A god among Man

Chapter 1: Eyes of Power

By: Sage of the Six Paths

(AN: This is my first fanfic ever, and there it a whole lot of OCCness on Naruto's part, and I've pretty much completely revised Naruto's character, so if you can't read a Naruto story without the real Naruto turn back, oh Naruto doesn't have whiskers, and Kyuubi wasn't sealed in him, all will be explained later. I hope you enjoy reading, 'A god among Man'.)

Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto, if I did Naruto would have Rin'negan or be a half-demon.

"Well...That was interesting." A 7 year old Naruto thought as he limbed up the stair-way to his apartment. He just came from the park playground, he usually went there to play with his friends, but today his best friend, Shikamaru, had gotten into a fight with an Uchiha. Naruto tried to stop the fight only to take Shikamaru's place, and some time during the fight a Uchiha Chuunin must have seen the fight and came over to stop it. Naruto didn't know what happened and his friends were to afraid to tell him what really happened, but when the Chuunin grabbed Naruto's arm, there was a flash in Naruto's vision and next thing he knew he was sitting on the ground with his legs extended out, his right leg was in extreme pain, and the Chuunin was laying in front of him with a large gash across his chest he wasn't breathing either.

Naruto hoped that the guy was ok, but deep down he knew that the Chuunin was most likely dead, but that was not the thing that worried Naruto, it was the fact that he didn't feel one bit of sadness or remorse towards the man. The reason Naruto hoped the man was alive was the fact that if he wasn't Naruto would most likely lose most, if not all, of his friends, and be sent to prison or worse...executed.

Naruto finally arrived at the door to his apartment, he pulled out his key and unlocked the door, he then entered and began walking toward his bathroom. He had been living in this abandon apartment complex ever since he ran away from the orphanage, he hated that place, so he had been taking care of the complex ever since he found it abandon. No one ever found out he lived there and he planned to keep it that way.

When he entered the bathroom, he turned on the lights and went over to the mirror to see if he was cut or bruised.

Then Naruto noticed something very wrong with his eyes they had changed from normal ocean blue eyes to, 3 concentric circles around his pupils, the center most circle was a gleaming sky blue, the next one was a lighter sky blue, the outer most was a stunning silver, and the barely noticeable white of the eyes was a dark orange almost red color. Naruto had never seen any thing like it they were amazing to look at and look really cool, Naruto then shrugged, he would deal with it in the morning.

Naruto was the example of abnormality, one of which was his unusual hight he was 5 foot 11 inches, which is really tall for a 7 year old, but other then his eyes and his abnormal hight he was, physically, completely normal. Naruto had silver spiked hair, somewhat pale skin, no acne or scars of any kind on his face, and from the once a day work outs he did, he had a slightly well built figure. The two most liked of Naruto's abnormalities, was his inhuman stamina and amazing healing ability, he could easily run for over 6 hours and still be able to keep running, which he had done before, and he could get near crippling wounds and it would be healed the next day, like his leg, which Naruto could tell was broken, was probably healing already.

After seeing that he just had a few bruises here and there, Naruto decided to get to bed, take a shower in the morning, and stay in for the rest of the day.

So he exited the restroom turning off the light as well, and walked towards his bed. Orange light was shining through the window just above his bed, this was the time he would usually watch the sunset from the view of his roof, but Naruto was too tired from...his fight with that Chuunin, which he was still wondering about.

Naruto toke off his black with red clouds hoodie and gray shoes, and plopped down on his bed and fell asleep.

--That Midnight--

Naruto's head shot up when he heard a large crash from outside, he immediately looked out the window to see what the commotion was about. He could see nothing it was pitch black, thanks to the new moon in the night sky, but Naruto could easily hear running and jumping in the distance. So he tried to focus his vision to see better, only to have his entire world become illuminated, and see several glowing blue figures that stood out from the rest of the black and white world. They moved like ninja, fast, really fast, but some how Naruto could see all of their movements like they were in slow motion.

One of the figures had the shape of a large wolf or something, the others, obviously humans, were following the wolf, and were coming strait at Naruto's apartment. I less then a second Naruto had his hoodie and shoes on and was about to run out the door only to see that a blue glow was in the direction of the front door. With that Naruto did the next best thing, he went through the window, getting cut several times but nothing fatal or debilitating. He knew why they were there, and he was no planing to go quietly to his own death.

"He's on the move!" Naruto could hear from behind him as he descended.

Naruto heard a sickening crack as he hit the ground and a jolt of pain from his leg, but was to high on adrenaline to really take notice, and quickly started to run. He began to concentrate his strength into his feet and felt himself jolt forward at a blinding speed. His pursuers were surprised to see a child move at such an incredible speed, but immediately snapped out of it and ran to catch up.

"I have to get out of this village, I'll be killed if I stay here." Naruto thought as he ran as fast as he could, gaining even more speed, which going at his speed would seem impossible, before he knew it he was at the gate and had at least 10 glowing figures staring at him.

"Oh, Shit." Naruto thought as he slid to a halt.

