Chapter One

I rolled over groggily and searched for his cold marble arms. I almost jumped out of my skin when I felt my gods' arms wrap around my waist.

"Silly Bella. You were talking in your sleep again," Edward proclaimed with his beautiful musical tone. With that, I jumped backwards–my eyelids popping open wide–and landed on the floor with a loud thud. A small chuckle escaped from Edwards' lips. He dazzles me so much, but it's not going to work this time.

"Humph! I don't see what's so funny." He looked at me sympathetically with his brilliant topaz eyes. Okay, so maybe I was wrong. My heart skipped a beat. When he heard that, his lips curved into my favorite crooked smile. I got up off the floor and went back to my god. I looked into his eyes and kissed him passionately. His cold lips felt amazing against mine, but he was holding back. As soon as my arms snaked around his neck, he broke the kiss. We were both gasping for air–even though he didn't need it–when I grumbled in dismay.

"Bella, I'm getting better at my control, but you still don't know how irresistible you are."

"Well, maybe you could tell me," I said as I tried to kiss him again. I got up real close to his face. I could feel his cold breath all over me. Oh lord, here comes the dazzling again.

"Later, Bella, Later."

"Fine," I said as I got up to get my bag of toiletries, "I need a human minute."

I ran into the bathroom still panting from what just happened. I still can't believe I deserve a god like Edward.

The hot water ran down my back, untangling all the kinks and knots. I quickly washed my hair with Edwards' favorite strawberry shampoo and stepped out of the shower. I looked in the mirror and looked at my hair. Even though I had just washed it, it was still a mess. I decided to just comb it out and leave it down. I got dressed in my blue, v-neck shirt that Edward loves so much and a pair of blue jeans.

When I went back to my room, my god was laying there on the bed already dressed. He must have went to his house to change while I was in the shower. He stood up and walked over to the doorway where I was standing.

"It's time for school. By the way, you smell wonderful."

Edward kissed me on the forehead and by the time I opened my eyes, he was gone.

"Edward! Edward, where did you go?! EDWARD!!!"

Where did he go? He said he wouldn't leave me. Why did he do this? I was about to have a panic attack when I heard his perfect velvet voice.

"Silly Bella, I'm in the kitchen."

I opened my door and started walking down the stairs. My klutziness hasn't kicked in yet so I'm good. Uh-oh, I spoke too soon. I tripped over the last step. Just as I was about to hit the floor, I felt two cool arms wrap around me.

"Thank you," I breathed heavily.

He picked me up and carried me over to the table. It was then that I realized he had a bowl of my favorite cereal sitting on the table.

"Thank you again. Now watch me hunt."

For the second time this morning, he chuckled.