The Fox Sanin

Chapter 1: The True Naruto and the Sand/Sound Invasion

A blonde haired boy wearing an orange jumpsuit with blue eyes growled as he lifted himself off the arena floor. Before him stood Kiba Inuzuka, his opponent for the preliminary rounds of the Chunin Exams. 'I'll kill that damned mutt. NO ONE crosses a fox.' Naruto grinned.

"Why are you grinning dobe?" Kiba growled as the proctors looked to the blonde when he started to chuckle then outright laugh.

"Sensei, I think Naruto finally lost it." Kakashi looked on at his student and nodded to his other.

"We'll just have to see what Naruto has planned." Everyone that heard the man nodded as Naruto summoned several shadow clones.

"Keep him busy." The ten clones nodded as Naruto seemingly vanished from sight, only a several few saw him. The clones started to dash about the arena, spreading confusion to the dog user. 'Alright, time to show these fools who the real dobe is.' Naruto licked his lips from his spot and assumed a stance, showing meditation. Naruto stood before a large cage, its doors held by a single piece of paper that said seal, protected by what looked to be its own cage with a padlock with five holes.

Ah, welcome kit. Good to see you. The massive fox saw the boy with an evil grin on his face.

"Tou-san, can I have some chakra? I'm tired of playing around." Kyuubi smirked.

I have something better then just lending it to you, Kit. Just tear the seal in half and my power will be yours. Before that though, get that damned pronged seal off. Here are the seals for the jutsu. Naruto nodded as he ran through the seal the fox sent to his mind before slamming the multi colored fingers at the five pronged seal pod lock.

"Five Pronged Seal Release!" Naruto felt his control on his chakra come back and smirked as he tore the seal that held the fox in half. "See ya around, Kyuubi-tou-san." The fox grinned as Naruto vanished from his mindscape.

'Just be safe, kit. Or I'll kick your ass.'

Out side of the boy's mind, Kiba had finished the final clone as a large chakra spike was felt in the room but Kiba, being the fool he is, couldn't pin point the location of the chakra but everyone else could. Kakashi revealed his Sharingan and smiled as he watched red chakra flow through the boy's chakra coils and the boy's eyes held something only one other person in the village held, two if you counted his sensei.

'Sharingan? I guess Naruto is coming out of his shell. About time.' Kakashi smirked under his mask as everyone only saw blue slit eyes.

"Oh Kiba." Kiba looked to the ceiling and paled when he saw a feral Naruto looking back at him with a chakra tail. "Let's dance." Naruto launched himself off the roof of the arena and down to where Kiba stood. "DIE!" Naruto's fist came crashing down onto the arena floor as Kiba narrowly dodged it. Everyone went wide eyed at the crater Naruto landed in the middle of. "Oh darn, I missed." Naruto grinned evilly as Kiba took a step back in fear before tossing his dog a soldier.

"What the hell are you? You're not Naruto-baka!" Kiba yelled as Naruto let out a roar.

"I am Naruto no Kyuubi. Son of the Kyuubi no Kitsune and you are going to pay, Kiba." Naruto chuckled at the looks given to him from around the room as he pulled out a scroll from his pocket. "Oops, did I let the fox out of the bag?" Naruto smirked as he unsealed a familiar sword that almost made Kakashi ready to jump in and stop the fight, almost. "Oh well, I guess they'd learn about it sooner or later." Naruto smirked as he cast a glance to the Hokage. "Right old man? After all, Mizuki couldn't keep his mouth shut about Kyuubi being sealed in me, so why should I!?" Naruto lunged at Kiba, sword in hand.

"Kubikiri Houcho!?" Sakura, Kakashi and the newly recovered Tenten yelled out and Naruto made yet another crater where the dog boy once stood.

"What's wrong Kiba? Afraid of a little fox? Some mutt you are. Your owner has more balls then you." Naruto lifted the zanbatou over his shoulder and pointed with a clawed hand to the growling dog. Kiba growled at the insult and started to run through seals.

"He's not my owner!" Naruto scoffed as Kiba crouched down and Akamaru jumped onto his back. "Man Beast Clone!" In an explosion of smoke, two Kiba's were standing, ready to try and tear Naruto to shreds.

"Hey, maybe you do have some balls. How about I show them to you?" Naruto smirked as he rushed the two clones. "This is for my first year with you guys in class!" Naruto kicked Kiba in the chin sending him into the air, tail flailing in anger.

"Kakashi-sensei! What the hell is going on with Naruto?" Sakura yelled as she watched her teammate start to tear Kiba apart.

"This is for calling me a dobe!" Naruto brought down his Zanbatou and left a deep gash in Kiba's chest, blood splashing to the floor. Naruto then felt a claw get him in the back and growled. "Damned mutt, I have someone to play with you." Naruto kicked Akamaru away and bit his thumb before starting seals. "Summoning Jutsu!" In an explosion of smoke, a black fox the size of a full grown Labrador stood glaring at the mutt.

"Hmm? You say something?" Kakashi asked as everyone looked to the man as if he had just grown another head. This man was looking on impassive as if he had seen this Naruto before.

"You called, Naruto-sama?" Naruto smirked and pointed to the Kiba clone.

"Do as you wish with the mutt. Mutt boy over there," Naruto rushed off to the injured Kiba. "IS MINE!" Naruto spun and threw his blade at Kiba, making the boy jump to avoid it and kicked him in the chin. "Here I go." Naruto slammed Kiba into the wall and picked Kubikiri Houcho out of the wall. "Death is here for you Kiba." Naruto grinned as he slashed his sword to kill the dog boy only for a kunai to block the blade. "Damnable proctor." Naruto growled as he pulled the zanbatou back and started to walk away. "Oh well, I think he's paid enough." Naruto sealed the sword into the scroll and jumped to the stands on the opposite side of his fellow Leaf Genin. "For now." Naruto leaned against the wall as the Hokage looked to the boy and turned his gaze to the Genin, all of who were looking at Naruto in fear.

'What is wrong with you Naruto?' The Hokage sighed as he watched Naruto get up and walk out of the room.

"Winner, Naruto Uzumaki. Wait, cough, where are you going?" Naruto turned a blue slit eye to the proctor.

"My match is done and I'm hungry. Got a problem?" Hayate shook his head as Naruto walked out and Hayate turned to the board to announce the next match. "Next match will be Hinata Hyuga and Neji Hyuga."


Naruto scowled as he turned with a kunai in hand to see the one person that he hated more in life then anyone. "Orochimaru. What the hell do you want? Haven't you given me and tou-san enough trouble? He's begging me to kill you right now." Naruto growled as he flexed his claws only for Orochimaru to hold up a hand.

"Calm yourself Naruto-kun. I wanted to strike a deal with you."

"The answer is no. I know you plan on destroying Konoha and it's fine with me. Just do me a favor, don't kill the old man. He's the only one that actually cared for me. Other then the Hyuga girl, but she's nothing to me." Naruto turned his back to the Sanin as Orochimaru chuckled.

"What if I told you I know where your mother was, Naruto? What then?" Naruto vanished from sight and shocked the Sanin with a sword to his neck.

"I'd say you better start talking and tell me so I can find her and kill her for leaving me here in this hell hole." Orochimaru frowned.

"You think she left you here? Foolish boy. Kushina-chan is being held by a group call Akatsuki. A group bent on finding all the Bijuu and using them to take over the world. They took her when Kyuubi attacked Konoha and your father sealed him in you." Naruto growled as his blade started to draw blood.

"You better watch what you say, human. I'm a demon just like Kyuubi. Minato is not my father, condemning me to a life of hell. Kyuubi is more of a father, now, what is it you want?" Orochimaru smirked.

"Why, I want your help Naruto-kun. Help me take down Akatsuki, clear my name and get back in good graces with your father. After all, Kyuubi should know that it wasn't me that killed his mate. It was Pein." Naruto growled.

"You're lying. Kyuubi smelled snakes all over his den and knew it was you from the Konoha headband that was left." Orochimaru growled.

"I see. Damnable bastard stole my summoning contract." Naruto withdrew his blade and started to walk back the way he was going.

"Looks to me that you have a lot of work to do. Now get out of here." Orochimaru smirked.

"Very well, Naruto-kun. Just to let you know, Itachi is also in Akatsuki. Should you meet him, ask him. He'll tell you what I just did about Kushina-chan." Orochimaru melted into the floor as Naruto walked off.

"Damned snake." Naruto scoffed as he continued on, before a vanilla scent caught his attention. "I wonder who that could be." Naruto licked his lips as looked to his sword. "Maybe someone to bath my sword." Naruto evilly grinned as he walked towards the scent.


The Hokage stood before the Genin that passed except two, Naruto and Sasuke. Shikamaru raised his hand and the Hokage sighed, knowing what was going to be asked. "Yes, Nara-san?"

"Was Naruto telling the truth when he said he had Kyuubi sealed in him?" All the eyes in the room turned to the Hokage, who looked with a defeated look.

"What I'm about to tell you all is an S-rank Secret of the Village Hidden in the Leafs. Since Naruto has decided to announce it to you all, that secret is now held to all of you. You must never tell another living soul about it or even speak of it under the penalty of death. Yes, Naruto is the Nine Tailed Fox's Container. The 4th Hokage couldn't kill the fox, being an immortal being. So, he sealed it in a newborn child, Naruto. I am warning you all, Leaf ninja or not, you will be executed if you even utter a single word about Kyuubi to anyone."

"So, you mean to tell me that my father has been telling me to stay away from Naruto because of a stupid fox being sealed in him? Troublesome." Shikamaru growled as most of the Leaf Genin nodded in agreement.

"What everyone fails to see is that Naruto is in fact Naruto. Not the Fox it self as most of the villagers and ninja see him. Now, on with the test."


Naruto opened the door to a room, following the sweet vanilla he had been for the last few hours and looked to see the girl from Sound knocked out on the bed. 'So, she's the source of that sweet smell.' Naruto walked in and closed the door, locking it shut. 'Let's see, I have no grudge against her so I won't kill her, sorry Kubikiri.' Naruto looked to the girl's face and frowned. 'Her face shows pain. I know Shikamaru didn't hit her head that hard. Hmm.' Naruto closed his eyes and opened them to show the Sharingan. 'Poison? Why would she be poisoned? Orochimaru, do you really wish to destroy the Leaf that you'd kill your own shinobi to do it?' Naruto walked forward and placed the Zanbatou against the wall. 'What do you think tou-san? Should I help her? I have no problems with her so maybe I can learn more about Orochimaru's plans.'

'I'd say help her. Maybe she could be a toy for you to play with.' Naruto rolled his eyes as he channeled demon chakra into his hands.

'Ero-tou-san. You know I won't treat women like that unless they deserve it.' Kyuubi chuckled.

'I know, I just wanted to mess with you. Gotta admit though, nice body for a thirteen year old.' Naruto sighed and nodded. He place his chakra covered hands over the girl's stomach and heart, sending chakra into her system.

'This reminds me of when I sped up Kakashi-sensei's recovery back in Wave. I just hope he played the part well.' A moan from the girl made him look to her face to see her calmed and sleeping peacefully. A few hours passed and Naruto watched her face flash through different emotions at a fast pace. 'I think I'll learn more about this girl. Her face keeps flowing through emotions like a river.' Kyuubi nodded as the boy stopped the chakra flow. "Done."