"YOU!" said the figure in the middle of the group, while the others drew their weapons. "You, Uzumaki Naruto are to be arrested under the suspection that you are responsible for the Massacre of the Uchiha clan, come quietly and you will not be killed." the Man said as the group that were chasing Naruto before landed behind the boy.

"Wha...What?!" Naruto said, shocked to hear this. "I-I didn't kill anyone let alone a whole clan"

"We never said you did, you're a suspect, now just come with us, kid." the man said as he lunged forward at a incredible speed. Only to have Naruto side-step the lunge, and jump behind the group.

"I'm not going anywhere." Naruto said as he turned around to face them, he had a plan if they chose to keep chasing him, Naruto didn't know how he knew this jutsu or the others, but he knew them none the less and was going to use them.

"I don't know how your this powerful, kid, but we're ANBU and you're coming wi-" the ANBU captain was interrupted when he saw Naruto doing several hand signs at an unbelieveable speed.

"Fire Element; Grand Fireball Jutsu!"Naruto roared as he unleashed a massive ball of fire on the ANBU squad who weren't able to avoid the flame and were consumed.

Naruto scoffed as the smoke and steam cleared to revile the dirt road the was once sand was now glass, and the ANBU were ash. "So much for Konoha's Great ANBU." Naruto Said as he turned to leave only to see 70 ANBU land on the glass road.

They were about to throw Kunai when Naruto did several hand signs in an instant, and yelled.

"Fire Element; Dragon Flame Bomb!" With that, Naruto reared his head back, taking a deep breath, and unleashed a beam of fire from his mouth almost instantly obliterating the army of ANBU before him. Naruto didn't stop there though, he blew even harder intensifying the beam of fire coming from his mouth, this caused the buildings surrounding the glass road to catch on fire.

Naruto then released the jutsu to see the entire area around him was either in flames or had become glass, and unknown to him in the bushes to Naruto's right, Uchiha Itachi, who was fleeing the village after killing his clan, was watching the 7 year old. His face was a held a mixture of awe and interest. "So this is the Boy who killed Inaki this afternoon." Itachi thought, "How could someone so young be so powerful?" He then was caught off guard when Naruto swung around to face Itachi.

Suddenly Naruto began forming hand signs at such a speed that even Itachi's sharingan couldn't keep up with. "Come out, before I fry you too." Naruto said, he was not going to be taken any were, at least not alive. Itachi's interest in the boy made him come out into the open, he didn't have his katana out or any weapons, but Naruto saw his ANBU gear and was about to finish his jutsu until he saw he was covered in blood and wasn't wearing his mask.

"Why did you kill those ANBU, kid?" Itachi asked, the ANBU were looking for Itachi, so why would they attack a 7 year old like they did? But then something caught Itachi's eye. "This kid has Rin'negan how is that possible?!"

"They were going to either kill me or take me to prison, neither I wish to happen to me so I killed them." Naruto stated bluntly, "and seeing as your one of them I'm going to get rid of you." and with that Naruto finished his jutsu.

"Fire Element; Dragon Flame Bo-" Naruto was cut off when he was sucked into the world of Tsukuyomi...


"That was foolish, boy." Itachi said, the two where standing in the same place as before, but now the world had turned a different color. The sky was a sickly orange, the moon was crimson red, the clouds were crimson as well, the environment around them was a shade of black and red, Itachi and Naruto were black, while their cloths were white.

"Wh-What's going on?" Naruto asked somewhat worried

"This is the world of Tsukuyomi, here I control you time and space, here I'm God" Itachi stated, approaching Naruto. "You can't escape, your fate is now in my han-" Itachi was interrupted when he looked in to Naruto's eyes, suddenly the world around the two began to brake apart until the both of them stood in a black landscape in the sky was a blue moon. "What have you done!?" Itachi yelled only to fall to his knees putting his hands over his eyes pressing against them screaming in pain.

Then Naruto and Itachi returned to the real world.

---The Real World---

Naruto looked to see Itachi was in the same position he was in Tsukuyomi, but there was blood leaking from between his fingers. That was not what made Naruto confused, it was the fact that the would seemed a lot clearer then ever before he could see every detail of every little thing. Unknown to Naruto, when Itachi used the Mangekyou on Naruto and looked into Naruto's Rin'negan, while in Tsukuyomi, Itachi's sharingan had been absorbed into Naruto's eyes, Mangekyou and all.

"WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO ME!!!" Itachi yelled, he looked up, his eyes where still there, they were blood shot and blood was leaking out of his eye sockets, he had black eyes that were even more darkened by the blood surrounding them.

To say Itachi was shocked by what he saw would be an understatement, the two inner most circles of Naruto's eyes held Itachi's triangular Mangekyou, that then reverted to their normal 3 black tear drop-like marks, and then the marks merger with the lines that separated each Rin'negan circle. Naruto noticed that the world around him seemed a lot less defined, almost blurred, but then a massive wave of pain rushed over him and he cluched his head which was pulsating with wave after wave of pain.

