Chapter 10

I had to stay in the hospital over night and by the time I got back to Minato's place it turns out he had already moved my stuff into his apartment.

I smiled; this was the place my kid was going to grow up. We had a lot of visitors that day. Tsunade, old man Hokage, my squad, Hina and loads of other people came to see how I was.

I smiled politely and allowed them to touch my stomach. I was getting pretty annoyed though. Just because I'm pregnant doesn't mean everyone can touch me as they please!

The months flew by. For me it was the best nine months of my life. For Minato it was more like hell. I always wanted different things for food and he was forced to find them.

I also was more bitchy than usual so he was always getting snapped at. He was afraid of being alone with me for a while.

Throwing up all the time sucked, but when you feel the baby kick it makes it worth while. It is such a weird sensation to have something growing inside of you. I can't explain it.

Jiraiya came to visit us today. He wrote a non-perverted book and wanted us to read it. He was complaining about the book.

"Come on, don't say that. I thought it was great" said Minato with a grin. I was in the kitchen eavesdropping. "Each chapter really seems like a page out of your own life, Sensei. It almost reads like an auto-biography."

"Yeah, But. . ." said Jiraiya scratching his head "It didn't sell at all. Maybe I should try and sex up the sequel a little . . . That's my real forte, after all." Minato opened the book.

"The way the protagonist refused to give up, even at the end . . . That was really cool. He's just like you Sensei."

"Heheh . . ." laughed Jiraiya while scratching his head (he was blushing to; he must be embarrassed) "You think so?"

"Actually, I was thinking that . . ." Minato trailed off


"We want to raise our child to be a shinobi like the one in your book!" Minato said. I smiled; we had already discussed all of this. We were sitting around trying to think up names and we happened to read Jiraiya's book. . .

"That's why we've decided to name him after the main character in your book" Minato continued "What do you think?"

"A-Are you sure about this? It's just a random name I came up with it while I was eating some ramen-"

"Naruto, It's a beautiful name" I said walking into the room. (Being pregnant and being married really had mellowed out my mood) Naruto was a beautiful name.

"Kushina . . ." He said sounding a little bit surprised. I touched my stomach. (I have been doing that a lot recently) The baby had just kicked.

"Hahaha. . . Hoo boy. . ." said Jiraiya while laughing "If I name him, That makes me his godfather, right? Are you sure you want that on your heads?"

"Absolutely!" said Minato "You're a man with true skill . . . an example we should all follow. I can't think of a finer shinobi than you."

Jiraiya looked stunned, but accepted our decision by the end of his visit. Once he left we made other arrangements for the baby.

The baby's room was already decorated in a tacky shade of orange. I have always liked orange. So I thought why not paint his room orange?

We bought all sorts of toys and pretty much anything we could find. I glanced at the calendar. October 10th it said. My due date was in 5 days . . .

I touched my stomach and smiled. What kind of kid would I raise? Would he really be like that character in Jiraiya's book? I hope so . . .

I smiled again. Minato wrapped his arms around me and kissed my cheek. I laughed softly. I no longer felt embarrassed when Minato kissed or touched me.

"How are you?" He whispered in my ear. I giggled quietly and turned my head so I could kiss him. We stopped kissing and he put his head on my stomach.

I laughed; it felt weird to have him touching my stomach. He had been doing that every day this month. He couldn't wait for the baby to be born.

When we found out it was a boy Minato was ecstatic. To tell you the truth so was I. I wasn't interested in raising a kid who was more interested in doing her nails then training.

All of a sudden I felt a sudden pain in my stomach. I doubled over and moaned. Minato was at my side immediately.

"What's wrong?" He asked sounding panicked "Are you okay?"

I gasped for breath. Wincing in pain, I grabbed onto a chair for support. I doubled over again. My water had broken. Shit. I need to get to a hospital!

"Minato" I said grabbing him by the collar "Get me to the Fucking hospital" I let go and grabbed my stomach again. Should it really be this painful?

After what seemed like hours we got to the god damn hospital! Minato grabbed my hand and kept whispering different things to me.

"You'll be okay" he whispered softly while stroking my hand "You're just fine"

I laid in the hospital bed with tears streaming down my eyes. It really hurt a lot more than you might think. . .

I couldn't even see straight. I was ready to kill myself by the time the doctor came in.

"Don't worry you only have four and a half hours left until the baby is born." I recognized his deep booming voice; It was the doctor who did all my check ups.

I was ready to kill him though. FOUR AND A HALF HOURS?! How could I survive for that long?! Minato was still whispering in my ear, but I couldn't understand what he was saying.

In about an hour I was a bit more calm (not by much though. My contractions were getting closer together, but I finally had a grip on reality)

"Hey Minato" I whispered feeling hoarse "Can you get me some water?"


"Thanks" I said. I tried to smile but I pretty much failed. I took quick shallow breaths. I just wanted to get this over with.

I sat in my bed just thinking about how different I looked. There was a mirror in the room and when I looked in it I was shocked; my reflection scared me.

My face was covered with sweat and I looked like I hadn't slept for days. My hair was matted to my head with sweat and I looked as pale as a ghost.

