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Yoru: Ummm…no idea where this came from. It will be disturbing, possibly depressing, and full of bad things.

Kuronue: These bad things include sexual abuse, cursing, and violence. The other warning for it: it also contains yaoi. Don't like it? Don't read it.

Yoru: The yaoi will be out the wazoo. Rape yaoi, fluff yaoi, possibly love-making yaoi, some unrequited yaoi lovin'…

Kuronue: You gonna be a very busy chickie…

Xemnas watched his Cloaked Schemer with a look of odd satisfaction.

How had such perfection entered his empty half-life?

The way Zexion tossed his hair from his sapphire eyes, the way the lines on his forehead deepened when he was angry, the lack of emotion on his face as he glanced up at his Superior.

"Can I help you, Superior?" he asked blandly. Xemnas was sorely tempted to ravish Zexion right there on the desk, but refrained.

"Zexion, how goes the plan?"

"I have not sketched out all of the details, and I still have doubts about its success. I may be forced to start over again." Zexion turned from Xemnas to focus on the papers in front of him. Xemnas used the opportunity to approach Zexion and lean over his shoulder, pretending to read the papers. In reality, he was taking in the scent of the boy below him.

"You will finish it and bring it to my room when you are finished."

"Yes, Superior."

Xemnas left then, relishing in what he knew he would do when Zexion brought the paper to him later that night.

Zexion shuddered slightly as Xemnas' body heat left his side. The man had been far too close. Only one person was comfortably allowed that close to Zexion, and Xemnas did not fulfill the requirements.

The words on the papers blurred together as a headache began to pulse behind his eyes.

"Take a break, Zexion," came a welcome voice from the door. Zexion turned and smiled as much as he ever did.

"This is due tonight, unfortunately. The Superior has demanded it."

"The night's still young. You need fifteen minutes. I'll make you a snack."

"You sound like a worried wife." Zexion stood and exited the room, making his visitor follow him. He didn't hear the next words spoken.

"If only you'd let me."

A/N Aaaand finish! With the prologue, anyway. Next chapter gets much darker, as that's when Xemnas makes his move. Who is the visitor? Anyone want to guess? It may not be who you're expecting.