Chapter One: Bitter

I am Higurashi Kagome, currently in my second year of high school and focusing on my studies as a student. I belong to a pretty normal family, I have a smaller brother called Sota and we live together with our mother and grandfather a small, but reserved villa. Of course, I suppose that my life wouldn't differ from any of the other second years, except one miserable fact...

It began about two years ago, when I first transferred into this school. The teacher made me sit beside this boy with beautiful silver hair, or so I thought at first. I thought that he might be friendly, but instead, he treated me like his slave. He didn't even glance at me when I muttered a small hi to him. When I piled my books and my pencil case onto the table, he just started using them without my permission.

It was really annoying, seriously. He didn't even say hi to me, he didn't even acknowledge me and he just treated me like that. Of course, I tried stopping him, but it was no use. He just started teasing me and pulling my hair. I felt really bad inside.

It was this constant bullying I received from him that I wasn't able to make many friends.

It was after a few days that I finally learned that his name was Inuyasha, and he and his friends were known in the school as famous bullies, more like little gangsters to me, but there were still a lot of girls chasing after them. Weird, no, scratch that, it wasn't only weird, it was unreasonable. I mean, what do they see in that heartless bastard? Don't think I'm going a little too far, after all, if you were tormented like that by him, for two years, it might drive you crazy! I'm kind of still wondering why I'm not mental yet.

That was in middle school. But I never imagined that we would get into the same high school.

Oh, no, definitely not! That exceeded my expectations. With Inuyasha's attitude, I had thought that he wasn't able to get into the same high school as me. Yes, I underestimated him. But there you go, we ended up in the same class again. What a bitter coincidence, no?

Yes, that was bad enough; he played pranks on me everyday, used my stuff, (and kept on losing them too,) and I had put up with all of that, for two years, two miserable years. When I was finally into second year in high school, I had hoped that the teachers wouldn't make us seated together again, after two years. Yes, my wish was granted. But I actually regretted that. I should have wished that he wasn't even in my class! Now, he sits behind me, and that's worse, much much worse because it's even easier for him to play pranks on me.

Now Inuyasha has started to talk to me, but not in a nice way, oh no. He's teasing me, I know that and I cannot stand it and more! He is such an insufferable idiot! I don't know why he's been picking on me since two years before, but I know that if I have to get through another year with him, I swear I'll end up in the mental hospital!

Well, I'll just have to put up with it for yet another year. Another even more miserable year. (But this had better be the last year I have him in my class!) What I can't stand is that, more girls are becoming crazy over him...and not that like I care anyways, but they are driving me crazy too. So what if he sits behind me? All the girls treat me like their enemy or something, except Sango, because we've been friends for years. I keep feeling glares aimed at me from all sides every time he talks to me.

Can't they see that he's picking on me?! Can't they see that every time I see him, my eyes fill with hatred and annoyance?! Can't they just sense that I don't want a single thing to do with him?! I'd transfer schools if I could, but no. The truth is, I really like this school, apart from Inuyasha, that is, because it has lots of activities and the study material and homework suits my daily routine.

Speaking of my daily routine, I've just brought up another annoying memory of Inuyasha. I work as a waitress in a cafe. That's not too bad but once Inuyasha has discovered it, it's hell. He comes to the cafe whenever he has time, and believe me, he has alot of time! And to put it simply, he annoys me. He annoys to my greatest extent! Oh boy, do I want to punch him in the stomach! My cheerful part time job has turned into miserable hell...

Now that you know a little something about me, let's get back to the start of a new week in my first term of a sophomore.