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And love is not the easy thing
The only baggage you can bring...
And love is not the easy thing...
The only baggage you can bring
Is all that you can't leave behind

- "Walk On" by U2

That Monday Julie walked into homeroom and sat down. She was still about as angry as she could get about the events of the weekend. Charlie looked at her and sighed. The past twenty four hours has thoroughly confused him. He'd had to deal with three separate Julies, the one who he'd fallen for, whoever that girl in the bedroom Saturday night had been, and the one who'd stomped indignantly out of his living room. It was really frustrating and he was down to his last nerve. He moved and sat down next to her.

"I thought you were going to call me," He said.

"I got busy," She said going into her bag, "Sorry."

"Julie," He said, "You can't just freeze me out."

"I'm not freezing you out," She said, "I'm sorry I didn't call."

"Is everything OK?" He asked.

"Everything is fine Charlie," She said.

"You're acting weird." He said. She glared at him. "You're not mad at me are you?"

"Why would I be mad?" She asked, "Oh right that whole trying to have sex with me while I was drunk thing."

"Julie, you threw yourself at me," He said, "What was I supposed to do say no?"

"That is what I'm mad about," She hissed, "You could at least apologize."

"I didn't do anything wrong," He insisted.

"How can you say that?" She said.

"Because its true," He said. "Nothing happened, no harm no foul."

"You're an asshole," She stood up and walked out when the bell rang. He groaned and followed after her.

"Julie," He said, "What is this actually about?"

"I thought you were different," She said, "But you're not are you?"

"Different then who?" He said.

"You know who!" She sighed, "Look, I have to go, I have to get to English class, and unless you transferred into AP, which I highly doubt,"

"Whatever," He said, "I'll see you at lunch."

"Fine," She walked away.

"Trouble in paradise?" Linda said as she walked past. Julie stopped at looked at her. "He's stubborn."

"This isn't any of your business," Julie said. Linda nodded.

"You're right," Linda said, "I don't have to put up with Charlie's little temper tantrums anymore, that's a nice little blessing in disguise."

"He didn't have a temper tantrum," Julie said, "I did." Linda laughed. "I don't know why I'm talking to you about this."

"Because I know first hand," Linda smirked. Julie sighed. "Look, did you really think that you two would last? You both came into this with like massive amounts of emotional baggage. It was bound to catch up with you eventually. Did you do the reading?" Julie just stared at her blankly.

"I know that look," Scooter laughed seeing Charlie walk past. Charlie glared at him. "She shut you down for the first time huh?"

"It wasn't like that," Charlie shook his head, "She was drunk."

"Wow," Scooter nodded, "Yeah, when Julie gets drunk, she gets like really drunk, watch out for that."

"I don't like you," Charlie shook his head, "I'm not going to have this conversation with you."

"'I want it to be with you, I don't care about anything else,'" Scooter said as Charlie started walking, he turned, "That's what she said right?"

"Yeah," Charlie nodded. "How did you,"

"Junior prom last year," He shrugged. "Then she threw up on my shoes. The next day she was really mad at me, I didn't really get why." Charlie stared at him. "I should get to class, see you around man." He walked away. Charlie looked down.

That afternoon after classes Julie and Charlie ran towards each other, they both started talking and then laughed and took a breath.

"You go first," Charlie said. She smiled.

"OK, so I talked to Linda," She said, he looked at her, "I know. Anyway she was spouting all this crap about how she knew our relationship wasn't going to work because we both had too much baggage, and as much as I hated admitting it, she was totally right, because I wasn't mad at you, I was mad at Scooter for making me assume that you were anything like him, so I'm sorry!"

"No, I'm sorry," He said, "Because I talked to Scooter," She looked at him, "I know," He rolled his eyes, "And I did the same thing he always did to you, and I didn't even realize it, and I don't want you to think I'm just trying to have sex with you, because that's so not what's going on here," He sighed, "I mean, I'm not going to apologize for wanting to have sex with you,"

"Yeah I hope not," She giggled.

"Anyway," He said, "I have my baggage too, Cat. I mean, believe me, getting cheated on, not fun. And kind of emotionally scarring, so when you were talking about how Scooter upset you on Saturday, all I could think was, 'She still wants him, and she's going back to him, and it's going to happen again.' And then when I talked to him, I realized,"

"He's a dick?" Julie smiled. He could see the twinkle in her eye, telling him that this was all almost over.

"Exactly," He sighed. "I'm so glad you get this. Anyway, I'm sorry."

"So we're OK?" She said taking her hands.

"Yeah," He laughed, and kissed her. "We're great. And the baggage?"

"I think I've let the baggage go," She smiled, "You?"

"Definitely," He nodded, "Definitely letting go of the baggage."

"Good," She said and kissed him.

"Did you really throw up on him at his junior prom?" Charlie grimaced.

"He told you that story?" She groaned. He nodded. "Yes. I obviously love you a lot more, because I didn't throw up on you."

"Thank you so much for that reassurance." He smiled and they started walking, he slipped his hand gently into hers. She smiled.

"Charlie," She said softly.

"Yeah?" He looked at her.

"I love you," She whispered almost inaudibly.

"I love you too Julie," He said and leaned down to kiss her gently, only for a second then they just kept walking.

The End

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