Summary- A move puts fifteen year old Sam in danger when their apartment manager turns out to be a psychic vampire. Will her addiction to Sam, destroy the Winchesters? Co-written by Sendintheclowns

Warning- This story is rated M, for erotic content. The story deals with an adult psychic vampire obsessed with a teenage Sam Winchester, and due to the erotic nature of her feedings on a young Sam we felt the need to warn you.

A/N 1- Gidgetgal9: This story has been a labor of love. I wanted to write something with sendintheclowns, thinking that it would be a fun thing to do. It was a challenge and a blast. I learned a lot and I will be forever grateful to her for agreeing to do this with me. We both wrote something that was outside of our comfort zone, and it was such a great experience. I'm very happy with the story that we created. I would also like to thank Floralia for being our beta- she was a great support!

A/N 2- sendintheclowns: One of my partners in crime had a great idea for a story and asked me if I'd like to co-write with her. This experience has turned out to be intense, mind boggling and sheer joy by turns. Thanks Gidgetgal9, I wouldn't have missed this for anything. And another thanks to Floralia for the beta; I don't think she knew what she was getting herself into but I'm grateful she didn't back out because this story wouldn't have been as cohesive without her touch.

Every Breath You Take – Chapter 1

It was moving day for the Winchester family, and John had a lot on his mind. There had been a cluster of possessions in the state of Nebraska, so they were heading to Omaha which was close to the action but not in the middle of it.

Moving days were always emotional for his boys. His eldest son, Dean was excited about the hunt, but not about where they were setting up camp. In his nineteen year old mind, a state called the corn husker state had to be as uncool as they get. John had just reminded Dean to stay focused on the hunt.

Then there was his youngest, Sam, who at fifteen was definitely opinionated about everything. Sam had been happy going to school in Tyler, Texas, and had voiced his opposition to the move. Something about how it didn't make sense leaving in the middle of the nine weeks. John had unfortunately, had to tell the boy to can it and pack.

John had driven to as close to his new hunt as he was comfortable and had gotten a motel room in Omaha. He let the boys sleep in while he found them an apartment. The apartment hunting had gone well, and John was finally feeling better about the whole move.

There was a new low rent apartment complex just on the outskirts of town that was close to the bad side of town but not in it. Not that Omaha had a very scary bad side of town to begin with. It was cheap and new, something that they normally didn't luck into.

On top of it being a nice complex, the apartment manager had been very helpful. Heather was in her thirties and a recent widow. She had shared with John that the building had been left to her, and she was having trouble being the manager because it meant being in charge of so many things she had no clue about. Plus, she had complained there was not enough time in the day to get everything done.

John felt for her, he remembered what it was like trying to deal with real life while still dealing with the grief of losing a loved one. He had offered the services of his boys, It wouldn't hurt them to do a little handy man work. Sam would have to stick to light chores after the recent injures he suffered during the last hunt, but Dean could definitely do all the rest.

So feeling a bit better about the whole situation John returned to his boys.


Sam wasn't happy this morning. The prior days events of being jerked out of class in the middle of the morning classes to be told you're moving tends to do that to a guy. Not that he should have been surprised, it was pretty much par for course in his family. He and Dean had just finished dressing when their Dad returned.

"Okay boys, load up. I've found us a place to live. We can grab breakfast on the way." His Dad has stated as he entered the room.

Sam sighed and quickly put his stuff back in his duffel bag. There really wasn't anything to say, just follow orders and hope for the best. Even Dean was quiet, of course part of that was because it was morning and he hadn't had his coffee yet.

The boys followed their Dad's truck as it stopped at drive thru and they grabbed breakfast. They continued to follow their Dad to their new apartment. Sam was anxious to see what the dump looked like. He was pleasantly surprised and confused to see that the apartment complex looked brand new.

Evidently Dean felt the same way, as they pulled up to the complex. Dean's mouth slack with shock.

Sam smiled at his brother's outburst as they existed the Impala. "Holy…. Man, is this where we're staying Dad? How did we manage to get a place like this?"

Sam joined his brothers questioning stare at their Dad.

"It is a low income apartment complex, but it's only a year old. And I expect you boys to respect that it is a new building and no rough housing. We clear on that?" John had focused his stares on both boys.

Sam answered the same time as Dean. "Yes, sir."

Sam noticed his Dad's facial expressions soften as a thirty something existed the apartment office building.

