Harry Sohma's Return

Harry Sohma's Return

By: ME!!
AN: Hey all!! Here's my new story. I will not be abandoning New Life, New Hope, and New Home. But I have no idea when it will end and I want to post my other idea since it seems a lot of people want to read it and I don't want to make you wait so here it is!!

Chapter 1: New Family

Akito Sohma stared at the house that held his missing family member. He sneered at the obvious care these idiotic people took in appearing 'normal.' It sickened him. His companions were in agreement if the looks on their faces where any indication. The tallest, who was obviously older than the other two, looked a bit impassive. The slight wince around his mouth was the only indication that he thought it disturbing. The younger of the two, a boy about 16 with silver hair, looked uncomfortable and his eyes held an angry edge.

"Hatori is everything ready for the boy." Akito asked. His voice was sharp as a sword and as cold as ice. The eldest simply nodded, never taking his eyes off the house in front of him. Akito sneered when he saw a horse faced women staring out of the window. She squeaked and slammed the drapes shut. "Let's just get this over with. I want him back." Akito growled as he stalked to #4 Privet Drives door.

Hatori was quick to follow, the Silver haired boy bringing up the rear. Hatori knocked loudly on the door. They didn't have to wait long. A little boy with black hair and emerald green eyes answered the door. He looked to be about 12 to the Sohmas. He was quickly shoved out of the way by a pig-like man, the horse-faced women was staring over his shoulder.

"What can I do for you, Gentlemen?" The fat man asked with a greedy glance at the limo parked behind them. Hatori quickly stepped in front of Akito. To an outsider it would seem like Hatori was in charge, though the Sohmas knew that it was just so Akito didn't lose his temper. Akito hadn't looked away from the, now kneeling, black haired boy.

"We are here to speak to you about a... Family... matter," Hatori spoke calmly and clearly, if not a little coldly. The color swiftly drained from the pig man's face. "What Family...matter," He stuttered with a slightly fearful edge.

"The family matter of your nephew and your treatment of him." Akito said from behind Hatori. The horse faced woman gave a little scream before she ran up the steps, kicking the boy in the process, though she didn't seem to notice.

The pigs face had gone completely red. "LEAVE NOW!! WHAT WE DO WITH OUR PROPERTY IS NO CONCERN OF YOURS!!" With that he slammed the door in Hatori's face. The Sohmas just stood there until they heard a muffled scream. Hatori broke down the door and Akito rushed in.

the black haired boy was on the floor screaming while his uncle, the pig man, beat him with a belt. Akito saw red, the next thing anyone knew the pig man was unconscious and across the room. Hatori wasted no time and rushed to the now prone body. He winced when the boy flinched away from him.

Akito growled before rushing over to the black haired boy. The green-eyes looked at all of them, those green- orbs where filled with enough fear to melt even Akito's icy heart. Akito reached out and started petting the raven black locks. "What is your name?" He asked the still trembling figure.

"H...Harry...P...Potter Sir." Harry stuttered his eyes never leaving Akito's black pools. Akito smiled, yes, an actual smile, "I'm Akito Sohma. I'm here to take you home with us."

Harry stared at the man who had stopped his uncle with suspicion and wonder. His thoughts racing as to why this pretty man was helping him. It took him a few seconds to realize he was staring, he quickly dropped his gaze and flinched away from the two men and the boy whom where now crowding around him.

Hatori reached for the still trembling child. He frowned when the child flinched away from his touch and started whispering something none of them could hear. Hatori flinched when he felt Akito's glare burning through his back. He shuddered and quickly got out of his Heads sight.

Akito glared at his dragon when he saw the black haired angel flinch away from Hatori's reaching hand. His glare softened when Hatori moved out of his view of the still shaking boy. He smiled slightly when the green- eyes locked once more with his.

"Dear, dear child, calm down. Hatori's not going to hurt a pretty little thing like you." Akito said his voice low and soothing as he tried to coax the skittish kitten from the ball he had curled himself into.

Harry stared at the black haired man who was speaking to him. Harrys' shakes slowly ebbing at the soothing sounds and hypnotic eyes that seemed to look right through him. 'He's pretty. But why is he interested in my? I'm just a freak, a nobody, and he's an angel.' While these thoughts raced through Harrys mind he didn't notice that he was slowly uncurling from his previous position.

The Sohma Head smile widened when his green-eyed boy slowly uncurled and crawled towards him, stopping only a few inches away from him. Akito shivered inside when he saw the boy's posture, on his hands and knees head bent and staring at the floor.

Akito shook himself slightly before reaching out a hand to pet the silky black tresses of his new family member. He felt Harry stiffen slightly before, after a few minutes, relaxing and leaning into the comforting touch.

Akito smiled slightly before remembering his audience. His smile quickly vanished as he turned to Hatori and the other boy he had been ignoring. "Hatori, Yuki! Get the car ready, we're leaving." Akito said, his cold tone causing the boy behind him to tense and start to shake again. Akito waited for the other two Sohmas to leave before turning to the black haired boy.

"Don't worry little one, I am not mad at you. It's quite the opposite. I'm glad to have finally found you, my pet." With that said Akito tilted the younger boys head back and gave him a quick kiss on his petal soft lips.

Harry gasped at the sudden contact of lips on his. He looked wide-eyed at the, now grinning, man that stood above him. He shivered when the man, Akito, laughed.

"Come, pet. Let's leave this place before that fat idiot wakes, or that horse of a woman comes down." Akito said softly as he held out his hand to the, now still, boy. He smiled when a small hand fit itself into his. Akito led Harry outside, where Hatori and Yuki where waiting.

Akito glared when he saw Yuki staring at his new companion. He quickly brought Harry from his side to sit in his lap when they got into the waiting limo. Yuki sat across from them and Hatori drove them back to the hotel.

Harry stiffened slightly when he was pulled into the black-haired boys' lap, before relaxing and curling into the man who had saved him. He looked at the silver-haired boy that was staring back before burrowing deeper into the Akito's embrace. A few minutes later he was asleep.

Yuki winced when Akito glared at him. "You will not scare my new pet, Dear Yuki, or you will be punished." Yuki shivered at Akito's frozen tone before nodding his head in submission to his family Head.

Akito smirked at the reaction before carding his hand through Harry's hair. He continued petting the soft tresses until they returned to the hotel the Sohma Family owned.

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