at his daughter who, throughout his tears had shed none of her own but had fallen asleep, soothed by the sound of the TARDIS in the background. She looked so peaceful with her eyelashes brushing her cheeks as her eyes fluttered in her dreamy state. The Doctor leant forward and pressed a kiss to her tiny forehead watching as she stirred for a moment before lying still again. He shuffled around slightly so that he was lying beside her and, the sorrow having worn him out, fell asleep.