"Wha?" Kin opened her eyes slowly to see Naruto sitting on a chair. "What happened and why are you here?" Naruto chuckled as he activated his Sharingan.

"Well, I took off my mask and crushed my opponent. Then I ran into your Otokage when I was going to get some food and then I followed the smell of vanilla here to see you. You were poisoned by the way." Kin shot up and clutched her head.

"I remember now! Kabuto-sama came in here and put poison in my system using a syringe."

"It seems Orochimaru wanted to use you for something. Now, about why I'm here, well, I just happened to come by chance, hoping to find someone to bath my sword in blood with. But, I have no grudge against you so you have no worries." Naruto patted the girl's shoulder as he got up and grabbed his sword. "Well, I better get going."

"Wait, how did you know I was poisoned?" Kin shot at the blonde.

"Well, the Sharingan is very useful when you practice with it enough. I just used it to search your body for the pain your face was showing and boom, poison in the system. As for how I cured you, I just used my demon chakra. Being a Jinchuriki is sometime a wonderful thing."

"You're a Jinchuriki?" Naruto nodded.

"Yep, I'm the demon container of Kyuubi."

"I see. So, what do you get out of curing me of the poison?" Naruto smirked.

"Well, you can tell me more about yourself. When I got rid of the poison, your face started to flash through emotions at a rapid pace. It took a whole two hours for me to fully get rid of the poison so I saw you started to cry at one point and then a few whimpers and such, all the signs of a bad dream gone to hell." Naruto saw the girl lower her face to her sheets. "Wanna talk?"

"I . . . . I know what Orochimaru want to use me for. It's a Summoning Jutsu called Impure World Resurrection. For the sacrifice of one person, you can bring another to life. Kabuto explained it to me before injecting me with the poison. I was having nightmares about all the things he had done to me before I became a Genin." Naruto narrowed his eyes and took his seat back at the girl's side.

"Tell me, Kin. I already have a death warrant for his ass so this will be all the more pleasurable when I kill him down the road." Kin nodded.

"Well, it goes back to when I was only a baby. Orochimaru kidnapped a few hundred infants from their homes and experimented on them with different bloodlines and such. I was the only one to survive having all the genes he had stolen artificially put into. He placed four Kekkai Genkai in me." Kin grabbed her arm and closed her eyes tightly. "The Wood Bloodline of the Shodaime Hokage, the Uchiha Clan's Sharingan, the Ice Manipulation of the Mizutemari clan from Mist and something he called the Silver Chakra of the Hatake." Naruto clenched his fists as he heard his father figure yell out in anger in his head.

"Orochimaru will pay for what he did Kin. I will make sure of it." Kin looked up to Naruto with a tear stained face.

"He threw me away a year ago when he saw no signs to the bloodline and he also said those traits won't be passed on since they're artificial." Naruto's Sharingan started to spin wildly until a pin wheel formed, scaring the girl. "Are you ok?"

"I'm perfectly fine. I'll be taking my anger out on my opponent in the finals. Now, of these bloodlines, have any showed up? You can tell me, I won't hurt you." Kin looked to her sheets with a sad look.

"Yes, only two though. The wood bloodline and the Ice bloodline. I was scared of what he would do if he found out so I used nothing but Gen Jutsu my whole life, rarely training in Nin jutsu." Naruto nodded as Kin looked to him again. "What happened to your Sharingan? Your eyes look like they have a pinwheel in them." Naruto smirked at this news.

"Well, I guess my anger at Orochimaru awakened the final form, the Mangekyou Sharingan. It seems they don't need to kill their best friend if they get angry at someone enough." Naruto smirked as he looked Kin in the eye, putting her into an unbreakable staring contest. "I will make sure to kill Orochimaru. No one should have the pain of what you do." Naruto got up and was about to leave when Kin yelled out to him.

"Why help your enemy?! I'm with Sound so why did you help me?" Naruto turned back to the girl, his blue slit eyes locking on to her chocolate brown and a gentle smile on his face.

"Because of what I just learned and the fact you don't deserve to die by that snake's hand. Now, if I were you, I'd leave Oto and find a new village to take you in. Oto is only going to get you killed." Naruto walked to the door and unlocked it, Kubikiri Houcho over his shoulder. "If you want to find me, look on top of the four faces. I'm almost always there. Name's Naruto by the way." Naruto left the girl with that riddle as he walked away, leaving a shocked Kin.

Hokage Monument

'Orochimaru will die. I swear it! That fool tried to obtain not only immortality but all the bloodlines possible!' Naruto growled as he thought back to Kin words.

'Kin said Orochimaru gave her the Ice Kekkai Genkai. That means he somehow got it from Haku's clan. But how?' Naruto closed his eyes in thought as Kyuubi roared in his cage.

'He must have kidnapped one of her clan members. As for the silver chakra of the Hatake clan, he must have gotten a blood sample from Kakashi, since Sakumo is dead. The Sharingan from the Uchiha clan and the Wood not sure.' Naruto nodded and stood up, looking to the Hokage tower.

'I think it's time to go see the old man about my parents. But before that, I need some new clothes. I've dropped the mask, now I just need to get out of this damned jumpsuit' Naruto jumped from the top of the Yondaime's head and landed on all fours before heading into town. 'Damned village.'

Hokage Tower

"So you wish to leave Oto?" the Hokage got a nod from the girl before him.

"Yes, Hokage-sama. Orochimaru almost killed me so he could use me for a jutsu of his. It's called Impure World Resurrection. For the sacrifice of one person you can bring another back to life." The Hokage sighed and nodded. "He also conducted experiments on me, giving me artificial Kekkai Genkai." Sarutobi narrowed his eyes.

"What ones were those?"

"The Wood and Ice Kekkai Genkai, Silver Chakra of the Hatake and the Sharingan of the Uchiha." Sarutobi shook his head.

"You are just like an ANBU member of mine. He was given the artificial genes of the Shodaime Hokage and he could use them to their full extent. Have any of them shown?" Kin nodded.

"Ice and Wood." Sarutobi nodded and tossed a headband to the girl.

"Welcome to your new home, Tsuchi-san. I will place you under Yamato's tutelage for the Wood bloodline of yours. Now, as for where you will stay, I guess you can stay at my compound until I find a place for you." Kin nodded and bowed. "Yamato, please escort your new student to the Sarutobi compound and tell Asuma to show her around." A Tiger Masked ANBU walked out from the shadows and took off his mask.

"Right away, Hokage-sama." Kin followed the ANBU out of the office as the Hokage took out his crystal ball.

'Now, what is Naruto up to? I hope he isn't planning to do anything rash.' The Hokage found Naruto in a shinobi store with a large scroll tied to his back. 'What is a store doing open at this time of night? It's passed midnight.' The Hokage watched as Naruto started to pull clothes off the racks and seal them into the scroll and then moved on to weapons, taking kunai, shuriken, exploding tags and a zanbatou holster. He even took several jutsu scrolls from the shelves and a set of chakra weights before he left the store. 'Naruto, you really are a fox.' The Hokage sighed as he motioned for one of his ANBU. He then pulled out a check book and started to write down the estimated amount that he thought Naruto stole. "Take this to the Higerashi Shinobi shop with this letter and be sure that the Higerashi's get this." The ANBU nodded and vanished with the letter and check. 'Naruto, you're going to bankrupt me if you do that again.'


'Alright, time to change and see if I like em.' Naruto unsealed a pair of new clothes and smirked. They were black ANBU style pants, a crimson red muscle shirt, ANBU armor and a Chunin style vest to go over it, black fingerless gloves with metal plates, a red face mask, black combat boots and a holster for Kubikiri Houcho. Naruto quickly changed into his new clothes and put his zanbatou in the holster. 'I'm glad I got these a few sizes bigger then what I am. After all, tou-san will be making me taller over night.' Naruto changed back into his jumpsuit, leaving the jacket off and started off for the Hokage tower. 'Time to get my new home.'

Naruto entered the Hokage tower through the window to see the old man doing paper work. "You know, there is a more simpler way to do that." The Hokage looked to the window to see Naruto.

"There are also simpler ways to get clothes and such from a store then stealing them Naruto." Naruto chuckled as he took a seat in front of the Hokage.

"Yeah, I know, old man. I just didn't have the time to wait for them to open in the morning. I needed to get new clothes and you know that most places don't let me get anything because of tou-san. Now, I came to ask you something. Can I have Minato's and Kaa-san's scrolls please? I know all about them being my parents so I just want to get my heritage and get out of that place you call an apartment. In exchange, I'll tell you what the secret to getting paperwork done faster." The Hokage sighed as he took out two scrolls.

"First off, I wasn't supposed to give you these until you reached Chunin but seeing as how you are more then Chunin level, I will make an exception." 'I WANT THAT SECRET!' The Hokage put the scrolls before the Genin and placed a pair of keys before him. "Those are to your clan house. Now, you need to know that your mother vanished the night you were born. I have no clue where she went. Minato, well, you already know." Naruto nodded as he pocketed the scrolls and picked up the keys.

"Thanks old man. Where is the house?" The Hokage smirked.

"I think 'house' is an understatement. It's near the Aburame Compound. Your father made an agreement with Shibi Aburame to let them tend to the grounds while letting them use it as a breeding ground for their bugs. Also, the final exam is in a month so do train." Naruto nodded and headed for the window. "Now about that secret."

"Shadow." Naruto smirked as he jumped out of the window and the Hokage growled.

'Shadow? That doesn't tell . . . . . me . . . . . God damnit.' The Hokage growled at himself as he made a shadow clone. 'Naruto you little smart ass. Well, at least I can train for Orochimaru's attack.'

Naruto jumped from roof to roof heading for his apartment. 'I guess I can give the people something to cheer about.' Naruto smirked as he landed in front of his door. He rushed around the place, gathering anything he wanted to keep and turned the stove on to let the gas fill the room. He walked out of the small place and lit a match, before throwing it and jumping away from the place. 'Boom.'

All across Konoha, an explosion at the demon brat's home went off and called for ninja all over the place to gather and celebrate the burning of Naruto Uzumaki, or as they called him, the Kyuubi brat.

Naruto landed in front of his new home and smirked as he unsealed the blood lock on the gate to the compound. He walked in and his smirk grew wider when he saw his home was huge. 'That would make an excellent bon fire.' Kyuubi shook his head.

'What is with you and burning things? You freaking pyromaniac.' Naruto puffed out his chest.

"Yep and proud of it." Kyuubi sighed as Naruto walked into the main complex and went straight to the master bedroom. Shedding himself of his pants and shirt, he jumped into bed after setting the scroll against the desk. 'Tomorrow, I'll train to kick the crap out of whoever I have to fight.'

Hospital, Next Morning

Naruto walked into the hospital with a huge change in appearance. He now stood six feet five inches tall with his new clothes on, his face mask covering his lower half of his face and had crimson highlights in his blonde hair. Kubikiri Houcho was strapped to his back and a kunai holster on his right thigh. Naruto walked up to the reception desk and smirked under his mask at the blush on the woman's face.

