Okay, this is what happens when I have to much free time. Anyways, It's a story based on, well... umm... It's not based on anything. It's Yama-Sama's diary. Now who wouldn't want to read that?

It starts out kind of Mimato *shudders* but it will probably change.

Disclaimer- I know, ixnay on the claimertay of Digimonay...

* * * * *



Well, I guess I better make the best of this project. I don't like it, but if I ever want to pass Advanced English, I gotta make sacrifices.

My name is Yamato Matt' Ishida, and I attend Odiba University. I am trying to major in English and the Fine Arts. I think I made a wrong turn when I wanted to major in English. I suck at it. I would rather just speak Redneck.

Anyway, since I am an idiot, but the teacher seems to like me enough to give me a second chance, he took a bunch of the failure students and gave them this project. To write a journal (uncensored, so I can say whatever I fucking want to) of my life and my personality. He also said that he would check up on us to make sure that we weren't slacking off. He might even give us a couple of random topics to write about on some days.

Well, I don't know what else to write, except that I am one of those dumbass people that had to be blessed with this project.

And there was much rejoicing.


I skipped writing about my family and friends last time, so I guess I can stuff it all in one day's entry.

My name is Matt. I am twenty. My favorite color is green. I play in a grungy band with a bunch of low-lifes and we call ourselves the Teenage Wolves. We suck. We've played at a couple of gigs, and the public seems to like us.

I have a kid brother, and his name is Takeru. We just call him TK. I don't see him that often, on account of the fact that he lives with my mom and I'm stuck living with my dad. Our parents divorced when we were tots.

I have a little passe of friends, also. My best friend is Taichi Tai' Kamiya. He's the head soccer player at the University. We have nothing in common, but together, we can make any girl faint. He has a little sister, Hikari. We keep trying to get Takeru and her to hook up.

There's also Joe and Izzy. Joe's a really great guy, I guess, if you're sick. He wants to become a cardiovascular surgeon (whatever that is) and he'll probably become one. One of the smartest people I know.

Izzy is the other smart person I know. He's a computer nut, and he repairs computers, builds computers, and programs them. He's also a great D.J. A man of many talents.

Oh, and there's also Sora and Mimi. Mimi is a fashion crazed girl. She moved to New York and wants to be either the model or the designer. She is really pretty. I haven't seen her in years and years, but we still talk. I still miss her.

Sora moved to London as an exchange student and is studying journalism, of all things. She's pretty athletic, the feminine version of Tai. She and I became really good friends the last few years. She really got into poetry and stuff, and helped me write lyrics to lots of songs.

There's also Yolei, Daisuke, Cody, and Ken to mention. I don't talk to them as much though, but they're still friends. They hang around. Fun to talk to once in a while.


It's been over a week since I last wrote, and English Teacher is getting pissed off at me. He's assigned all of us to write about a turning point in our future lives, how gay is that?

Well, in the future, a turning point in my life will be dying. It will mean that for the rest of eternity, I will be under the ground, slowly turning into compost, being eaten by small worms and rodents... In otherwords, It will be an experience to remember. A definite turning point.


My band has been sitting in a dusty old garage for the past four hours trying to think of lyrics to Alec's new tune. It's not easy without Sora. But we're getting there.

We have a gig coming up, we're going to play at Kyoto Central Stage. It's a big place. And I mean HUGE. The best bands play there. So naturally we're playing there. Ha. Big laughs intended.

Izzy was gone, D.J.ing at the local highschool's dance. I share a dorm room with him and Tai. Tai was at some soccer thing, so I got the place to myself. I half considered calling Mimi to see how she was doing over in America, but decided not to. I think she's getting annoyed with me calling her all the time.

I can't really help the fact that I like her.


It's the night after Kyoto Central Stage. Our band did really good, girls flocked all around for autographs and all that crap. Jun was there. She's this annoying little prat that thinks I am her boyfriend. She tried to give me a hug after the concert. It was so humiliating, especially in front of Tai and the guys.

Looks like Mattie-Chan has a girly-friend... Tai mocked me.

Hey Jun, Tai here wants to know if you're single. By the way, he's the captain of the soccer team. That made Jun think. Tai flipped me off. God, that was funny. It didn't change her mind though, she still thinks I am her boy-toy, and now she thinks Tai is her other boy-toy.


New journal entry- What do you think is the secret of life and death and all the questions inbetween?

I swear, English Teacher was drunk while writing this assignment, and was watching a non-stop marathon of Dr. Who.

Well, my stands of life and death? I don't care. When you're dead, you're dead. Sucks to be you.

But it would be awesome if there was something like reincarnation. Coming back to earth in a different form.

I remember Izzy's stand on this. Izzy and I were drunk, we went on a Monopoly Board pub crawl for my birthday. All of us guys, Izzy, Joe, Tai, Daisuke, Ken, and I went out and decided we were going to have a drink at all the places on the Monopoly board for my twentieth.

I vaguely remember talking about reincarnation. Izzy said he wanted to come back to earth as a rabbit. I think I wanted to be a top hat, like in Monopoly. Ken said that we needed to buy a Monopoly board, because he didn't remember which place came next.

We had made it all the way to Tennessee Ave. for margaritas. Izzy and I were the only two who hadn't passed out or lost the power of speech. Ken was still hanging on by then, but he occasionally lost consciousness. That was one hell of a birthday.

Anyway, back to the subject. It would be cool if you had lived past lives and were going to live future lives... then no one would be scared of death. They knew that they were never actually going to physically cease to exist. They were always going to come back as something, somewhere in the universe...

Kay, all this deep thinking is making my little brain hurt.


Well, it's settled now. Since our band did so well at Kyoto Central, our next concert is going to be at... (drum roll, please) Odiba City Park from 9 until 11. Two hours non-stop. I freaked. Already more than five hundred tickets have been sold.

And... here's the big news. Mimi is on some sort of break in her college in America, so she's coming back down to Japan to hang with us again. And to see my big show. She talked to me earlier and said she needed a place to stay. I immediately offered my house.

She said, No, that would just be to weird. Maybe I'll stay with Joe and his family or something.

Now that's weird.

Sora's coming down from Europe, too. She's already made plans to stay with Tai and Hikari. The band misses her lyrics terribly.

I called Mimi the day before she left on the plane, and I still can't believe what she said.

Hey, Mimi.

Oh, hello, Mattie-Chan! I hate that nickname. I wonder if she knows that from Tai or something.

Umm... so you're going to leave for Japan soon? God, I'm such an ass.

Uh-huh. Just finishing packing the last of my twelve suitcases.

Well, just wanted to call to umm, have a nice trip and all. It's like a fifteen hour flight, right?

Maybe it's just me. Or maybe seventeen hours in a jet stuck inbetween unfamiliar people who spend all the time on a cell phone or a laptop while watching an in-flight movie about the history of Northern Russia while being force-fed airplane bisects doesn't sound like a whole load of fun. It's just me.

Well, I miss you, Matt. I'll see you soon, I guess. Come to the airport at about... oh... about 5 p.m. tomorrow. You can give me a ride to the Izumi's house.

My heart went crazy. She missed me. I'm over-reacting. And she was staying at Izzy's, but she MISSED me!

I missed you too, Mimi. I'll see you at 5.

'Night, Mattie-Chan.

Well, I did a little dance that amused Tai and Izzy in our dorm very much before Izzy said he had to go help his parents clean the house for Mimi, and Tai had to clean the house for Sora, and I had to, umm, go help Dad clean our house for no apparent reason.

* * * * *

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