Naruto then witnessed all the things that Itachi had seen and heard in his entire life all in an instant, but Naruto witnessed it all in real time he watched 13 years through Itachi's eyes. The things that Naruto remembered from the vision was: a boy named Sasuke Itachi's little brother, a man that looked a lot like Sasuke just with more hair he was named Madara Itachi's mentor, there was also a man with orange hair and a lot of piercings and with Naruto's eyes just they were gray at the center he was Pein, there was also a village, no a metropolis it was always raining when Itachi was there it was called Amegakure the village hidden in the rain. "That's were I going to go after this" was what Naruto told himself when he got his bearings.

"You...You stole my eyes." Itachi said in almost an insane way.

"Ya, it seems so." Naruto said impassively, "and I'm going to give Sasuke his revenge for what you did to him." Naruto had seen all the things Itachi had done to Sasuke and he felt pity for the kid.

"I'd like to see you accomplish that." Itachi said going for his katana only to find it missing.

"Looking for this?" Naruto said tapping the blade against his leg, Itachi looked up to see Naruto holding his katana, but what made Itachi shiver in fright was the Sharigan marks on Naruto's eyes.

"Now I'm going to find were you left that kid and I'm going to let him kill you." Naruto said, then Itachi felt a gust of wind pass him and then he felt his arms and legs go limb. Naruto was were he was standing before, but Itachi knew that Naruto had done something to him.

Itachi looked down in horror to see large gashes going up both his thighs and arms, they were deep enough for him to see bone.

"Now to find Sasuke." Naruto said as he appeared next to the limb Itachi, and grabbed him, violently by his hair, making Itachi hiss in pain and close his eyes. Then the both them disappeared, as Konoha ninja arrived to put out the growing fire that Naruto caused.

---The Uchiha Estate--

Naruto, with Itachi in tow, appeared in the center of the Uchiha Estate, there Medic-nin carrying dead bodies toward the hospital. Naruto grabbed one letting go of Itachi and pressed the blade of his katana to the startled medic-nin's throat.

"Where is Uchiha Sasuke?" Naruto asked calmly, giving off a little killing intent

"K-K-Konoha h-h-hospital." the medic-nin said afraid for his life.

"Thanks." Naruto said with a smile, that somewhat confused the medic-nin, Naruto then released the terrified (and confused) medic-nin, grabbed Itachi by the hair (again) and disappeared.

---Konoha Hospital---

Naruto and Itachi appeared on top of a building near the hospital, there was a lot of commotion going on right at the moment so Naruto stayed away. "Now how am I going to find him?...ah!" Naruto thought of Sasuke then began to focus his vision. His world turned black and white like it did before, he then saw a blue light on the tenth floor. He and Itachi, once again, disappeared.

Naruto the appeared outside Sasuke's room, he had learned how to focus his chakra to curtain parts of his body, like his hands and feet, to do multiple tasks such as walking on walls rupturing glass windows for quiet entry, Naruto entered the room as quietly as possible and laid down the bloody Itachi against a wall. He then walked over to Sasuke's bed, the raven haired boy look sad.

"Hay wake up, kid" Naruto said as he shock Sasuke's shoulder. Sasuke's eyes fluttered open from the noise and contact, he saw a person with silver spiked hair, and weird eyes, and shot up.

"Who are you?!" Sasuke demanded

"Now now, I have something for you, kid." Naruto said as he moved aside to revile Itachi slumped up on a wall blood poring out of his legs and arms. Sasuke then looked at Naruto held out his hand which had Itachi's katana. "Go ahead, kid, take it."

Sasuke grasped the handle of the sword, cautiously taking the weapon from Naruto, who then helped Sasuke out of the bed. Sasuke then approached Itachi slowly, Itachi looked up at Sasuke with blood shot eyes, he had a defeated look on his face.

"Are you really going to kill your own brother, Sasuke?" Itachi asked

Sasuke was now right in front of Itachi, Naruto watched Itachi to make sure he didn't pull a sly move or any thing. "Your not my brother, Itachi, that title ceased any meaning when you killed mom and dad, and our clan." Sasuke said as a tear rolled down his cheek, he then thrusted the blade forward right into Itachi's heart, and with that Itachi was dead. Sasuke fell to his knees and began to sob. "It's ok, kid, he deserved it." Naruto said as he walked towards the window.

Sasuke looked up at Naruto with pain strikened eyes. "Who are you?" Sasuke asked once again, "W-Why have you done this for me?"

Naruto shrugged as he prepared to jump out the window, "I guess, I just over whelmed with pity for you I just decided to get this out of the way." Naruto stated "Oh, the name is Naruto." And then he was gone.

---The Forest around Konohagakure---

Racing through the forest, Naruto had only one thing on his mind, find that man with eyes like his. Naruto knew exactly where to go, some how he knew exactly what direction to go to get to Amegakure, it was directly west of Konoha. Naruto was using his Rin'negan eyes, combined with Sharingan, to their fullest, he saw everything, every animal, every bug, every partial in the air, the world had never been more physically clear before, and he loved it.

It was a 3 day journey, at most, but Naruto was moveing so fast that he was already at the Konoha/Kusa(Grass) border after three hours of running, and at the Kasu/Ame border an hour after that.