"Could you tell me where Sasuke Uchiha's room is please?"

"Naruto? That you?" Naruto turned to see Kakashi looking at him with a shocked look.

"Yo sensei." The woman went wide eyed with shock and started to berate herself.

'Damned demon! Trying to seduce me. I thought he died in that explosion at his apartment.'

"Here to see Sasuke?" Naruto shook his head.

"More like looking for you. I wanted to ask if," Kakashi held up a hand and sighed.

"Sorry Naruto but the council ordered me to train only Sasuke. But I can give you a few jutsus to learn." Naruto growled and nodded. "Then here," Kakashi pulled out several scrolls and handed them to Naruto. "They are Chidori and Raikiri, my own jutsus, Water Clone Jutsu and Fire Style: Dragon Missile Jutsu." Naruto grinned and nodded.

"Thanks sensei. Anything else?" Kakashi held his chin in though and snapped his fingers. He pulled out a card and handed it to him.

"That is a chakra sensitive card. That will tell you what your affinity is. If it cuts in half it's wind, soaks it's water, burns it's fire, crumples it's lightning and turns to dust it's earth." Naruto nodded and pushed chakra into the card, watching it cut into six separate pieces before showing several different elements. Kakashi went wide eyed as he watched the paper crumple, burn, turn to dust, soak then freeze then the remaining pieces sprout a rose. "HOLY SHIT!" Kakashi yelled as the woman behind the counter glared at him.

"Hatake-san, language. As for you brat, get out of here." Naruto turned a slit eye to the woman and smirked.

"Oh? What are you going to do about it if I don't? After all, wasn't it just seconds ago you were blushing at the demon boy?" Naruto smirked as the woman tried to come up with a retort but Naruto turned back to his sensei.

"You have seven affinities! Earth, Wind, Fire, Water, Ice, Lightning and Wood! What the hell?!" Naruto scratched the back of his head sheepishly.

"Umm, wasn't me?" Kakashi shook his head as he smiled to his student.

"And they call Sasuke the greatest prodigy? Well, I'd help you with Lightning and Fire but I can't at the moment. But I can offer Water Walking. Just apply the tree walking method to water and mess with it. Can't make it too easy for you or it wouldn't be a challenge. Oh and when did you grab Zabuza's sword?" Naruto smiled sadly under his mask.

"I sealed it in a scroll the night before we left. Zabuza told me he'd like me to have it, as a thank you gift for something." Kakashi nodded.

"I see, well I'll see you around." Naruto nodded as he started to walk out of the hospital. "By the way, good luck against Neji in the finals. You have the first match."

"Thanks. Just don't teach Sasuke the Chidori or Raikiri. Knowing him, he'd probably use it against someone of the Leaf if he falls to the cursed seal." Kakashi sighed and nodded as the blonde walked out of the hospital.

Naruto walked to the hot springs and decided to do the exercise over the hot water. He was about to step out onto the water when his enhanced hearing caught the sound of perverted giggling. Naruto followed the sounds to see a head of white hair peeking into the women's bath. Naruto smirked at an idea and used his Sexy Jutsu to sneak into the bath house. Inside, he saw three people that he knew never to piss off. Kurenai Yuhi, Anko Mitarashi and the girl he dubbed Cat ANBU when he was younger.

"Hello ladies, may I join you?" The tall crimson haired blonde girl asked as she walked up to the girls, covered only by a towel.

"Naruto you have five seconds to explain why we shouldn't kick your ass." Kurenai hissed as the whiskered faced girl smirked.

"Tell you what, you don't hurt me, and I tell you a little secret. Trust me, you'll want to hear this." Anko looked to the blond before turning to her fellow purple haired friend.

"What do you think Yugao?" the purple haired ANBU smiled and nodded.

"I say listen. Usually this has something to do with us. Last time he did this I was able to kick the shit out of a certain weasel for peeking in on me, even if we had crushes on each other." Naruto smirked at the nods.

"See that hole over my shoulder? There's someone peeking in on you all right now. White hair and a red over coat." The girls went red from anger as Naruto chuckled. "I'll go and sit in front of the hole while you all go and beat the living day lights out of him. What do ya say?" Anko and Yugao nodded as Kurenai raised a brow.

"I agree but what happened to you to try and kill Kiba in the exams?" Naruto sighed as started to move to the hole.

"I'll tell you another time, Kurenai-sensei. Yugao, can you toss me that towel?" Naruto asked as the purple haired woman threw the towel to him and snuck out of the bath. 'Five, four, three, two, one.'

"PERVERT!" Naruto laughed his at the sounds of the pervert being beaten to death and started to head out of the women's bath. The three kunoichi came back as Naruto, not in his henge, left and thanked him. Naruto walked around to the pervert to see him clutching his family jewels.

"Serves you right you old pervert." Naruto stated as the man looked to him.

"Hey gaki what the hell are you doing here?" Naruto smirked.

"You remember that blonde girl that you were peeking on? That was my Sexy Jutsu form. I decided since you wanted to be a pervert, I let them know what you were doing. I hate perverts, even if Tou-san, Sarutobi-jiji and Kakashi-sensei are, but they'll special cases."

"Do you know who I am boy? I am Jiraiya! The greatest of the Sanin and the Toad Sage!"

"And a pervert." Naruto pointed out.

"I'm not a pervert! I'm a super pervert!" Jiraiya announced as Naruto groaned.

"Whatever, Ero-Sanin. Anyway, since you gave me your name, I'll give you mine. I'm Naruto no Kyuubi. Or Naruto Uzumaki as they also call me. See ya around, pervert." Naruto turned and started to leave only to feel his feet sink into the ground.

"I don't think so, gaki. You just saved me the time of looking for you. Sarutobi asked me to help train you for the exams. I hear you already know about your parents and the Kyuubi. Strange though, Sarutobi told me you were a midget." Naruto growled.

"Well, tou-san fixed that little problem last night. Now, if you'll be so kind as to let me out of this little jutsu of yours that would be nice." Jiraiya nodded and undid the jutsu. "Thank you."

"Who is this tou-san you keep mentioning? Minato's dead." Naruto narrowed his eyes.

"That man has no right to claim me as his son. Kyuubi is more of a father then he's ever been and ever will be. I refuse to take his name but I will keep my mother's. My tou-san is Kyuubi, which is why I introduced myself as Naruto no Kyuubi."

"Brat you can't trust the fox."

"Shows what you know human. Tou-san was set up. That damned snake killed his mate and he attacked Konoha in search of him. Ever since then, he's been taking care of me. He even gave me a gift," Naruto closed his eyes and snapped them open, showing the Sharingan. "Now, I'm going to go and train on the water walking exercise. You going to train me or not? Either way, I don't care." Naruto started to walk off as Jiraiya shook off his shock and went after the boy.

"Alright, gaki, I'll train you. But one wrong move from the fox then I'm going to seal him up tight." Naruto nodded as the Sanin led Naruto out of the village to a secluded spot. "Now, to do the water walking exercise, you need to channel chakra to your feet and send it out in waves equally. How much you need to send out is up to you to figure out. I want you to keep doing this until you can move about the water without even thinking about it." Jiraiya saw the boy nodded and smirk under his mask.

"Sure thing, Ero-Sanin." Naruto started on the exercise as the Sanin face faulted.

"Damned gaki."

Hokage Tower

'So, Jiraiya is already training the boy. This will be good for the boy. I just hope what happened in the tower at 44 doesn't happen again.' Sarutobi sighed as he left the office through the window, leaving a clone in his place. 'Time for some training.'

Week Later

Naruto arrived at his training ground where he found Jiraiya waiting with a card in his hand. "Affinity Card?" Jiraiya nodded as the boy started to list off all his affinities.

"Nice try, gaki, no one has that many affinities. Two maybe, three rare, seven? No freaking way." Naruto chuckled as he took the card and channeled chakra into it, showing all the affinities he mentioned. "Holy mother of Mary. You were telling the truth."

"Well, I am a half demon and I gained six of them from tou-san. Wind is my main element." 'Speaking of elements, I wonder how that girl is doing.' Naruto heard the fox in the back of his head chuckle.

'Just admit it kit. You like her.' Naruto inwardly growled as Jiraiya summoned a large toad with a scroll.

"Sign this."

"Can't, I already signed the Fox Summoning Contract." Naruto stated as Jiraiya dismissed the toad.

"So much for that then. Well, what else could I teach you? You already have Water Walking mastered and tree climbing as well. Ah! I got it!" Jiraiya took out a balloon and filled it with water. "Here's a chakra exercise for you. Make this balloon pop using only your chakra. Like so." Jiraiya made the balloon pop in a matter of seconds making Naruto nod. "Now, once you can do that, I will teach you the next step. These exercises are part of learning the Rasengan. A jutsu the Yondaime created." Naruto nodded as he started to do the exercise. 'I wonder how long this will take him.'

Later that day

Naruto walked into a BBQ restaurant and was taken to a booth. He sat down and looked over the menu as a scent entered the building that he had only caught once. 'She here?' Naruto looked to the entrance and smiled. "Kin!" the girl looked to him and waved, her Leaf headband around her forehead. She walked over to the booth Naruto was in and smiled.

"Can I join you?" Naruto nodded and smiled under his mask. Kin sat down across from him and took a menu from a waiter. "So, how have you been? I looked for you the other day but you weren't where you said you would be." Naruto chuckled.

"Well, I was training with my new sensei. I see you figured out the riddle." Kin nodded and fought down a blush, seeing Naruto was only in his muscle shirt, mask, pants and boots.

"Yeah, it wasn't that hard when I spoke to the Hokage after we left the forest. I saw the four faces you were talking about and the Hokage told me those were the pasts Kages of the village." Naruto nodded as the waiter came back.

"Good evening. What can I get you today?" Naruto looked to the man.

"I'll have BBQ Stake, rice and some tea." The waiter nodded as Kin asked for the same.

"Very well, I will be back with your drinks shortly." Naruto and Kin nodded.

"So, how do you like this hell hole?" Naruto asked as Kin crossed her arms.

"Well, seeing as how all the Genin knew I was a Sound ninja they've been asking what a Sound ninja is doing with this." Kin pointed to her forehead protector as Naruto growled.

"Figures. The villagers know about Orochimaru being the Otokage already so you must have been getting a lot of flack, right?" Kin nodded as the waiter came back and placed their drinks on the table.

"Yeah. I can't even get into the damned shinobi store to get supplies. I have to have Yamato-sensei go with me."

"Yamato? Who's that?" Kin smirked as she held up a seed and pushed chakra into it, the seed grew into a rose and she placed it on the table.

"Yamato is the only other person in the village that can use the Wood Bloodline. He taught me the basics and the Wood Clone." Naruto smirked.

"Can I see a couple of those seeds? I want to see something." Kin nodded and gave him three seeds. Naruto concentrated chakra into one of them and it grew into a rose, making Kin gape at the boy. "Thought so. So the cards were telling the truth." Naruto smirked at the girl's surprised look. "I get it from Kyuubi. I can also use Ice, Earth, Wind, Water, Fire and Lightning." Kin just sat slack jawed at the boy before she shook her head.

