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It had been two hours since Perry Cox had been brought into the hospital by three men clad in luminescent yellow. Two horrible, dragging hours. Somehow, the doctor had managed to survive two bullets to the chest, but barely. He was stable now; JD and the other doctors had done all they could to help. But even then, he had slipped into a coma that even they were unsure he'd come out of.

For the last half an hour, JD had just been sitting by his side, hoping, really beyond hope that the big dog could pull through.

It was painful, almost heartbreaking to see such a strong man looking so deathly pale, so vulnerable. Especially for JD, who had always seen the guy as somewhat of a hero, invincible even. But Perry was just like the rest of them, he was stronger than your average man, of course he was, but not immune to the effects that plague the human body, as he was after all a human. This was something that JD had been forced to accept as he sat there in silence, listening to the rhythmic beeping of one of the many machines that Perry was wired to.

JD could hardly bare to look at his mentor in this state, he had a bunch of tubes helping him breathe for god's sake. He was scared, that much was clear. He was scared for his friend, and he was scared because even though he had treated many a patient without Perry's help, he had always known that the big guy would be there if, heaven forbid, something did actually go wrong.

JD just couldn't help imagining what Sacred Heart would be like without Dr Cox there. No more crazy and totally random rants about everything. No more girls' names.

'I won't miss the girls' names, Per, but it wont be the same without you big guy'

Jordan Sullivan is certainly not what you'd call a morning person. So she really, really, re-he-ealy didn't appreciate being woken up at three o'clock in the morning by the relentless hounding at the front door.

grumbling curses under her breath, she walked to the front door, with every intention of tearing the guy a new one for just having the nerve to knock on her door so late, especially when she'd been up half the night trying to get jack to sleep as it is.

she opened the door with a glare that was quite easily enough to make a grown man tremble, and not to mention the fact that her hair was sticking up in every which way and her extensive makeup was smeared all over her face. The hardened man in a police man's uniform who was standing on the other side of the door very nearly flinched at the sight of her intimidating glare.

'Look jackass, I don't know who - ' Jordan began, but then she realised that she was talking to, or rather yelling at a policeman, and the seriousness of his face could never mean good news. Her anger vanished, although she was still grouchy from being woken up so early.

'Are you Jordan Sullivan?' the officer asked.

'I am, but who wants to know?' Jordan snapped.

'Miss Sullivan, I am detective Jason Summers. I'm here on regards to your husband.'

'Perry? Oh god, what's he gone and done now? I swear sometimes he drives me crazy, scratch that, he always drives me crazy'

'Miss Sullivan, I'm sorry to say at approximately 2:15, your husband was shot outside a pub he'd been drinking in at the time.'

Whatever Jordan expected, it was clear by her sudden wide-eyed expression that it was not that.

Jordan remained silent for a few minutes, before finally saying 'what? Is - is he okay?'

'No, I'm afraid not, he's alive but only just. He's in a coma at sacred heart now'

Without a second's hesitation, Jordan dashed into her son's room and woke the grouchy toddler up. 'Come on, jack, sweety. We've got to go see your daddy'

'Miss Sullivan, I know you want to go and see your husband right now, but I must ask you if you know of anybody who might want to harm him, please let me know now.'

'Look, officer, Perry has a lot of enemies. That's just the kind of person he is. Now if you don't mind, I'd like you to leave my apartment so I can go and see my son's father.'

Although, she would never admit it to any man she was going to see again ever, Jordan Sullivan still loved her husband. Although, she still enjoyed taunting and humiliating him to know end. But now he was hurt, and badly by the sounds of it. She had even forgotten to be a bitch, or at least not as much as she usually was.

Only when Jordan and Jack arrived at about 20 minutes past 3 did JD finally leave Perry's room. After that the kid became a ghost in essence, he just drifted around the hospital, shakily treating his patients, all devoid of his usually quirky and overly enthusiastic nature. He just existed, really.

Naturally, JD didn't get any sleep, even when he returned to the On Call room and remained there for the rest of the night

he couldn't stop thinking about Perry, he looked awful.

He just couldn't get the image of him lying on that bed, practically reaching out a hand to knock on Death's door…it wasn't like he hadn't seen a man in that state before, but then, those other men weren't Perry, were they?

Jordan raced to the nurses' station, and all but terrified the nurse there to within an inch of her life when she demanded to know which room Perry was in. the terrified nurse, of course, responded straight away and gave her the information.

When she finally reached the room, she wasn't surprised in the slightest to find JD, or rather DJ as she liked to call him, sitting on the chair next to the bed, looking as white as death.

It took a few seconds for the kid to realise she was there, and after taking in her appearance, he quickly vacated the chair and the room, no questions asked.

Perry himself looked awful. Of course he did, getting shot never did a person any good. His face was swollen, particularly around his left eye, which in itself was blackened and bruised. He had several stitches on a wound on his eyebrow and a large gash behind his ear. It was very clear that Perry had not gone down without a fight.

Typical Perry, why can't you just have the sense to run away every once in a while? Then you wouldn't be in this mess. Jordan thought scathingly, lowering herself into the seat that DJ had just vacated, with Jack perched comfortably on her lap.

She reached forwards and grabbed Perry's limp hand in both of her own, hoping that he would respond to her touch. He didn't.

She sighed exasperatedly and leant back into her chair, brushing her bangs out of her face.

Come on, sweetie, don't you die on me. If you do, I swear I'm going to kill you

By next morning, not much had changed, whether that is Perry's condition or the general bustling of the general hospital life. Turk and Carla both arrived at the hospital at around 25 minutes past 7, closely flanked by their blond friend, Elliot Reid.

They had not yet heard of the attack upon one of their own.

'Where's JD?' Elliot asked chirpily, as she scouted the area for her daydreamer friend.

'I don't know, Bambi is usually here by now' Carla replied, 'ah, there he – JD! What's wrong? You look awful'

And sure enough, JD had just appeared on the scene. His usually pristine hair was standing up every were, and there where dark circles under his eyes. Clearly, he hadn't slept. His face was as white as sheets and he was shaking slightly. .

'Bambi? What's wrong?'

'You haven't heard?' JD said weakly.

'Heard what?' Turk asked, clearly concerned about his best friend.

'About Dr…about Perry?'

'What about him?'

'Come on, you better see it for yourselves.' JD whispered as he led his friends towards the ICU room where Perry was currently being held. They all exchanged nervous glances as they followed JD.

The door opened with a creak. The room was empty now except for Perry. Jordan AND Jack must have gone home, JD assumed.

'Oh my…' Carla gasped as she saw her friend, a dear friend, lying on that bed looking so… well, lifeless.

'JD, what happened to him?' Elliot asked, tears of shock and fear forming in her eyes.

'He's took two bullets to the chest, he has a severe concussion and he lost a lot of blood, and a broken jaw. But he…He was very lucky, the bullets barely missed his heart…he's stable now, but he's crashed twice already tonigt. I didn't think he'd survive…'

'Is he going to be ok? JD, he's going to be alright, isn't he?' Carla pretty much begged, as she had known Perry for a very long time now, she just couldn't bear to lose him.

'You've seen these kinds of injuries before Carla. God I hope he pulls through, I really do. But I think this time is one of those times when hope just isn't enough' JD muttered dejectedly, before simply walking out of the room, closing the door behind him.

'bambi - JD, wait…' Carla began, but the door had already snapped shut behind JD.

'frick...who did this? who would...oh my god' elliot gasped after a few minutes. there came no reply from turk or carla, because neither knew the answer to the questions, and so they all fell silent.