In front of Naruto was a massive swamp that seemed to stretch out for miles and miles, and the thick rain fall didn't help. Naruto hated the rain, it always made him feel sad, made him feel like there was no tomorrow, he wished the rain would just stop.

Suddenly, the rain stopped the clouds were still there, just no raining, then Naruto noticed off in the distance there were lights, not natural lights. He then focused to see what it was, just like when the rain stopped, his vision zoomed to see the raging metropolis of Amegakure.

Naruto was about to begin running when he heard a snap, and felt his leg give way. He groaned in pain it was his broken leg from before, he had completely forgot about it. "Fuck..." Naruto cursed under his breath, as he slowly rose to his feet. "I'm going to have to walk the rest of the way...sigh...oh well." Naruto then began to limp across the water, wincing in the pain of each step. "This is going to be a long walk." Naruto thought as he pulled his hood over his head. "Please don't start raining, again."


Pein was staring out at the cityscape, in confusion. "I never stopped the rain..." he said to himself.

"Pein-sama...?" said a feminine voice from behind him, "Something wrong?" she asked as she walked out onto the balcony Pein was standing on. She had short dark blue hair, bright green eyes, thick blue eye shadow, and there was a silver stud piercing just under her bottom lip. She was young, looked no older then 16, she was incredibly beautiful, and she was wearing a plain black high-collar cloak, but it was not hard to see that she had an amazing body under that cloak.

Pein continued to look out in the distance as he responded, "Someone has disturbed the rainfall...find this intruder, Konan."

"As you wish, Pein-sama," Konan said as she stepped to his side, and then closed her eyes. Konan's face began to almost fall apart in sheets of paper, then the rest of here body including her cloak became sheets of paper. The sheets of paper then became butterfly-shaped that began to scatter in the wind flying in different directions in search for the one who stopped the rain.

---Back with Naruto---

Naruto was walking across the water, wondering exactly what just happened to his life, at the start of yesterday he was Naruto, the young giant that scared all the big kid away from his friends, and now look at him, he was now Naruto, the man suspected for killing the Uchiha clan and killer of oh 70 to 100 ANBU. "Damn, does fate work in mysterious ways." Naruto thought.

Naruto's thoughts were then interrupted by an odd site. A small white butterfly, was flying at him, when it reached Naruto it then stayed there just flapping it's wing looking at him. After closer observation, Naruto saw that it was origami not a living creature, it also had a human chakra signature. "That's weird." Naruto thought.

"Um...Hi there, little fella." Naruto said as he walked towards the little origami butterfly, when he was right in front of the piece of parchment, he held out his hand to allow the butterfly to land on his index finger, said butterfly then landed on Naruto's finger, and stared at Naruto even further. Konan was starring at the boy like he had grown an extra head. "He has Rin'negan! Only Negato has Rin'negan!" Konan thought.

"Your quiet the interesting little piece of paper." Naruto said with a smile, the origami butterfly then toke flight again, Naruto looked to were it was going to see thousands upon thousands of paper butterflies, and right before Naruto's eyes the butterflies formed together, into a blue-haired woman. To say the woman was beautiful in Naruto's eyes would be a epic understatement, for Naruto thought he was looking at a goddess.

"Wow, your really pretty." Naruto blurted out without knowing it, Konan was somewhat taken aback by the statement, and blushed a little, Naruto then realized what he had just said, causing him to look at the ground next to his feet, trying to hide his blush.

Regaining her impassive, 'I-don't-care-about-anything' facade, Konan decided that Pein needed to meet this boy. " You need to come with me, boy, my leader would like to see you." Konan said

Naruto returned his gaze to Konan, His blush from before was gone, he was serious now, this woman could be a threat to him and he may have to kill her. "Who would this leader of your's be?" Naruto asked as he activated his Sharingan, hopping that the woman understood the warning, he really didn't want to kill someone so beautiful, but if she forced him to do anything he would kill her.

Konan was taken aback once more, but in fear, not embarrassment as before, Naruto didn't know it but he was giving off killer intent, quiet a bit of it too. Konan was even more surprised, to see the 3 sharingan marks that appeared in his eyes, she then toke several slow steps backwards. "H-He has the same eyes as you he just wants to have a talk with you." she said cautiously.

Naruto immediately deactivated his sharigan, and stopped giving off killer intent. "Sorry about that I'm just a little on edge." Naruto said

Konan then calmed her senses, and asked. "So you'll come with me?" Naruto nodded "Alright, we need to hurry up, my leader isn't the most patient person you could meet."

"Sorry, but I can't run any were with this broken leg." Naruto said dully

Konan sighed, "Ok, then...I guess we'll have to walk" Konan said in a disappointed way as she began to walk towards Amegakure.

Naruto struggled to catch up, but eventually did, walk next to her. Konan was only a few inches taller then Naruto, "So...um...What's your name?" Naruto asked trying to make small talk.

"Konan, you?" she said.

"Naruto, nice to meet you by the way." he said with a smile, and for some reason, unknown to her, Konan blushed at the smile, which in turn caused Naruto to snicker. "This could be fun, hehehe" Naruto thought to himself smirking inwardly.

"WHY AM I BLUSHING?!" Konan thought trying to make herself stop blushing like a teenage schoolgirl.