"Maybe you and I can train once in a while. I found out I have an affinity to Wind, Earth and Water." Naruto smiled and nodded. Their food came and Naruto placed it on the grill as the two continued to talk.

"So, who's teaching you now?" Kin watched the boy sigh.

"I got a self proclaimed super pervert as a sensei. I think Kami has it out for me. Every teacher I've had is a pervert. His name is Jiraiya of the Sanin." Kin gasped.

"You have a Sanin teaching you? That's awesome!" Naruto smirked.

"Should've seen the first day I met him. He got his ass handed to him by three kunoichi because he was peeking in on the women's half of the bath house." Kin giggled as Naruto smirked wider. "And I was the cause he got caught. I used a jutsu of mine to let the kunoichi know about him." Kin looked at him with a raised brow.

"What jutsu?" Naruto scratched the back of his head and smiled.

"It's a jutsu I created called Sexy Jutsu. It basically is a henge of a naked female version of someone. I made it to get away from perverts but mainly to use it to get some necessities. I used the clothed version for that." Kin blushed as Naruto told about the jutsu. "Sorry if it offends you." Kin sighed.

"Oh well, nothing I can do about it." Naruto chuckled.

"I even made an up grade to it called Harem Jutsu. It uses the Shadow Clone jutsu and my Sexy Jutsu. I had to use it on a closet pervert in order to show a friend of mine that there is no short cut to Hokage." Kin's eye twitched.

"Ok, didn't need to know that." Naruto laughed a bit.

"Sorry, Kin. Didn't mean to make you mad." Naruto finished off his stake and replaced his mask. "So, what do you have planed for the rest of the night?" Kin sighed.

"I have to go back to the Sarutobi Compound. I'm staying there until the Hokage can find a place for me to stay." Naruto smirked.

"Well, there's plenty of room at my Clan house. I'm the only one who lives there anyway. Want to move in? It's quiet." Kin fought down a blush and nodded.

"I'll think about it. So, what are your plans if you make Chunin?" Naruto sighed and glared out the window of their booth.

"I'm going to ask to join the Hunter Ninja squad and leave the village. I'm tired of all the damned people thinking I'm tou-san when he's not at fault for the attack."

"You mean Kyuubi?" Naruto nodded as he turned back to Kin.

"Well, I guess I better go. The pervert expects me to be at the training grounds at 6 so I need to head out." Kin nodded as the two stood and Naruto paid for their meal. "I'll walk you home." Kin nodded and smiled as the two walked towards the clan section of Konoha. "So, have you met Konohamaru?" Kin groaned and nodded.

"The brat won't shut up about you. He keeps going on about how great you are." Naruto laughed as he pulled out a flower seed he didn't use.

"Yeah, that brat never shuts up." Naruto made a rose sprout and stopped in front of the Sarutobi Compound. "Well, I'll see you later." Kin turned to him and nodded before feeling something being put in her hair. "See ya." Naruto vanished as Kin reached up to feel the petals of the rose and blushed.

'Does he like me or something?' Kin smiled shyly as she walked into the compound. 'Maybe moving to his place wouldn't be so bad.'

Naruto closed the door to his compound and sighed. 'Why in the world did I suggest that?'

'Face it kit, you like her. You made a rose and put it in her hair for crying out loud.' Naruto sighed as he walked into his room.

'So what if I do? I'm half demon, soon to be full demon once I absorb enough of your chakra to fully release the seal and let you free. She won't like me when she finds out.'

'Kit, you need to learn to not look at the bad things and look to the good things. I mean, come on. She knows about you holding me and she doesn't hate you. Tell her about it when you see her next time. If she hates you, I'll teach you a kin jutsu. If she doesn't, I'll teach you both how to use your Water and Ice affinities to the max.' Naruto growled but nodded.

'Bribing me with jutsus. That's below the belt. Fine, next time, I'll tell her.' Naruto walked into the bathroom and took his shower.

Day before the Exam Finals

Naruto walked into the Hokage tower in full gear. He walked into the Hokage's office and saw Kin and the Hokage waiting for him along with Jiraiya, Kurenai and Yamato. "Yo."

"Naruto, you're late. Don't tell me Kakashi's rubbing off on you."

"Sorry, I had to help an old lady across the street when a bunch of dogs started chasing a cat." The Hokage slammed his head onto his desk, muttering curses at Kakashi.

"Anyway, I asked you to come because Kin has told me you offered to let her stay at your clan house."

"Yes I did. What of it?" Naruto asked as he grinned under his mask.

"Only asking because she has agreed to move in. Now, I have some of my own questions. Like what happened to you during your fight with Kiba? How did you get so tall and how were you able to enter the women's bath house without getting beaten to death like my student." Naruto chuckled as Yamato shook his head and the two girls get a twitch in their eyes.

"Well, ever since I was put in his class after failing for the second time thanks to that damned Clone Jutsu test, he's always made fun of me because of my in ability to use the clone jutsu, do a proper henge and the fact that everyone's parents told them to stay away from me and their hate brushed off on them because of tou-san. So I decided to show him who the real dobe is and if Hayate hadn't stopped me I would have killed him. I've taken enough of his abuse. Now, as for how I changed, tou-san made the changes to my body after I tore the seal in half, making me a half demon." This made the Hokage about to yell out but Jiraiya stopped.

"I'll explain later."

"Now, for the last question, Ero-Sanin over here decided to peek in the bath house so I used my Sexy Jutsu to tell Kurenai, Anko and Yugao about him. I had to hide in the women's bath house one day from a mob and ran into Yugao. I told her about the mob and she let me stay as long as I stayed in my henge. After that, every time I went to the hot springs, I was able to hide in my henge since the kunoichi knew me for me and not tou-san. I also told Yugao about Itachi peeking on her one day and that allowed me to forever hide in what you would call a pervert's paradise." Naruto smirked under his mask as the Hokage and Jiraiya gaped at the boy while Kin and Kurenai were red from embarrassment and Yamato, glad for his mask, had a nose bleed.

"I think I'm going to list that jutsu as a Kin Jutsu. That includes its upgraded version you used on Ebisu." Naruto shrugged as he smiled.

"Oh well. It saved me so I'll use it when I see fit."

"Anyway, Yamato here has been told of your wood abilities and will be helping you with them." Naruto sighed and nodded.

"Fine, old man. Kin, do you need help with your things?" Kin shook her head and Naruto nodded. "Alright, then, I'll see you later then." Naruto exploded into smoke, making the Hokage groan.

"Damn you Kakashi!" Kin giggled as Jiraiya and Yamato shook their heads.

Somewhere outside Konoha

"AHCHOO!" Kakashi sneezed and shook his head. 'Someone must be talking about me.'


Naruto sighed as he relaxed in the hot springs at his house. He was sure Sarutobi was pissed at him and he smirked, baring his fangs. He heard the doorbell ring and sighed. 'Looks like she's here.' Naruto got out of the springs and got dressed. He headed to the front door and smirked as he opened it to see Kin. "Yo."

"Hey, so, what did you do to piss the Hokage off?" Naruto chuckled and let the girl in.

"I sent a Shadow Clone instead of going myself. I wanted to use this day to relax before the exam. I have the first match from what Kakashi told me." Kin nodded as Naruto gave a toothy grin. "So, got everything?" Kin nodded as Naruto motioned for her to follow him. "I'll show you to where you can choose your room. After that, I'll take you on a tour." Kin nodded and Naruto led her to the second floor, "Take your pick, my room is the next floor. I mean it is literally the next floor." Kin nodded and took a room near the stair well. "Well, how about that tour?" Kin nodded and Naruto led her through out the house, she let out a squeal when she found the indoor hot springs, making Naruto chuckle and smile. He showed her the Jutsu library and the back yard training grounds.

"Wow. Naruto this place is awesome." Naruto nodded.

"Yeah, I think it's alright but I think it'd make a good bon fire. But that's just me." Kin face faulted at the comment as Naruto laughed. "It's alright, I'm going to leave here one day anyway. Maybe I'll leave it to you." Naruto missed the feint blush on the girl's cheeks as he turned to walk back into the house. "I'll be in the kitchen cooking dinner. Do what you wish." Naruto threw a smile over his shoulder as Kin nodded and vanished into the house while Kin went to unpack.

'I wonder if he knows about Orochimaru attacking during the exams.' Kin sighed as she put her clothes into the dresser. A knock at her door made her jump. "Door's open." Naruto walked in and smiled.

"Dinner's almost ready. I have a clone watching over everything. So, want some help?" Kin smiled and nodded. Naruto picked up a sealing scroll and unsealed the first item, a sword. "Learning to use a sword?" Kin nodded as Naruto drew the sword from its sheath and smirked. "Nice blade. Very sharp and from the look of it, perfect balance." Naruto sheathed the sword and put it on top of the dresser. "Kin, how do you feel about demons and half demons?" Kin looked to the boy confused.

"Well, I don't really know what to think. I've heard of many types of demons, good and bad but I never thought much of the subject." Naruto nodded as he unsealed a kunai holster and placed it next to the sword.

"What would you do if I said I was going to become a full demon within a couple of years?" Kin shrugged.

"Don't know. You haven't done anything to make me hate you or such so I don't know." Naruto smiled sadly.

"Would you like to see what I would look like when I become one?" Kin smiled to the boy.

"Sure." Naruto nodded and stepped back forming the tiger seal.

"Henge!" Naruto became covered in smoke and when it cleared, Kin's face went red with a blush. Naruto's hair had lengthened to his shoulders and had red fox ears on his head. Nine crimson tipped blond tails danced behind him and his body was that of a god. The fat around his face completely gone, giving him a mature look and his six pack showed through his skin tight shirt. Kin jumped Naruto with a girlish squeal.

"KAWII!" Naruto chuckled as Kin tackled him to the ground and started to play with his ears, earning purring sounds from him. "Naruto you look so cute!" 'And hot!' Naruto blushed as in his head, Kyuubi was rolling around in his cage laughing his ass off completely. Kin giggled as she listened to Naruto purr and lean into her touch. His tails twitched happily as Kin played with the boy's ears.

'Enjoying yourself, kit? Just think of waking up to this every morning.' Naruto growled out with his eyes closed leaning into the girls touch, ending up rolling her over and his head onto her lap. Kin smiled at the peaceful look on Naruto's face. Naruto opened an eye and looked up to Kin, seeing the smile.

"That feels good." Kin blushed and continued to rub his ears.

"You just look so cute with these ears and the tail."

"Well, when I become a full demon, I'll be able to turn into a nine tailed fox as well." Kin let the image of Naruto in his fox form enter her mind and squealed again. "You know, you remind me of when those fan girls Sasuke has whenever he gave off a smirk in class or something." Kin frowned and stopped.

"So you're calling me a fan girl?" Naruto shook his head.

"No, I'm not, I'm only saying your squeals remind me of them. I'm sorry if I offended you." Kin smirked as she started to scratch behind his ears. "Damn that feels good." Naruto purred as his tails flicked repeatedly.

"Good boy." Naruto opened an eye and frowned.

"I'm not a dog." Kin frowned.

