I wanted to write something Halloween'ish for the pair and this idea came to mind. Feels good to finally write something that resembles a fic again! Completed in one day so if something seems a little off, let me know.

Title: All in Good Fun

Author: Beck

Pairing/characters used: Renji/Rukia, Ichigo/Orihime, Isshin

Notes: Silliness abound, mention of a certain nursery rhyme, and a small hint of sexual innuendo. This could be taken as an addition "Ichigo's Sufferings".

Disclaimer: Me no own. weeps


Ichigo was finishing up his costume when he heard the doorbell ring and his father's boisterous voice, no doubt commenting on the costumes of the trick or treaters at the door.

"IIIIIIIIIIIICHIGOOOOOOOOO! Your friends are here!" Isshin's voice resounded, what felt like nearly the whole house.

It took all Ichigo had not to find something to chuck at the old man's head for being so damn loud. But then again, for some reason, his father got such joy out of the holiday to see the costumes and hand candy out while trying not to eat the whole stash. Speaking of which, Ichigo reached out and snatched the bowl out of his father's hands while scolding him.

"Geez! Save some for the trick or treaters will ya!" He wanted to smack his hand against his forehead but thought better so as not to smear his make-up. "Am I going to have to assign someone to stay here with you so you don't eat all the candy?"

The older man hung his head and sulked. "No."

The conversation between father and son was interrupted when a cheerful female voice spoke up behind Isshin's back.

"Kurosaki-kun, your costume looks great!" Orihime clasped her hands together in glee. This year she wanted to go as Dorothy from the Wizard of OZ and suggested to Ichigo that he should go as The Scarecrow.

"Yeah, great costume, though I don't think ya have to go in costume to show that ya probably have straw for brains." The comment was followed by a painful "ouch!"

Rukia scowled and shook her finger at the offending red-head. "Be nice Renji or no treat for you later."

Renji's eyes got wide and stood as straight as he could. "Yes ma'am, on my best behavior!"

Ichigo just shook his head at the bickering couple and did a double take at their costumes. "I admit I can understand what Rukia is dressed as, though out of everything out there to choose from you decide to be a pumpkin but ummm..." he eyed Renji from head to toe and nothing came to mind since it looked as if he was dressed in regular clothing though a bit rugged. Maybe a farmer? "What are you supposed to be dressed as?"

"Well, after Rukia mentioned about wanting to dress as a pumpkin, I did some searching of my own to see what I could dress up as to complement her costume. And this is it."

"Which is...what exactly?"

The devious expression on Renji's face made Ichigo wish he never asked. "Have ya ever heard of a thing called a nursery rhyme and the infamous Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater?" Renji licked his lips as his gaze was focused on Rukia in her very cute plump pumpkin costume.

This time, Ichigo did slap his hand against his forehead, make-up be damned. "I'm sorry I asked." Then, something clicked into his straw-like brain. "I don't care what you eat but MY ROOM IS OFF LIMITS!"

Rukia decided to chime in and folded her arms acting all dramatically. "Awww...you're no fun."

Before Ichigo could utter any more words, Orihime hooked her arm around his to scoot him along. "Let's get going before all the candy is gone."

Ichigo had to chuckle to himself. This was going to be quite an interesting Halloween after all.