Besides marveling about how I could look so horrible I thought about the baby. It was really happening; I as going to be a mom. I smiled, despite the pain.

Naruto Namikaze. What a beautiful name. I stroked my swollen stomach and winced as I had another contraction.

I was wondering what the baby would look like. Would he have his father's wild blond hair or my fiery red hair? Would he have my eyes or his fathers?

Would he have my personality traits or Minato's? I was dying to know, dying to get to know the child that I've been carrying for nine months.

I checked the clock on the wall. Two more hours left according to the doctor with the deep voice. . .

"Here" said Minato while handing me a cup full of water "You seem okay" he said with a careful smile. I smiled for him; he was trying to cheer me up.

"I've had better days" I said after I chugged down my water "I wish this kid would hurry up and be born!"

"Me too, but for different reasons" said Minato "I really want to meet our child"

"Me too" I said. I gasped as I had another contraction; you think that I would get used to the pain by now . . .

The doctor came in and said that there was a little less than an hour left. Hearing those words made me feel slightly better. The sooner this kid was born the better.

Me and Minato sat there talking for a little bit, but that didn't last long. My contractions were occurring every few minutes now, so I couldn't really concentrate on small talk.

"Hey Minato, what if the baby doesn't come out right?" I asked trembling. This was my worse fear.

"Don't even say that!" shouted Minato "Our child is going to be perfect no matter what! Even if he isn't we will still love him so don't waste your time worrying about stupid stuff at a time like this!"

"Minato . . ." I began, but was interrupted when old man hokage burst into the room along with Tsunade. They were both dressed for war; I wonder why? I was about to ask them, but Minato spoke up first.

"What's going on? Why are you dressed for war?" asked Minato "I don't exactly have time for this right now so you better talk fast!" I winced as I had a contraction. Only a half a hour left. . .

"We are being attacked by the nine tailed demon fox" (or Kyuubi. Which ever you prefer. . .)

"What?!" I said. "Are you serious? Right now?! You have to be shitting me!" Minato walked over to me and stroked my hair.

"Don't worry I won't let anything happen to you" he turned to Tsunade and old man hokage "Tell me more"

"There have been rumors that Kyuubi has been attacking the country side but we never thought that it would show up at our gates."

"Can you wait for me? I want to see the birth of my first child"

"I'm afraid we can't for much longer. It's destroying our troops like there a bunch of ants!" exclaimed Tsunade "Even Katsuyu (slug Tsunade summons) was defeated!"

"Go" I said as I had another contraction "The village comes first" Old man hokage and Tsunade gave me a thankful smile which I ignored.

"But-" began Minato

"If you want our kid to have a place to grow up in you should go. . . But come back alive, okay? If you die I won't ever forgive you!" Minato smirked at me; something he hadn't done since we had gotten married.

"Me, get killed? Get real! I defiantly see you again before I die!" He ran out the door with Tsunade and old man hokage "Wait for me and be prepared to do something unforgivable" he added in a more serious tone.

I tried to listen for what was happening. I could here the sound of far off screams and people screaming things I couldn't understand. The hospital suddenly shook.

I almost fell out of bed. What was that? I practically screamed as the next contraction hit me. I checked the clock. My time was up.

I shouted for a doctor as soon as I could find my voice. The doctor with the loud voice came in and rushed to my side.

"Take some deep breaths and push when I tell you to" he ordered. I nodded my head like an idiot. I was screaming now and by the sounds of it I wasn't the only one.

I closed my eyes and did as the doctor told me. I wish Minato was here. . .

Minato burst through the door just then. I gasped and did a double take; shouldn't he be fighting? He walked over to me and whispered horrible things to me.

"I need you to give up the baby" he whispered into my ear softly "I'm going to perform a justu that will seal the nine tailed fox into his body"

"No! Never! You can't take him away from me! I haven't even met him yet!" I began to sob.

"It's the only way. Please stop crying this is the last time I'll ever see you. I want to see you smile and be brave. Okay?"

I sobbed and nodded. I tried to stop crying and managed to stop. It was time to push. I did it all in a daze; this can't be real. I felt the pain but didn't scream. Minato's words had numbed me.

"Here is your baby boy" said the doctor. I took the baby and smiled despite myself. He was Beautiful. He had tufts of blonde hair and his eyes were Minato's fantastic blue.

"Naruto" I whispered embracing the baby. I looked at Minato and smiled sadly. He smiled back and took the baby from me.

I looked down at the sheets feeling defeated as I remembered what was going to happen. Minato was going to sacrifice himself and die. The baby would become a host and I'd be left alone . . .

Minato kissed me and turned my face towards his. He smiled weekly at me and then the baby.

"Goodbye Kushina. Raise our kid to become a good man" he said. He kissed me a final time.

I kissed Naruto on the forehead and Minato stared at me for a minute. His eyes told me what he couldn't say; that he wanted to stay with me.

But all too soon they were both gone. I screamed; how could this day get any worse?

I heard the cheers from the battle field when Minato arrived carrying Naruto. I looked out my window and saw a Minato standing on the back of Gamabunta.

Suddenly there was a blinding light and everything turned white. I fell backwards from shock and surprise and hit my head on the desk beside my bed.