"Would you rather I stop?" Naruto shook his head, making the girl smirk. "Then don't complain." Naruto nodded as she continued her scratching. When Kin suddenly stopped, Naruto groaned.

"Why'd you stop?" Kin's stomach growling and blush was his answer. "Oh yeah, dinner." Naruto got up and dispelled the henge, much to Kin's displeasure and started to head out of the room. "Let's go eat."

"Right." Kin followed Naruto to the kitchen to see the food already laid out and sat down across from him. Kin was amazed the boy could cook so well, hearing from several people all he knew how to make was instant ramen. Naruto smirked as he watched the girl eat and pulled out a seed from his pocket unnoticed. After they finished their meal, Naruto summoned two clones and sent them to do the dishes as Kin walked into the living room. Naruto headed for the back door and called to her over his shoulder.

"I'll be right back." Kin nodded as Naruto left the room and came back ten minutes later. He walked up and smiled. "I got something to show you." Kin nodded as Naruto led her out to the forest in the back of the compound. Naruto led the girl to a clearing and stopped before they entered the clearing. "Close your eyes." Kin gave a confused look but nodded. Naruto took her hand in his and led her into the middle of the clearing and went behind her. "Alright, you can open them." Kin opened her eyes to see the entire clearing with large Sakura Trees in full bloom. Kin put a hand to her mouth and turned to Naruto.

"It's beautiful! But why show me?" Naruto smiled to her and placed a Sakura flower in her hair.

"Because, I wanted to know what you think of this." Naruto saw her blush as she felt the petals of the flower in her hair. "You know, you are the first person to not care about Kyuubi being sealed in me. Hell, you're the first person my age to even know about it and not hate me." Kin blushed and Naruto smiled. "That blush looks nice there." Naruto teased her, making her glow red.

"I still don't even get why you helped me when I was poison. You could have killed me if you wanted to for what my old team did to your friends." Naruto frowned and lifted her chin.

"I don't know either. I wanted to bathe my sword in someone's blood and I came across you. I don't know why I helped you. I didn't even know you but something told me to help you. So, I did. I helped you and while I was, you cried, whimpered and showed all the other signs of nightmares. I had to hold you down since you were almost tossing and turning." Kin adverted her gaze from his eyes.

"You helped a failed experiment of your enemy. You had the chance to kill me but you didn't." Naruto frowned as she stepped away and looked back to his face. "You could have done anything you wanted and gotten away with it but you helped me instead." Naruto saw tears start to flow as Kin sadly smiled. "I don't even know why I accepted to move in here but I feel comfortable around you. I feel, safe." Naruto pulled Kin into a warm embrace and let the girl wrap her arms around his waist.

"I don't know why I asked you to. When I first met you I felt a strong pull when I left. It was like my heart was telling me to go back and talk to you some more. I was afraid to be around anyone since I was four because of all the beatings I got from the villagers. That's why I want to leave the village. But when I asked you about moving here, it felt great to know you accepted. I feel I can do anything." Naruto ran a hand through her black hair as she buried her face into his chest. "You are . . . . the first person I felt this way around." Kin looked up and blushed at Naruto's smile.

"Maybe living here won't be so bad after all." Kin smiled as Naruto chuckled.

"Well, let's go get some sleep. I've got a fight tomorrow." Kin frowned.

"Orochimaru plans to attack tomorrow you know." Naruto frowned and Kin looked to the ground. "I'm pretty sure he plans to try and destroy Konoha using Gaara as his main tool. Gaara is the Jinchuriki of Shukaku, the one tailed Tankuni." Naruto growled and heard Kyuubi roar in his cage.

"Tou-san's not very happy with that." Kin looked down as Naruto caught her downcast look. Naruto lifted her face to meet his and brushed a strand of hair out of her face. "He's not angry at you, Kin-chan. He's angry that Orochimaru would use his friend for his own gain. I have to stop Gaara but I will leave this village as well. This would be the perfect opportunity to vanish off the face of the Konoha's radar. With Sarutobi dead, the council will no doubt try to get rid of me or use me for their own gain. I know that's hit target."

"Let me come with you!" Kin slapped her hands over her mouth as Naruto looked at her with a smiled. He gently pulled her hands away and held them in his clawed hands.

"If that is what you want but why would you travel with a demon?" Kin blushed as she looked away, muttering something. "What?"

"I said because I want to find out why I feel this way about you." Naruto blushed and watched her look away again.

"Then it's settled. Pack your things, we leave when the invasion starts." Kin turned her head back to Naruto, seeing a kind smile. Kin hugged the half demon and smiled.

"Thank you, Naruto-kun." Naruto wrapped his arms around her waist and buried his face in her hair, smelling her vanilla scent again.

"You're welcome, Kin-chan. Besides, this would be the perfect chance to learn more about you and you about me." Kin nodded against his chest as Naruto pulled away. "Let's go get packed. We'll head for Wave country after I deal with Gaara." Kin nodded as they headed back for the house, hand in hand. Kyuubi smirked as he watched the two from Naruto's cage.

'Kushina, Minato, you would be proud of him. It seems I was right in telling him to help her. I think he's found his mate.' Kyuubi yawned and fell to sleep. 'Maybe as a gift, I'll give Kin the ability to pass on those bloodlines and use all of them. Now all I have to do is keep him in Konoha.'

Chunin Exam Finals

The Hokage scanned the arena, looking for Naruto and Sasuke, who had yet to show up. 'Where are you Naruto?'

"Hello, Hokage-dono." The Kazekage walked into the booth as the Hokage nodded to him.

"Hello, Kazekage-dono. I hope your trip was a safe one." The Kazekage nodded. Jiraiya walked up to the Hokage and tapped him on the shoulder.

"Sensei, look." Jiraiya pointed to a forming mist.

Arena, few minutes prior

Genma, a senbon chewing Jonin looked at the present Genin and frowned. 'Where's Uzumaki? Hayate wouldn't stop talking about the brat so where is he? I want to see what made Hayate want to take him as an apprentice. Too bad he's in the Hospital.'

"Seems the dobe isn't showing up." Neji stated as Shikamaru looked at him with an annoyed look.

"Whatever. Hey what's with the mist?" Shika pointed to a cloud of mist that started to roll in and they all heard a cold voice.

"Eight points: larynx, spine, lungs, liver, jugular vein, collar bone, kidneys, heart. All vital points that can cause a quick death." A shadow appeared in the mist and started to walk out. "Too bad the match hasn't started though." Naruto emerged from the mist and smirked at the look of the Genin feeling his KI. "Ah, the little Genin can't even handle a small amount of KI." Naruto walked up and stopped his KI. "Well, when do we start?" Genma smirked as Shika muttered troublesome under his breath.

'So, there you are Naruto.' The Hokage smiled as Jiraiya smirked.

'Nice entrance gaki.'

In the stands, Kin walked in and sat down next to Sakura, making the girl raise a brow to her. "Why the hell are you here?" Kin narrowed her eyes at the girl.

"I'm here to watch the matches, pinky. Got a problem with that?" Sakura growled as Ino shook her head.

"Forehead, shut up and watch. Your teammate is about to fight." Sakura turned back to the arena as all the finalist except Naruto and Neji left.

"So, that's the brat Hayate was going on about. He sure does know how to make an entrance, but can he show us a good reason to promote him?" Izumo nodded to his friend as Genma looked between the two.

"The matches will be the same as in the Preliminaries. You will fight until one of you gives up, dies, knocked out or I deem the fight over. Got it?" The two nodded as Genma rose his hand. "Begin." Genma dropped his hand and jumped away as Naruto stood his ground.

"Watch closely, Hanabi. Neji is the strongest Hyuga to ever come out of the branch family. His Byakugan surpasses that of your own. Even your sister is no match for his Byakugan." Hanabi nodded as her father watched the match.

"You look like you want to say something." Neji stated as Naruto smirked under his mask.

"Yeah I do. Naruto says boom." Neji activated his Byakugan as the clone started to glow. Neji went wide eyed and jumped away as the clone before him exploded. Genma covered his face from the flying debris and looked around for Naruto.

"Boo." Neji jumped at the voice behind him and lunged to the side to avoid Kubikiri cleaving him in two. "Damn, I missed." Naruto smirked under his blood red face mask. Neji entered his family Tai Jutsu stance as Naruto lifted his zanbatou over his shoulder. "You look like you want to say something, emo freak." Neji glared at the blond.

"You are fated to lose to me, dobe." Up in the stands, Kin flinched as she felt a small chakra spike.

"That was the wrong thing to say." Kiba clenched his healed chest and nodded.

"Well, now that you just sealed your fate, any last words that really matter?" Naruto closed his eyes and snapped them open, showing the Sharingan. Neji scoffed as he ran at Naruto.

"You will lose." Naruto strapped his sword to his back and copied Neji's rush. Naruto countered Neji's left palm strike with his own and then countered a right. "What are you . . . ."

"Doing?" Naruto smirked as he caught Neji's left hand threw him back with a punch in the face.

"You . . . " Neji rushed and Naruto followed.

"Copy cat." Naruto blocked another palm thrust and continued to copy Neji's movements.

"Stop copying me!" the two yelled in perfect unison as the proctors smirked. The kid pulled a Kakashi. The Hokage slapped his face.

'Why did I have to put Naruto with Kakashi again?'

Naruto followed Neji's movements until Neji jumped back, him following. "You're nothing but a copy cat. You have nothing but that Sharingan going for you." Naruto glared as his anger rose but then smirked.

"Then I guess I better remedy that." Naruto held out his hand as an orb formed in the palm. "BEHOLD!" Naruto jumped into the air as he started to do one handed seals. "Uzumaki Hi Jutsu: Rasenraikiri!" Naruto grabbed his wrist as lightning started to form around his palm and the Rasengan.

"Jiraiya, you taught him the Rasengan?" Sarutobi looked on in shock as Jiraiya pointed to his student slack jawed.

"Yeah but I left him on stage 2! I never taught him the final stage or the Raikiri!" Sarutobi watched as Naruto start to fall to the ground with the combined jutsu.

"DOBE THIS!" Naruto smashed the Rasenraikiri where Neji was once standing, creating a crater and sending an electric current through the ground. "Darn, I missed again." Naruto smirked as he stood and flashed his Mangekyou at the lightning shocked Neji. "Ah, shocking, isn't it?" Naruto chuckled as the proctors gaped at the size of the crater and Genma stood on the branch of a tree.

"God damn, Naruto!" Genma shouted as Naruto pointed his index and middle finger at Neji with his right hand, thumb up making it look like a gun.

"Amasterasu." Black flames shot from his hand and hit the area Neji jumped from once again. "Run little boy. I have the chakra stores of 3 Hokages and the stamina of Kyuubi himself. I could go all day and night long." Whether the sexual innuendo was intended or not, Kin blushed as a certain Hyuga blushed and passed out while a Snake Jonin smirked.

"The kid has class." Kurenai shook her head at her friend.

Naruto started to slowly walk towards the Genin. "What? You got something else to say?"

"You can't deny fate. Everyone is born with a different fate and you are no different. We only share one fate." Naruto scoffed as Neji took off his head gear, showing his seal.