"Konan-chan, are you blushing?" Naruto said with a devilish smirk. Konan turned beet red at the comment and the -chan part, and started to walk a little faster. "Why am I blushing he's like 12 years old!!" Konan thought still blushing.

Naruto just smiled ear to ear, "I'm glad I didn't have to kill her." he thought as he picked up the pace.

---The Hokage Tower, Konohagakure---

"Could you describe this boy, Sasuke?" the 3rd Hokage asked, he was sitting behind his desk a mess of paper work on either side of him, and in front of him was the sole surviver of the Uchiha clan, Uchiha Sasuke.

"He was very tall, he had spiked gray hair, these real weird eyes, he had a hoodie on, it was black with red clouds. That's all I really remember." Sasuke said, he seemed sad yet at peace at the same time, whether it was from killing his brother and getting revenge, or just the fact that he had some how gotten over it the old man didn't know.

"Thank you, Sasuke-kun you may wait out side I must take care of something private." the 3rd said, and with that Sasuke got up bowed, gave the Hokage a fake smile, and exited the room. "So is that who you saw, Kakashi?"

Suddenly a man with silver hair in ANBU gear appeared in the room his ANBU mask was pulled over his left eye. "Yes, that was what he looked like." he said, "Hokage-sama how could a kid as young as Naruto do that to ANBU?"

"Naruto's mother had a powerful bloodline limit that we have never seen before, nor heard of, Minato said it was called Rin'negan, the most powerful doujutus of all 3." the Hokage said.

"And Naruto has this Doujutsu, what are its powers?" Kakashi asked

"I don't now, but Minato told me that this doujutsu was that used by the Sage of the Six Paths, the creater of the Ninja world." the 3rd stated, "Kushina is a direct desendent of the most powerful ninja in history, that is how she destroyed the Kyuubi 7 years ago..."

Kakashi looked down at the floor at the comment, he hated being reminded about the day 7 years ago when his sensei's wife died after banishing the Kyuubi to a different realm, he even more saddened at the memory of his sensei dieing on the battlefield only minutes later, the medic's said nothing was wrong with him he just...died, he didn't have any mortal wounds, he wasn't poisoned, he just gave up on life, and died.

"Hokage-sama did Kushina have any relatives?" Kakashi asked

"I don't know Minato met her in Ame, she was an orphan and was only 14 years old so Minato brought her here." the Hokage stated "She never talked about her family, at least not to anyone but Minato."

"So where do think Naruto went?" Kakashi asked

"I wouldn't know the Hunter-nin said they lost him at the border to Kusa, so he could be going to Ame." the Hokage said

"What are we going to do about Naruto?" Kakashi asked, "There are at least 200 ANBU that want to avenge their fallen squad mates."

"We'll let him go, we drove him away, so we won't try and force him to come back." the old man stated as he stood from his chair and walked towards the door, "and for those ANBU who want vengeance, tell them it was Itachi."

"About that, Hokage-sama, have you read the report on Itachi's autopsy?" Kakashi said as he slide his mask onto his face, the 3rd came an abrupt halt at the comment and turned to Kakashi.

"No...why do you ask?" the Hokage questioned

"His Sharigan...it was missing." Kakashi stated hesitantly

"His eye were gone?" the Hokage said somewhat confused.

"No, not his eye but the sharingan itself were missing."


"Could Rin'negan be able to absorb other doujutsu?"

"It could...Kakashi, I want you to research into this further, find out why Itachi's Sharingan are missing understood."

"Hai, Hokage-sama!" and with that Kakashi disappeared in a poof of smoke.

The 3rd Hokage sighed then turned back to the door to, he then came out of the room to see Sasuke sitting against a wall, with streaks of tears coming from his eyes. "This kid's going to have a hard time, but Naruto helped him, not in the way I would have hoped but he helped him, none the less." the Hokage thought as he prepared to explain the situation to Sasuke.


"7...years...old?" Konan asked in shock in there walk the two had been talking about several things, and then Naruto's age came up some how. They were still a good half a hour away from Amegakure.

"What?" Naruto said as he walk with his hands behind his head, Naruto's leg had also healed on his walk with Konan, but he was to caught up in the conversation to notice. "Something wrong with being 7 years old?"

"Well, you look like your at least 12." Konan said, "Well, that's just great I'm 16 years old, and blushing because of a 7 year old's charm!" Konan thought to herself "I don't know what's sadder, that I was afraid of a 7 year old a hour ago, or that I'm attracted to a 7 year old...wait...what did I just say?"

"Hey, Konan-chan...KONAN!"

"Wha-what is it?" Konan asked

"Well, for one you stopped walking, and two you look like you just saw a ghost. " Naruto said dully, that was then that Konan noticed that she and Naruto had come to a halt barely, a mile away from Amegakure.

"I-It was n-nothing, come on we need to keep going." Konan said trying to be as nonchalant as possible, she was failing miserably. She was also trying to hide most of her face behind the high-neck collor of her clock, as to cover her growing blush as she though over what she had though a moment ago. "Oh for God's sake, I'm just pathetic..."