"So John, are these your boys?" The woman replied as she approached them. She was attractive, with raven hair and pale with fine features. She was also curvaceous and Sam could see Dean was immediately appreciative of this fact.

"Yes Heather, this is Dean, my oldest, and Sam, my youngest." Sam watched his father reply and he was amazed by the soft tone his Dad used.

"Boys, this is Heather the apartment manager. She lost her husband two months ago and is in over her head trying to take care of this building. I told her that you two would be happy to help out." John replied, in a tone that was definitely an order.

"Sure Dad. It would be a pleasure Ma'am." Dean had replied and Sam could see he was already in Mack Daddy mode.

Sam felt his father's glare so he spoke up. "Um, I'm sorry to hear of your loss and I'd be happy to help you out anytime." Sam replied, and blushed at the smile Heather gave him.

"Oh thank you boys, and please call me Heather. Ma'am makes me feel old." Heather's smile was friendly, as she directed her words at both boys, but for some reason Sam felt like most of her attention was on him. It made him a bit uncomfortable.

John brought Sam from his musings when he spoke. "Well, boys we should get unloaded. Heather, if you need the boys for anything, they will be free after lunch and chores."

Sam was again very puzzled by his Dad's actions towards this stranger. The only thing he could figure was that his Dad had a soft spot for her because she had just lost her husband, and he understood that kind of pain.

Sam watched as Heather smiled at his Dad and spoke. "Well, the thing I most need help with right now isn't labor oriented. I'm taking business courses at the local community college and the math classes are kicking my butt. "

Sam watched as his Dad frowned in thought and then spoke up. "Well, Sam here is a wiz at math. I'll send him over after lunch and Dean can handle the chores."

Heather's face lit up. "Oh, that would be great. Thanks so much John, and thank you Sam. I look for you later. It was nice meeting you Dean." She quickly turned and headed back inside.

Sam was in shock. He could hear his brother grumbling beside him and his Dad telling Dean to stow it and start unloading. Sam moved on auto pilot, not sure what had happened. His Dad had actually acknowledged his finesses for math, and had offered Sam's services. He felt at that moment like yelling Christo.

Sam knew he was in for a long day. Dean was jealous and bound to make life hell. His Dad was acting very strange, and now Sam was forced to spend the afternoon with and attractive stranger that he was getting a weird vibe from.

He sighed as they entered their new apartment. Sam was too wrapped up in that mornings events to truly enjoy taking in their new home.


Heather had thought that there was something different about the Wilson family. John, Dean and Sam Wilson seemed a bit off to be just your normal average family moving in. After doing a bit of checking with some friends who kept up with the hunting world, she found out that the famous Winchester clan was now staying at her apartment complex.

How delicious was that? They had no clue that their newest digs were managed by something that they hunted, that they didn't understand.

Heather sighed with contentment. Feeding off of this family would be fun, but which one?

Heather was immediately attracted to Dean, who wouldn't be? The boy radiated sexuality. He was all man at his tender years, and had yet to meet his match. She knew that it would be fun to tease and then tame this wild beast. But she had been there, done that before and wasn't sure that she had the patience to tame another.

Heather's thoughts had then turned to John, the hunter and protector of the family. It would be fun to dupe such a man and take his strength. John who thought he knew black from white, that all supernatural was evil. She could tell that he had trouble understanding the gray areas of life. He had no clue that his own family harbored such a being, his sweet Sammy. She could feel Sam's latent but powerful psychic ability radiating off him, it was intoxicating.

Sammy who was an awkward teen caught in that no one understands me phase of life. His pain ignored by his family, totally misunderstood.

Heather felt his pain, because she had been like him once, too. She had been the freak of her family, not fitting in as the child of an incubus. Yes she had the tendencies of her father, but preferred to dine on only psychics and rarely completely took a victim's life force. What was the point of killing if you can survive without? In the end she had left her family, and she could sense that Sam was heading down that path, too.

Yes, Sam was quite the prize. At the tender age of fifteen, a bit too young for her normal taste, but he was oh so alluring. His power, pain and innocence pulled at her. When she first looked in to his big innocent hazel eyes, she felt herself lost there. It was hard to look away and to pretend that his whole being wasn't calling out to her. She had tried to shut him out, his inexperience in life and innocence something to cherish not corrupt, but his pull on her was too strong.

Sam Winchester would make a wonderful prey. To take the youngest from the fold that was so desperate to protect him would definitely be a coup against the mighty Winchester family. She would have to bide her time and win the whole clans trust but in the end, she knew it would all be worth it.