"Wow a seal. Hey looky here." Naruto unzipped his vest and lifted his shirt, showing a battered seal. "You're not the only one, jack ass." Naruto replace his clothing as Neji scoffed. 'I knew3 I forgot something. My armor.'

"You don't have to live with the threat of having it used against you every second of your entire life. Let me tell you about the feud behind this seal." Naruto groaned as he stabbed Kubikiri into the ground and leaned against it.

"This isn't going to be one of those emo bastard stories that'll make you seem like Sasuke will it?" Neji glared.

"The Hyuga clan is the strongest clan in Konoha. The Uchiha has nothing on us."

"Yep, I was right, you guys are power hungry fools, both the Hyuga and Uchiha. Well, maybe except Itachi. He's probably the only one that knows better." Naruto smirked at the glare Neji sent him. "Awe, did I hurt the emo Hyuga's feelings? Tell ya what, I'll send you into the stands to let Hiashi change your diapers and then you can change his." Naruto grinned as he felt two KI aimed at him while a few laughs were heard from the stands.

"Hey everyone look at me! I'm Hiashi Hyuga and I'm emo because power only matters and my eldest daughter doesn't exist to me because she's so weak!" Naruto used a henge to change into Hiashi, making the laughing stop. "Neji you are not worthy to bare the Hyuga name." Naruto smirked and turned back into himself before jumping back to dodge a kick. "Hey everyone, I'm Neji and I'm an emo that likes to beat my cousin to a near death state and she happens to be a girl!" That sent a shock wave through the entire stadium. Naruto henged into a beaten Hinata. "W-W-Why Neji-nii-san?" Neji growled and rushed Naruto. While in the stands, Hiashi Hyuga was clenching his fists so hard he was drawing blood.

"That kid has a large set of brass balls to not only insult the Hyuga but copy their Tai Jutsu style." The women around Asuma blushed as Kurenai smacked the Jonin upside his head while Kin blushed to a dark red.

"Yeah but now he's going to be on the Hyuga hit list." Kiba smirked as Anko shook her head.

"Yeah, but he's doing something that will be sure to make him Chunin." Everyone looked to her and gulped at the deadly grin on her face. "He's using his enemy's anger against him." Kurenai nodded as everyone turned to the match to see Neji in a strange stance while Naruto copied it.

'That damned demon! How dare he tear at my good name! (BULLSHIT!)' Hiashi was getting glares from lots of people, mostly women and glared down at Naruto. 'He dare copy the Gentle Fist! I will have his head for this!'

"Eight Trigram 64 Palm." The two called out as the Hinata henged Naruto rushed when Neji rushed. "Two Palm!" Naruto countered the two strikes. "4 palm! 8 palm!" Naruto continuously blocked the strikes. "16 palm! 32 palm!" Naruto smirked as Neji growled. "64 Palm!" Naruto countered all the strikes and grabbed Neji's hand on the final strike.

"Too slow." Naruto kicked the boy away and lifted his sword back onto his back after dispelling the henge. "What you need to learn Emo-teme is that NO ONE controls our fate. We choose our own fate. You decided to choose the path where you listen to your emo ass uncle and obey orders. I choose my own path and I forge my own fate. I fight till I die! I live for what I believe in!" Naruto walked forward and picked Neji up by the throat. "You are right about one thing about you humans though. You all share death. Old age, poison, virus and combat. That is the only fate you all share." Naruto activated his Mangekyou and looked into Neji's eyes.

"Do you see these eyes Neji? Let them show you what it means to TRULY BARE A CURSED SEAL! TSUKIYOUMI!" Everyone in the stadium went silent as the Hokage, medics and Jiraiya jumped down into the arena.

"Neji, you will live my worst memory for a day. You will live the very memory that made me turn out to wish for freedom of this village. See if you like being what I am. The outcast of the village. A JINCHURIKI!" Neji went wide eyed as he felt his body running from something. He turned his head to look behind him to see a mob of ninja and villagers, the ninja wearing Leaf headbands. Neji turned the corner to meet a dead end. He turned to go back the way he came but the mob had blocked it off. A member of the mob walked up and kicked him into the wall.

"Damned Demon! We'll teach you to interrupt our festival with your presence! We'll finish what the Yondaime started!" The crowd gave a yell of agreement as they started to stab and beat the boy with a variety of objects. From kunai to stones, they beat him till they all lost interest. All but one left the fallen and bleeding boy. The man left picked the boy up and smirked. He jumped to the roofs and took off to the abandoned section of Konoha.

"I'm gonna have fun with you brat." The man tore away the boy's clothes and undid his own pants. "Damned Demon." Neji yelled out in pain the entire time the Chunin raped him and cut him with kunai the entire time. Once everything stopped Neji turned to normal and dropped to his knees.

"You're not done yet Neji. 23 hours, 59 minutes and 59 seconds remaining." Neji went wide eyed with fear as the memory started up again and again.

Naruto threw the boy to the ground and started to walk to the center of the ring. The Hokage and the Medics checked after the Hyuga as Jiraiya walked up to his student. "KONOHA! LORDS AND VISITING VILLAGES! I WILL NO LONG TOLERATE WHAT I HAVE BEEN THROUGH! I AM NARUTO NO KYUUBI! ADOPTED SON OF THE KYUUBI NO KITSUNE AND HIS HEIR! IF YOU THINK I WILL SIT BACK AND TAKE ANYMORE BEATINGS LIKE I HAVE IN THE PAST, KONOHA, BE READY TO FORFIT YOUR LIFE!" Naruto yelled out to the stadium as he vanished in an explosion of water. Jiraiya frowned as the medics took Neji to the infirmary.

"Water clone. Damn Naruto what has this village done to you while I was gone for the past twelve years?" The Hokage nodded to Genma as he and Jiraiya vanished.

"Winner of the first match," Genma sighed and yelled out, "Naruto no Kyuubi!" The stadium remained quiet until the Kazekage stood and started clapping, starting a chain reaction that went throughout the stadium.

'I made a mistake in crossing Kyuubi. Damn.' Orochimaru sighed and smiled. The Hokage took his seat and motioned for Raido to come to him.

"Find out where Naruto is and what the proctors have to say." Raido nodded and vanished using the Body Flicker.

"Damn, Naruto was pissed. But he showed good qualities, all of which were needed to be Chunin. Tell the Hokage Naruto has my backing for Chunin." Kotetsu smirked as Raido, who had arrived to ask his fellow Jonin about Naruto, nodded.

"Same here. The brat has balls of diamonds to put a dent that huge in the Hyuga pride." Izumo added as the Jonin took off. Kin got up and ran off following the chakra signature that was familiar to her with misty eyes.


"Hokage-dono, before you do, please, don't disqualify Sasuke. I wish to see him fight Gaara. Even if you take him off for Chunin, allow all the lords to see the event they all came for. Although, I highly doubt that Sasuke and Gaara's match will compare to Naruto's." Sarutobi sighed and nodded.

"Hokage-san." The old man turned to the stair way to see the Lord of Fire, Wind and Wave standing there with displeased looks.

'I'm in deep shit.' Jiraiya sighed and walked to the edge of the booth.


"Can we get some repairs done here!? And is the ground still shocked or no?" Genma got sweat drops from a few Jonin that jumped out to the arena.

"Genma get down. It's safe." Genma nodded and chuckled.

"Sorry, I have a fear of Lightning. Especially to the voltage Naruto had it up to." The Jonin shook their heads and started to fix what they could.


Kin ran towards the signature she felt Naruto was coming from and entered the locker room. Naruto looked up with sad eyes as Kin jumped him and cried onto his shoulder. "Naruto-kun." Naruto sighed as he wrapped his arms around the girl.

"I'm ok Kin. I'm ok." Naruto rubbed her back as she cried into his shoulder. Naruto started to hum a song that seemed to help calm her down and smiled to her. "I'm fine."

"Was it really that bad for you?" Naruto sighed and nodded.

"Yes, it was. It almost drove me insane until tou-san was awakened and helped me through it. He taught me everything he could on stealth and stealing. I had to steal to get a actual meal, hide to avoid mobs, which thankfully worked once I became a master of the art of demon fox stealth at the age of six. I was never caught after that but it was when they cornered me that I had the most trouble, since I didn't know how to fight." Kin buried her face in his shoulder and held him close.

"Naruto, Kin." Naruto looked up to see Asuma at the door of the locker room. "You do know that this is the men's locker room right, Kin?" Kin nodded as Naruto sighed.

"What is it, Asuma?" the chain smoking Jonin entered the room and held out his hand.

"I was sitting next to a few of the proctors for the exam and they were impressed kid. You have a guaranteed position among Chunin. I also wanted to shake the hand of someone who had the balls to knock the Hyuga clan down a few pegs." Naruto grinned and shook Asuma's hand before the man turned to leave. "By the way, dad's in deep shit. The Lords of Fire, Wave and Wind are talking to him right now." Naruto sighed as he stood from the bench after Kin got off his lap.

"Oh well. I can't do anything about it." Asuma nodded.

"I know, but I will say this, the Kazekage was the first to clap after the fight and he's a hard man to impress. That was the best fight I have ever seen." Naruto nodded as the Jonin left the room and Naruto turned to Kin.

"Well, I better get out there. We got to be ready to leave when the attack happens." Kin nodded and just as Naruto was about to turn away, she grabbed the front of his vest and brought his lips to hers. Naruto smirked into the kiss as he wrapped his arms around the girl's waist and she wrapped her arms around his neck. Kin pulled away and smiled as Naruto brought her close and buried his face in her hair.


"Sarutobi, I demand to know what the boy was talking about when he said he wouldn't tolerate anymore beatings!" The Fire Lord all but shouted as the Lord of Wave growled out.

"That boy saved my country from Gatou and this is how he is treated here?! If I had a shinobi village I would be demanding a transfer for him to go there! This is unacceptable Hokage-san! I demand the same answers!" Wind nodded as Sarutobi sighed.

"I first would like to apologize for all this, Lords. You see, after the 4th Hokage sealed the Kyuubi, I made a law stating the true knowledge of the Kyuubi Attack shall never be spoken of to the younger generation. The village council, except the Aburame, Nara and Akimichi clans, called for his execution. I forbid it and called for a 24 hour ANBU guard for the boy. The only ANBU that would actually do their jobs are Tiger, Dog, Cat, Weasel and Snake. They were the only ANBU to ever keep a sharp eye on the child. One day, a ROOT ANBU decided to take the job and that led to one of the more deadlier beatings of Naruto. That day, a ninja by the name of Itachi Uchiha stopped the attack, which was led by a group of Uchiha. So, after an interrogation of one of the Uchiha, it was found out that Fugaku and his Council of Elders decided to order the death of the boy. So in return, I asked Itachi to execute his father and Council. That led to the Uchiha Massacre. Itachi was found out by his father and his best friend was ordered to kill him. Itachi killed his best friend and clan on the same day."

"After that, I had gathered the Council and established a new law, anyone involved in harming Naruto Uzumaki from that day forward will be executed without question. This lowered his beatings to almost never. But I was too late it seems to stop any damage from happening." The Lords didn't look happy as Raido entered the room. He bowed the second he saw the Lords of Fire, Wind and Wave.

