A/N: Okay! So, I'm finished with Forever Connected and I'm thinking..I should do another story! So, here are some new ideas for it!

Idea A

Summary: Edward and Bella have been friends forever. When they were little, they both had the biggest crushes on each other. Well, now it's their junior year of high school. Bella is realizing that the feelings are coming back, but are they for Edward? Will Bella tell him? What happens when Edward asks Bella to PROM?! Will she tell his girlfriend, Rosalie, the truth? ALL HUMAN(Based on true life, but I'm going to change the ending...)

Idea B

Summary: "Yes! Finally, it's my sixteenth birthday! I am now officially a Cullen!" Today is Emily's sixteenth birthday and she can finally change her last name to Cullen. Who is this mysterious guy who has come to wish Emily a happy birthday? And what is that feeling Emily gets whenever she's near him-electricity?

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A/N: Okay, so there they are! I'll put up a poll on my profile to make it more official! I was going to do another one where Edward is a player of the school and Bella is a girl who's caught his attention...but there are just so many of those! I L U my R&R's so keep 'em coming and make sure that when you review, you tell which one you want to read...