"Konan-chan?" Naruto asked as the two started to walk again.

"Yes?" Konan asked as she was still trying to hide her blush...

"Do you always blush like this when you talk to guys, or is it just with me?" Naruto said with a smirk. Just then Konan turned 12 different shades of red, and stared to pick up the pace by walking quicker. "I guess that means it's just me." Naruto said as he caught up to her only to have her start running. "Oh come on, it was just a joke." he yelled as he chased after her.

---Amekage tower ,Amegakure ---

In a large chamber over looking the vast metropolis of Amegakure, two figures stood waiting for their blue haired teammate to arrive, one was clad in a black cloak, had a Ame headguard with a scratch through the 4 lines that are the symbol, he had orange spiked hair that was combed back, the two most striking features were his eyes and his piercings. He had a large array of black metal piercings on his face: 6 studs on his nose (3 on each side), 6 ring-piercings on the rim of each ear with a small bar through the middle of the ear, and two fang-like piercings through the bottom lib. His eyes were much like those of Naruto's 3 concentric circles surrounding the pupil: the inner most circle the one around the pupil was dark gray, the second was light gray, and the outer most was silver, the white of his eyes were an dark orange much like his hair.

The man next to him was about 3 inches taller and was clad in red battle armor, with a red rope tied around his waist, and a black cape under the shoulder armor but over the chestplate. He had very long black spiked hair, that stopped at about mid-back, and his bangs were as long as the rest his hair that covered most of the right side of his face. His face had an almost inhuman beauty, his eyes were red with 3 black marks around the pupil, and he had an aura about him that demanded respect and gave off great power.

Both were starring out into the distance past the lights, the buildings, the people. Watching as the most powerful being in this world approached. "Do you feel it's power Madara-sama?" Pein said to the armored ninja.

"Yes, it is massive, even from this distance I can feel the power like I were standing next to a bijuu, yet it feels as if it's trying to hold the power in, trying to hide it's presence." Madara stated as he narrowed his eyes.

"Yes, and doing a poor job of masking it's chakra." Pein said smirking.

"No." Madara said causing Pein's smirk to disappear, "It's covering it's chakra quiet well, it just has so much that it can't hold it all in with out extreme concentration which requires to stop moving and centering one's self, meditating in short." Pein snorted at the explanation, he hated it when Madara explained simple things to him like he was a child.

Pein then noticed the massive chakra signature was getting stronger quicker then before. "It seems it's picked up the pace, might get here in a few minutes." Pein said as he turned to Madara only to see he was walking towards the door.

"When it arrives bring him to my throne room." Madara said as he opened the door to leave, but not be fore adding something, "Oh Negato, wasn't Itachi going to arrive today?"

"Hm...yes, he was, if he's not here then your apprentice has had a change of heart or is dead." Pein plainly stated

"Neither seem very likely, but he should be here within the next few hours." Madara said as he walked out the room.

"Hm, wounder who killed him?..." Pein said to himself

---Just outside the Amekage tower---

Naruto and Konan had arrived a lot sooner then expected, both had also completely forgot the reason they were going so slowly, but that was only because there were more pressing matters at hand. "Naruto, when you meet Pein-sama, you will address him as such, understood?" Konan said as her expressions and voice became impassive and emotionless, Naruto then toke example and changed his stance as well.

"I understand." Naruto said as he walked towards the door of the tower Konan quickly followed.

When the two entered they received bows from everyone in the lobby, Naruto noticed they all were wearing Ame headguards with a scratch through the symbol. Konan nodded at the bowing ninja, and they all returned to the tasks. Naruto and Konan just walked towards the closest elevator, and entered said elevator. Konan immediately pressed the button to the top the floor, and turned to Naruto. "Naruto, what ever you do in Pein's presence do not disrespect him, he will not hesitate to kill you." Konan said to Naruto who was looking strait forward waiting for the doors to open.

"And what makes you think he can kill me." Naruto said arrogantly

"Things like that will get you killed, Naruto, you may be powerful, but Pein is a god..." Konan said

Naruto scoffed, "A man who fancies themselves as a god are bound to die quickly in this world." Konan was take aback by the statement if an old man or someone like Madara were to say something like that she wouldn't have been as surprised, but this came from a 7 year old.

"How could someone so young have said something like that... he can't be 7, he's too...mature." Konan thought

"Where did you get that from?" Konan asked

"From a man named, Itachi, he's the one who gave me my Sharingan eyes as well."

"Wha-what?! Those are Itachi's Sharingan!?"

"Ya...Why did you know him?"

"Yes, I did, what happened to him?"

"I let his little brother kill him, the poor kid need to kill that guy for the things he did to him."

Konan just starred at Naruto in pure awe, "This has to be a dream or a nightmare, there is no way Naruto could have defeated Itachi."

"He used his Mangekyou Sharigan on me and when he looked in to my eyes his were... absorbed into mine." Naruto said as an aura of darkness seemed to appear around him. "When that happened I saw his entire life like it was my own, I saw it all in real time and when it came to the moment I meet him I returned to real real world it was a little unnerving since in my mind it just watched 13 years go by, I saw things that amazed me, while I watched things I'd rather not think about. I learned a lot though, like Negato, Madara, Amegakure, you, the Sharingan, and the Rin'negan." Konan was shocked that Naruto knew Pein's real name, no one but her and Madara knew Pein's real name, unless Itachi was told by Madara.