"Oh, forgive me, Hokage-sama, Lords. I'm sorry for interrupting." The Fire Lord waved it off.

"You are fine, Jonin. Do your duties and leave." Raido nodded and looked to the Hokage.

"Hokage-sama, Naruto was found to be in the locker room. It seems Asuma found him after following the new Genin you allowed to join our village. Also, reports from the proctors are that Naruto Uzumaki has all their backings for Chunin for, and I quote, "Showing Chunin qualities and putting the Hyuga Clan down a few pegs". I would say the true quote but it is, inappropriate." The Hokage laughed.

"Thank you Raido. You may return to the Kage Booth."

"Wait, Jonin. Get me a Chunin Vest. I believe my fellow lords will agree with where this is going." Wind and Wave smirked and nodded.

"Aye, a fine boy he is and what a fight he gave us. Plus, he did save my Country so he has my support."

"I do not know the boy myself but with the rumors I heard from Wave and others, along with the skills he has shown, he has the support of the Wind." The Hokage nodded as the Jonin bowed and left the office.

"Hokage, I wish to make an announcement." The Hokage nodded and the Lords filed out of the room as the Hokage sighed and slumped in his seat.

'Naruto made Chunin. This will be the first time in years that an immediate promotion will be carried out. The last time was with Minato.' The Hokage chuckled as he got up from his seat and made his way back to the booth. 'Take that you old bastards.' The Hokage thought at the Council as he came across an angry Hiashi Hyuga. "What Hiashi?"

"I demand that boy's head! He insulted not only me but the entire Hyuga clan by copying our Gentle Fist!"

"Well, if all goes according to what I think is going to happen, you will have to go through the fire lord before you have the approval to do anything to Naruto." The Hokage passed the Hyuga head and walked back to the booth.

"Welcome back, Hokage-dono. I hope the Lords weren't too harsh on you." The Hokage waved it off as the Hokage walked to the edge.


"What would the lords want with me?" Naruto asked as Kin shrugged. Naruto placed a kiss on the girl's cheek before pulling his mask up and jumping down to the arena floor, landing on all fours. He walked to the center of the ring as three people came walking from another entrance. Naruto recognized one as the Fire Lord and bowed to the three Lords.

"Rise Naruto no Kyuubi." Naruto stood up straight as Raido appeared behind the Lords.

"Hikiyou-sama, here is the vest you asked for." The Fire Lord nodded as he took the vest and called out.

"Naruto no Kyuubi, from the reports of Raido, you are found to have the backing of all the Chunin Exam Proctors and the Lords of Wind Country, Wave Country and Fire Country! We have also taken into account your deeds in Wave Country against the Tyrant Gatou! Therefore, you are disqualified from the Chunin Exams," This made Naruto go wide eyed as the Fire Lord took the vest he was wearing off. "But you are promoted with the support of the Lords of Wind, Wave and Fire to Chunin Status! Starting the moment I finish what I have to say!" The Fire Lord pulled the Chunin Vest on the boy and zipped it to mid level. "Naruto no Kyuubi, you have not only the backing, but the protection of the Lord of Fire Country, Hikiyou Setsuna. From this point on, carry yourself with pride and wear that vest as a Chunin should. With what the 3rd Hokage once called, THE WILL OF FIRE!" Naruto smirked under his mask as he did the one thing that made the Hokage feint from shock.

"Sir, yes sir!" Naruto saluted to the Fire Lord and the Lord turned to the Stadium.

"KONOHA! YOU ARE ON THIN ICE! THIS BOY, NO, THIS MAN HAS MY PROTECTION AND WITH IT, I GIVE HIM THE TRAVEL RIGHTS OF A SANIN! HE HAS THE WILL OF FIRE BURNING WITHIN HIM AND LET THAT BE AN EXAMPLE TO ALL GENIN AND FUTURE NINJA!" The Fire Lord turned back to Naruto and smiled. "If anything, happens, do not be afraid to send word to me, Naruto. You are under my protection and I overrule the Hokage." Naruto nodded and gave the Shinobi salute again. "Dismissed!" Hikiyou, with a wave of his hand, allowed Naruto to vanish. "Let the Chunin Exams, continue and let us see others with the grace Naruto no Kyuubi has shown us!" a roar of applause erupted from the stadium as Hiashi and several other Council members looked on slack jawed.

'Yes, I definitely made a mistake crossing Kyuubi. I'm starting to think this would be a bad idea.' Orochimaru inwardly sighed as he gazed to next to him to see the Hokage on the ground, out cold. "What's with him?" Jiraiya laughed at the Hokage.

"That gaki has never shown ANY respect to his superiors, from what he told me. This is a first for Naruto." Orochimaru made a mental note to laugh at this later as the Toad Sanin used smelling salt to wake the Hokage.

"YOSH! NARUTO'S FLAMES OF YOUTH BURN BRIGHTER THEN ANY OF US!" Lee, who had arrived during the break yelled out as Gai smirked.

"You're right Lee. His youth does burn brighter, even brighter then mine." Gai watched as the blonde Sand Genin flew down to the arena floor, since her brother forfeited because of 'knowing when he's beaten.' Shika muttered troublesome under his breath as Konkuro, just being an asshole, pushed the boy over the edge.


Naruto stood in the locker room once again, looking in the mirror wearing his new rank. 'I can't believe it. I'm actually a Chunin. By the grace of three lords no less.' Naruto wiped his eyes of the on coming tears as the door opened. He turned to see Anko, Kurenai, Iruka and Asuma. Iruka rushed passed everyone and gathered kid in a bare hug.

"Congratulations Naruto! This is the first time that the Fire Lord has ever Publicly Promoted someone to Chunin during the Exams since Minato was a Genin!" Naruto returned the hug to his big brother figure and Anko smirked.

"You know brat, you have got to have the biggest balls a man could have if you can put a giant dent in the Hyuga Pride. For that, I'm taken ya out for a celebration party after this attack is over with." Naruto smirked and nodded.

"Works for me. I just wish the damned council didn't pressure Kakashi-sensei into training only the damned Uchiha. He owes me a new Jutsu now." Naruto gave an Anko like grin, making the two guys pale.

"Oh god, we have another Anko." Iruka muttered as Anko laughed and put an arm around his shoulder.

"And what's wrong with that, Iruka-kun?" Naruto chuckled and sniffed the air, catching a scent that made him smile.

"Come on in, Kin-chan." Kin walked in with a smile on her face and gave the new Chunin a hug, followed by a kiss on the lips after she pulled the mask down.

"Congrats, Naru-kun." Naruto smiled as Iruka smirked.

"So, finally gave up on Sakura, Naruto?" Naruto chuckled.

"Hey, you know I had a mask to keep up. But yes, I'm done chasing the Queen of all Banshees." Everyone laughed as Asuma motioned everyone to follow him.

"Come on, everyone, we need to stay sharp." Naruto's face grew serious and nodded.

"I'll see you all in the stands in a few minutes. I need to talk to Kin-chan." All the seasoned ninja nodded and left the room. "Kin, there has been a change of plans. We're not leaving Konoha. We're staying." Kin nodded as she leaned against Naruto. The two ninja started to walk out and back to the stands.

'Congrats, kit. Congrats.' Kyuubi smiled at his adopted son.

'Thank you, tou-san.' Naruto smiled as he walked out to see Shikamaru raise his hand, Temari following.

"I surrender. I can't continue. I'll only be able hold this jutsu for ten more seconds and I'm pressed for time on the rest of my strategies." Genma nodded.

"Winner of the Third Match: Temari of the Desert." Naruto looked on as Gaara appeared in a swirl of Sand. "Sasuke Uchiha has Ten minutes before he is . . . . ." Genma was cut off by a swirl of Leafs showing the arrival of Kakashi and Sasuke. Naruto shook his head and jumped down to meet with his Jonin sensei.

"Yo. Did we make it in time?" Kakashi asked as Genma crossed his arms and twitched the senbon in his mouth.

"Just in time. You should be ashamed Kakashi, you missed the greatest and funniest match in a long time. Just ask the new Chunin behind you." Kakashi turned to see Naruto walking up to him in his Chunin vest and dropped his book.

"Genma if this is a Gen Jutsu I am so kicking your ass." Genma let out an amused laugh.

"No, sensei, I am Chunin. The Fire Lord promoted me himself." Naruto stated as Kakashi checked his student over.

'Damned council. Making me train their damned Uchiha when a prodigy is right in front of me.' Kakashi swore at the Council as Naruto smirked at Sasuke.

"Better put up a good show, runt. After all, not everyday you fight a Jinchuriki, right Gaara?" Naruto smirked over his shoulder as Kakashi and Genma looked to the red head with a curious look.

"You are also a Jinchuriki. So Neji was at a loss." Naruto smirked.

"Just remember this, Gaara no Shukaku. Kyuubi is pissed and I will carry out my tou-san's will. If Shukaku acts up in anyway, I'll Five Pronged Seal your ass." Naruto stated as he started to walked away when Sasuke smirked.

"Well, if the dobe can make Chunin, I should be a given." Naruto's eyes flashed red as he turned and glared.

"The title of Chunin has to be earned, teme. I earned it through hard work. Not by being pampered and spoiled by the council like your fagot ass." Naruto vanished in a swirl of leaves, appearing next to the Hokage. "Gaara is the Jinchuriki for Shukaku. This may turn out to be bad." The Hokage nodded at Naruto's whispered words.

"If the Bijuu acts up, I will send Jiraiya in to seal it." Naruto shook his head with a grin.

"I got it covered. I can do the Pronged Seals. Just like a certain someone next to you." Sarutobi nodded, not going to ask how. Naruto vanished again and walked up next to Kin, who was next to the banshee twins.

"So, Naruto, I guess I owe you a new jutsu right?" Naruto nodded.

"Yep. Speaking of jutsus, see that crater there?" Naruto pointed to the crater the was near Sasuke.

"Yeah, what of it?" Naruto smirked as Asuma chuckled.

"Naruto did that with a combination of the Rasengan and your Raikiri." Kakashi gaped and chuckled.

"Looks like you had a fun time."

"That was until Neji called Naruto-kun a dobe." Kin smirked and the Jonin nodded.

"Begin!" Genma jumped away as Gaara let out his sand. Sasuke smirked when he activated his Sharingan and threw two shuriken at the sand user. Gaara's sand shot up and caught the two flying objects while turning into a Sand Clone. Sasuke dodged as the clone threw them back and ran with speed he never had a month ago.

'He's like that ugly guy!' Gaara mused as his sand tried to keep up with the fast Sasuke.

"Hey Kakashi, guess what?" Naruto mused as Sasuke kicked Gaara in the chin, sending him back a few feet.


"I pulled a you on the Hyuga." Kakashi chuckled as he looked around the stadium, spotting ANBU.

"Kakashi, that is Lee's Tai Jutsu isn't?" Gai asked as the Jonin sighed and nodded.

"Yes, I tried to teach him something else but he kept telling me to train him in this. I spent the entire month trying to teach him other things but all he wanted to learn was Lee's speed. I'm sorry, Gai." The Jonin nodded.

"It's the council's fault, sensei, not yours. Anyway, if Sasuke gets out of hand, we can take care of him." Kakashi nodded. Sasuke was caught up in Gaara's sand and thrown back as a dome formed around him.