Konan was about to ask Naruto another question then the elevator doors opened to revile a dimly lit room with a large window that overlooked the city of Amegakure, there was a man standing in front of the window starring back at them. "Konan, I see you brought me a guest." the man said as the lights in the room became brighter reviling that is was Pein they were looking at.

"Hai, Pein-sama, this is the intruder, his name is N-"

"Allow him to introduce himself, Konan." Pein interrupted

Naruto walked out of the elevator and up to Pein he was a few feet away when he spoke. "My name is Naruto, and I'd assume your Negato." Pein narrowed his eyes and gave off some killer intent to warn the boy not to over step his boundaries, this caused Naruto to come to a halt just short of two feet away, then he smile which confused Pein. Then Pein felt Naruto give off killer intent ten fold, making Pein back up and Konan feel like she was going to vomit. "Forgive my rudeness, Negato-sama, I just don't enjoy calling people by there nick names, I could call you uncle if you would prefer." With that the killer intent removed.

Pein was looking at the boy wide-eyed, that was when he noticed Naruto's Rin'negan, "Those are Kushina's eyes, my father's eyes, His eyes." Pein thought "So my sister was alive, if I knew then I would have looked for her, how is Kushina?" Pein asked as he regained his calm composition.

"Well, as far as I know she's dead." Naruto his smile gone now. Konan then walked up to Pein's side, as he spoke again.

"How unfortunate, she was such a good hearted individual, but that doesn't matter now." Pein said as he and Konan turned to the door to his right and began walking towards it. "Oh, you can stop masking your chakra." He said as he and Konan reached the door, Naruto shrugged and stopped masking his chakra. The wave of chakra was giving off was so intense that it seemed almost physical, both turned to see that Naruto had an aura of visible blue chakra surrounding him, that soon disappeared but the feeling of the massive overflowing chakra was still there. The two were still starring at Naruto as he walked towards the door, until he stopped right in front of the two.

"So are we going somewhere?" He asked with yet another smile, the two cloaked ninja snapped out it and opened the door that led into a hallway with large double-doors at the end.

"I must introduce you to my master, the leader of our little organization." Pein said as he began to walk down the hallway, Konan in tow. Naruto just shrugged and followed them putting his hand behind his head. "I hope you chose to join my nephew, I would hate to see someone with your promise killed." Pein said still walking not looking back as he spoke.

"What's the name of this organization that you want me to join?" Naruto asked

"Akatsuki." Pein said plainly as he reached the door, opening it, behind the door was a large chamber with no windows, just torches and candles giving the room a dungeon-like feel, there was a throne with a man in red armor in the seat, he was starring at Naruto almost glaring at him. "Madara-sama, I have someone you might wish to see." Pein said as he led Naruto and Konan into the throne room and to stand in front of Madara.

Madara chuckled, "He looks so much like his forefather, how interesting. I'll have to make good use of this child." Madara thought, "And who would the person be Negato-san?" Madara asking standing up and walked over to Naruto. Naruto was not at all intimidated by Pein but this man was a different story he was powerful and menacing, he was someone you wouldn't want to be on the bad side of.

"His name is Naruto." Pein said, "He's my nephew."

"Ah...so your sister was alive, I thought you protected your loved ones, Negato, not abandon them in the middle of hells no where to be found by some random ninja." Madara said with a small measure of amusement in his voice. Pein sneered at the comment.

"If I knew she was alive I would have looked for her, but no one not even dad could have survived that explosion...at least that's what I thought." Pein hissed out the first part, but his voice became soft and guilt-filled at the end. Madara still looking at Naruto paid no heed to Pein not caring what his response was.

"You know, Naruto, you look very much like an old friend of mine, I knew him long ago," Madara said, Naruto looked up at the man Naruto was looked right into his red sharingan eyes, a feat not many can pull off, Madara was at least a foot taller then Naruto. "He had your eyes, those same unique eyes, your hair, even your face, all your really missing are the horns." Madara chuckled at the last part he then turned back to his throne walking towards it as he spoke. "This man is both your's and Negato's forefather, the creater of the Ninja world, and the man who gave me and my...ill-fated brother and my clan our eyes, the first sharingan eyes." Naruto looked at Madara as if he just told them the meaning of life. "His name was Rikudou, the Sage of the Six Paths, a literal god among Man."

I toke several minates of silence before Naruto had to voice his questions. "How is it possible you would know a man that powerful and from that long ago, what are you inmortal?" Naruto asked clearly not believing Madara's claims.