"Naruto your going to hate me for this but Sasuke heard about when I used Raikiri on Zabuza and demanded me to teach him. He went to the council with that." Naruto growled. "I only taught him one though." Sasuke tried to attack the dome but every punch was ineffective and spikes came out of the side he attacked. Sasuke jumped back to the stadium wall and ran up it. After starting a line of seals, he grabbed his wrist and blue lightning started to cover his hand, the sound of chirping angry birds.

"So, that's why he wanted the training. He knew he needed the speed for it." Gai stated as Naruto glared down to the dome.

"I'll be back."

"Gai-sensei, what exactly is it Sasuke learned?" Gai glared to the Uchiha as he explained.

"Sasuke learned one of Kakashi's own jutsus. It's a very powerful jab that makes the arm like a sword and can pierce almost anything. The perfect assassination jutsu."

Contestants' Booth

Naruto appeared in the contestants' booth. He walked up to Temari as she whispered to her brother.

"Damn it Gaara! It's too early."

"Early for what, Sand ninja?" the two jumped and everyone turned to him. "Something about Shukaku no doubt. Hope you guys liked your Kage because that one in the booth is a fake. I'd keep that black on. Now, explain." Temari cursed as she pointed down to her brother.


"CHIDORI! One Thousand Birds." Gai announced as Sasuke drove his hand into the sand dome.

Contestants' Booth

"He's turning into Shukaku's form. He's able to do that since he controls sand." Naruto went wide eyed as a scream was heard from the arena and bolted to the edge.

"BLOOD! IT'S MY BLOOD!" Naruto cursed as he watched Sasuke pull out his arm with a sandy claw following. Naruto jumped down into the arena as he started seals for the Five Pronged Seal.



"What is that boy doing?" Ino yelled out as white feathers started to appear. All the Jonin caught on and dispelled the Gen Jutsu along with a few of the Genin, Kin being one of them. All the ANBU started to move to the Kage box as an explosion went off.

"PROTECT THE LORDS AND THE HOKAGE!" A white cloaked ANBU called out as the Sand ANBU jumped at them. "Get out of my way!" the ANBU Captain cut down the two guards and managed to make it to Jiraiya's side as a cry of Barrier Seal was heard.

"So, you finally show yourself, Orochimaru." The fake Kazekage smirked and held a kunai up to the Kage's neck while the Tiger masked ANBU Captain and Jiraiya growled at the man.

"Sarutobi-sensei, glad to see you remember me. You two Jiraiya-kun, Yamato-kun." 'Damn you two! It was only supposed to be me and sensei. This complicates things.' Yamato removed his mask and growled.

"I'll make you pay for turning Kin and I into this Orochimaru!" Orochimaru looked confused as he plunged the kunai into his hand and walked away from the group a small distance as the Sandaime took off his cloak to show his battle armor.

"So, Kin is still alive. How did you know about the experiments on her, Yamato-kun?" Yamato smirked as a root shot up and plunged through the Sanin's stomach.

"Right there Orochi-teme." Orochimaru turned into mud and the real Orochimaru came out of the ground with a smirk.

"I see. So my experiments were both a success, I just never kept watch over them."


Naruto ran at the deforming sand dome with his five pronged seal blazing on his finger tips. "I warned you Gaara!" Naruto was about to hit Gaara's stomach but jumped back when kunai rained down in his path. The sand team and sensei stood next to Gaara as Naruto was joined by Genma. "Temari, Konkuro, take Gaara and regroup. He's of no use in that condition." The sand siblings nodded as Konkuro and Temari jumped off with Gaara over Konkuro's shoulder.

"Naruto, gather a team and head after them. This is your first A rank mission as a Chunin." Naruto nodded as he watched Sasuke about to run off.

"Sasuke, you better wait because I'm taking you as part of the team." Sasuke nodded as he glared at the Chunin. Naruto vanished and reappeared in the stands, slamming a kunai into a sound ninja's face. "Sakura, wake up the lazy bum and come with me. Kakashi, can I get Pakun? Kin, head for the Hokage monument and help Iruka out." Kakashi nodded and summoned the dog as Sakura woke an actually sleeping Shika.

"Hey Kakashi. What's up?"

"I need you to take Naruto after Gaara of the desert. Look for a Tankuni smell." Just as a Sound Jonin was about to bring down a kunai on an unsuspecting Sakura, Gai rushed and slammed the man into the wall.

"F-Fast." Gai smirked at the choked words as he started to apply more pressure.

"And powerful. Naruto take your team this way. This should make things a bit easier." Gai punched the Jonin through the wall, no doubt killing him and Naruto called out to Sasuke.

"Sasuke! Let's go!" Sasuke nodded as he took to the main entrance as Naruto and the team took the newly made hole by Gai.

'Damn you Naruto! How did you get so much power in just a month?' Sasuke gritted his teeth as he took off after Team Sand, not even bothering to wait for his team.

Naruto and his team jumped through the trees, Naruto sensing Sasuke already far ahead. "Stupid fool. He's going to get himself killed!" Sakura glared at the blonde.

"Don't talk about Sasuke-kun like that Naruto! You were only promoted because the Fire Lord showed pity to you." Naruto stopped in his tracks and Sakura found herself smashed against a tree with Sharingan eyes blazing in anger.

"Watch your tongue Genin. I out rank you and out power you. My fight with Neji should have shown you that and my fight with Kiba. I could kill Sasuke in a moment's notice." Naruto let the girl go as Shika sighed with the dog. "This will be reported to the Hokage so don't piss me off." Naruto and his team took off once again with Pakun in the lead.

"Naruto, we have a team on our tail." Naruto smirked as he stopped.

"I'll handle that." Naruto summoned a fox with three tails and black fur.

"Yes, Naruto-sama?"

"We being chased. Kill the ninja with the musical note headband that are coming." The fox nodded as it took off towards the tracking team and Naruto motioned for everyone to follow.

Temari landed in a clearing with her brothers as Sasuke jumped down. "Give up and maybe I can get you off the hook." Sasuke smirked to the girl as Konkuro growled.

'Damn Uchiha. We're too exhausted to fight right now.'

"Let me go. I'll handle him." Gaara's sand started to cover the boy and the two Sand Genin jumped off in fear of Shukaku. "Sasuke Uchiha, I'll kill you!" Sasuke scoffed as Gaara took the form of a mini Shukaku, making the boy a little unnerved.

"Sasuke!" Naruto jumped into the clearing with Pakun and Sakura. Shikamaru had left to keep the trackers busy in case a few go by the fox. "You idiot, you could have been killed. You lack what it takes to be a Chunin." Sasuke growled as Gaara growled at the blonde.

"Naruto no Kyuubi." Naruto smirked as he jumped to dodge a sand claw, that smacked Sakura into a tree and held her there. "Damn. Oh well, as my sand holds her she will be crushed." Naruto growled as he watched Sasuke start the seals for Chidori only for Gaara to knock the boy into a tree and out cold.

"Geez, I was wondering when you were going to do that. Now, let's dance." Naruto vanished and kicked a surprised Gaara in the face. The Shukaku looking boy growled as Naruto vanished again this time sending Gaara into the trees. Gaara landed on a branch and paled.

'This guy is stronger then me.' Gaara jumped away as a hail of kunai rained down on his branch. Gaara looked to see thousands of Naruto's in the trees.

"Shuriken From All Directions!" All the Naruto pulled out handfuls of Shuriken and threw them at Gaara. Gaara paled when he notice the exploding tags. "Boom." The stars exploded right in Gaara's face, sending sand every where. Gaara's sand fell all around him as Naruto rushed him with the Pronged Seal again. "I have you now SHUKAKU!" Naruto was about to hit the boy in the stomach when the sand shot up and stopped him, Gaara going through seals.

"Forced Sleep Jutsu." All the sand around Gaara started to move and cover the boy's body, forming and even larger Tankuni.

I'm free! Naruto cursed as he ran through seals.

"Summoning Jutsu! Kyuubi no Kitsune!" Naruto yelled out as the fox exploded into the mortal plain. Shukaku visibly went into shock as Kyuubi threw his head back and roared.

SHUKAKU! You will stop this! This isn't like you! Kyuubi yelled out as Naruto took a deep breath.

Kyuubi! What are you doing here?! Kyuubi sighed as he batted away an air bullet.

For one, I am defending my son's home. Two, you were never like this so explain what happened. I demand you stop. Shukaku fired off air bullet after Air Bullet, trying to hit the King of Demons.

I will beat you Kyuubi! You don't control me! Naruto heard his tou-san growl.

Kit you will have to wake the boy up and put the seal on him. You can do it while I hold down Shukaku. Naruto nodded as Kyuubi lunged at the Ichibi. The fox slashed his claws at the Sand creature and Naruto jumped onto the head of Shukaku. Naruto watched as Sand Clones of Shukaku formed and cursed.

"Damned sand." Naruto ran as he dodged sand spikes, Air bullets and growled when a wall popped up. "Damn it. Amasterasu!" the wall burst into black flames as Kyuubi managed to place a gash on the Tankuni's left arm. Naruto stopped in front of Gaara and growled. He looked down to see his feet caught in the sand. "Shukaku I'm going to kick your ass when I take tou-san's place." Naruto punched Gaara in the face, waking the boy up.

NO! I just got out! Damn you Kyuubi! The giant fox laughed at the raccoon as Naruto started seals for the Pronged Seal again.

"Five Pronged Seal!" Naruto slammed his palm against Gaara's abdomen after lifting his shirt. 'Damn, I used up too much chakra.' "Tou-san, go and get rid of those snakes." Kyuubi nodded and took off for the front gates of Konoha. Gaara looked up at the blonde boy leaning against a tree. "You're troublesome you know that? A One Pronged Fucking Seal is keeping him at bay. No wonder the bastard is insane. You just stay put and I'll see if the Hokage can help you later. Nighty night." Naruto fell against the tree as Team Sand jumped down to help their brother.

"I'm sorry."

With the Hokage

Orochimaru gulped as he and the others in the barrier looked out to see Kyuubi heading towards the Snake Brothers. 'SHIT!.' The Snake Sanin turned back to his opponents as the Hokage smirked, Adamantine Staff in hand.

"What now, Orochimaru? You can't use your impure world resurrection since I stopped all three of your coffins and you're at your limit now." 'But so are we.' Orochimaru gulped at the evil smirk Yamato was giving him as he pulled his ninja-tou out of its sheath.

"I think it's time to take your jutsus." Orochimaru cursed as he saw the ANBU vanish and brought up his Grass Long Sword to stop the blow only to watch the ANBU vanish and reappear behind him, taking his arms off from behind.

"MY ARMS! DAMN YOU LEAF BASTARDS!" Orochi lunged at Sarutobi, tongue grabbing his sword and impaled the shocked Hokage in the stomach before jumping off towards the barrier. Yamato was about to give chase when Jiraiya called out to him.

"Let him go! The Hokage needs attention right now!" Yamato growled but nodded, returning to the Hokage's side. The battle was over for now.

So, what do you all think? I had nothing better to do so I did this. Hope you all enjoyed it.