"If you don't believe me the I'll just show you." Madara said, then his sharingan transformed into his 'eternal' Mankeyou sharingan. The world around Naruto suddenly changed to a massive desert plain, it was night, and the full moon was over the horizon. The plain was litered with the bodies, in the center the massive field of corpses stood three figures, one was Madara, another was a man who look very much like Madara, the Naruto thought he must have been Madara's 'ill-fated' brother. "Long ago, before the formation of the Elemental Nations, My younger brother and I followed Rikudou, he was our master together we slaughtered thousands upon millions of foolish warriors who dared to oppose us and the Uchiha clan." Madara narrated as if he was telling an epic tale. The observer then got a good look of this Rikudou. He was wearing battle armor like the two Uchiha warriors behind him, but it was dark green. He had a headguard on but it had no symbol, he also had horns that at first glance seem to be part of his headguard, but upon closer observation it became clear that the horns where actually part of his head, he had horns like a demon. His facal features where much like Naruto's the only difference was the skin color, Naruto was paler. Rikudou had Silver hair that was the same shade Naruto's was, and Rikudou's eyes were the same as Naruto's, the same color, the same shape. Around Rikudou's neck was a necklace that had six small claw-like objects on the string.

"This scene before you is the aftermath of great battle at Sunagakure, the village had just been created and had been challenged by Iwagakure, the 2nd hidden village to be created the 1st being Kumogakure, the Uchiha clan was asked to assist in the Sunagakure defense and we were to be handsomely rewarded. Rikudou led the Uchiha clan to victory but was greatly weakened by the battle he single handedly killed over six thousand Iwa ninja, but even with nearly eight tenths of his power lost in the battle, he was still incredibly powerful." Madara said suddenly the scene changed, now the battlefield was still there just now Madara and his brother were keeled over in pain, and Rikudou was standing there. Both Madara and his brother had cuts scattered across their body, and there armor was dented and broken, Madara had Rikudou's longsword through his right shoulder and blood dripping from his mouth, Madara's brother had large gash going up his right arm and his right leg was bent in a sickening way. Rikudou was worse then the two Uchiha brothers, he had Madara's axe (I think that thing one his back is an axe) in his right shoulder a debilitating wound to most but not to a god, Madara's brother's twin katanas were in his gut and he had: 2 kunai in his left leg, one in his right, three in his right arm, four in the left, and one in his neck...and he was still standing. "We tried to kill him, well we succeeded, but only because he let us, when he gave me, my brother, and our clan the sharingan he told us how to obtain it's strongest form, the Mangekyou, but only for a price...you must kill your best friend."

"You two are even more powerful then I expected, I thought I would have been able to hold the both of you off longer then I did, you both are no where near my level of power but you have made me proud to be your teacher." Rikudou said, his voice was deep, but almost divine at the same time. "It is a teacher's greatest dream to see their student reach the top of there strength, and you two have done that over the years we three have become good friends and I'm happy to have helped you both reach your goal: power." Both Madara and his brother looked in horror as Rikudou walked towards the two of them still on there knees, Rikudou then kneeled when he was between the two and hugged them both. "You both have made me very proud and I'm happy to leave you two with the the power of Mangekyou in your hands. But I must warn you two this power comes with a curse and you must find out what this curse is and you will not like the price you must pay to rid yourself of it." Rikudou then got up turn and began to walk away, "I think I'll kill a god or two, I wonder how my wife is doing in the heavens, what will my son be like with out me...that reminds me" he then turned to face the brothers "Could you two look over my son and his children, take it as a friend's last request." and with that Rikudou was gone in a flash of light he was gone, there his armor and their weapons, hung in the air for a second then fell to the ground.

"That was the last me and my brother ever saw Rikudou." Madara has the world returned to normal, Naruto was back in the throne room and Madara's sharingan were normal. "Rikudou, your forefather, allowed myself and my brother to kill him so we could obtain Mangekyou, and I have been watching over your bloodline ever since that day, and I have never see eye's as strong as your's, Naruto, your eyes just might be able to surpass Rikudou's." Madara said, Naruto along with everyone else in the room were shocked to hear Madara admit this.

"S..so what happens now? I mean like what happens to me?" Naruto asked

"Well, I'd hope you would join my organization, I could use someone with as much promise as you have." Madara said

"Well, before I agree to that I think you should know I'm responsible for your student's death." Naruto said as he backed up fearing Madara's wrath, only to hear him chuckle.

"So you killed Itachi, that is unfortunate, but with him gone I can concentrate my attentions on your training." Madara said, Pein, Konan, and Naruto look at Madara in surprise, "Pein, Konan, and all the other Akatsuki members will teach so you may become stronger, you will be our key to world domination."

Naruto sweat-dropped, "He can't be serious." Naruto thought. "That's Akatsuki's goal...world domination?" Naruto asked dully


Naruto sigh, at least he was going to get stronger. "Ok, I agree." Naruto said

"Good, now Pein get Naruto out and introduce him to the other members, oh and keep him away from Orochimaru." Madara said then he disappeared

"Alright, let go, Naruto, and take this" Pein said as he handed Naruto a ring, it had the kenji for the 'Vermilion Bird', "It was going to be Itachi's, but seeing as your his...replacement it a way, it's your's now."

"Ok...thanks, I guess."

"The other members are in a room below us we'll head there to meet them." Pein said as he walked to the exit, Konan next to him.

"So when does my Training start?" Naruto asked as he ran to catch up.

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