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She entered her office briskly, once again the only one around. She was early, even for her, as the clock on the wall above her head slowly ticked, showing 5.40am. She placed her briefcase on her desk, booting up her computer and settling down to a few hours of uninterrupted work.

A few hours later the lab began to fill with the rest of her team, with several people popping their heads round her office door to say good morning, including her best friend Angela Montenegro. The resident forensic artist had been Brennan's best friend since she had taken the post at the Jeffersonian, pulling the anthropologist gently out of her self induced isolation, and had slowly but surely won her heart. The raven haired woman breezed into her office just after 8am, a smile on her face and a skip in her walk. "Morning Sweetie," she called "and happy Valentines Day!"

Brennan glanced up from her computer screen, pulling a face at her friend. "I don't see the point of celebrating Valentines Day Ange, it's just a hallmark holiday that makes people feel they can present gifts to loved ones at one time in the year, so they don't feel guilty about neglecting them for the rest of the year. In fact Saint Valentine…"

"Yeah, yeah sweetie, blah blah the scientific meaning behind the holiday. But that's the point. It's a holiday! A day to celebrate with loved ones, and show how much you care." She flopped onto the couch across from her friend, carefully eyeing her reaction, waiting to see if she had won or if she would have to convince the anthropologist of the true meaning of the day. It wasn't about cheesy cards and chocolate…though she had to admit she liked that side, but it was about the feelings behind them, and it gave people a reason to show feelings they might not otherwise show. Angela crossed her legs in front of her and stared at Brennan, raising a perfectly manicured eyebrow, waiting for her friends' response.

Brennan sighed. She never used to agree with what Angela was saying, she didn't believe in love and expressing affection. But now, since the other woman had come into her life, she could appreciate taking a day to show how much someone meant to you. Too show them that you are a better person because of them and their influence. She frowned slightly, but nodded, silently agreeing with Angela. She watched as a slow smile spread across the artists lips, curving them upwards and making her face shine with happiness. "Good, now we have that sorted, happy Valentines Day Bren." The younger woman stood and Brennan watched as she left the office, leaving a faint trace of flowers and paint behind her. She shifted in her chair, trying once more to concentrate on her work, but instead thoughts of the artist invaded her thoughts. She frowned and stood, shaking her head. She couldn't understand it, she could always turn her mind back to the work at hand, but more and more these days her thoughts drifted to the raven haired beauty that she worked with. Brennan pulled on her deep blue lab coat and sighed once more, she didn't quite understand these feelings, so she pushed them down deep and went to find Zach so they could get started on the French Revolution skeleton that had arrived the day before.

Angela watched the forensic anthropologist stride across the lab, looking for her assistant. A smile graced her lips. She didn't know when she had fallen in love with her best friend, but she had. One day she had woken up and the beautiful, socially inept woman had occupied the greater part of her heart. Today, she decided. Today she would see of Tempe was receptive to her advances; it was Valentines Day, the perfect day; especially now she had gotten her to see the day from her own point of view.

Brennan practically ran to her office to grab the lunch she had packed that morning. At 6.45pm she was starved, and had been rushed off her feet all day. The French skeleton was relatively simple, but as they were finishing up with him a new one had arrived, curtsey of Booth, that was a lot harder to identify. She sank into the sofa, revelling in the softness of the leather against her aching muscles. It took her a few minutes to sense something was different about her office. She kept it so impeccable that she normally knew instantly if anything was out of place. She glanced around, looking for the anomaly. There. She spotted it on the edge of her desk, close to her keyboard. A small pink box, about the size of her clenched fist. She frowned, someone must have dropped it off whilst she was working on the remains in the 'light room' as she hadn't seen anyone go near her office when she was on the platform. She stood, moving towards the item, her curiosity peaked. As she got closer, she could see the box was covered in lighter pink hearts, hand drawn, simple yet elegant. It was a gift, from an admirer on Valentines Day. She sighed; she thought she had told security that she didn't want any of the fan mail from her books today. She moved to pick up the box, noting the absence of a card. It was light in the palm of her hand, and she couldn't fathom what was in it. Carefully she removed the hand made wrapping paper, revealing a plain cardboard box, which gave no clue as to what lay inside.

Angela, knowing everyone else had gone home, and that Brennan would still be working, had crept into her friends' office, placing the small box on the desk where the scientist couldn't miss it. Now she stood, quietly watching as Brennan slowly unwrapped her gift. Her face was etched with worry; she hoped she hadn't read the signals wrong, and that Brennan wouldn't be offended by her gift. But, she rationalised, smiling at the thought of her rational side coming through thanks to Tempe, she had wanted the other woman to have this, and to know her true feelings. Over the past few months she had felt a change in their friendship. The touches came more frequently, the looks lingered. She withdrew from her musings, and concentrated on the expression on the other woman's face, waiting for her reaction.

The last of the paper fell away and she slowly turned the box in her hands. She had no clue what was inside it or who it was from. She wondered briefly if it was from Booth, but he was in New Orleans on a case. Her mind quickly disregarded both Zach and Hodgins, this wasn't their style. That left Angela, Cam, the numerous technicians and other staff of the Jeffersonian or someone else entirely. Her heart flipped slightly at the thought it might be from Angela, although she knew it was impossible for her heart to move like that inside her body. But she had already come in to see Brennan that morning, so it couldn't be her. Her eyebrows creased slightly in concentration. Cam didn't like her much, so it wasn't her, and the other staff hardly spoke to her as she had a tendency to be caught up in her work. That left someone she didn't know. Pleased with her methods of deduction she allowed herself to open the box. Her breath caught in her throat, nestled in pale pink tissue paper was a beautiful silver necklace on a black leather thong. The intricacy of the piece took her breath away. It wasn't like anything she had seen before, delicate swirls of metal meshed together to form a tribal-like heart, formed of bands of the silver. It was stunning. She fell in love with it instantly, wondering who on earth would get her something so perfect.

Angela watched the expression on Brennan's face go to curiosity to wonderment. Her whole face had lit up when the necklace had been revealed to her. Angela couldn't stop the grin that was spreading across her own face. She had liked the gift, which was something. Her heart fluttered as she watched Brennan trace the trails of metal that formed the heart. She had designed it herself, knowing that her best friend liked tribal based art, and had called an old art college friend who dealt in metal work to make it. It had turned out perfectly, just like the woman she had given it to. The artist took a deep breath and stepped into the office, walking towards the woman she loved.

Brennan was roused from her thoughts by the sound of someone coming up behind her. She half turned, unable to tear her gaze away from the necklace in her hands. Out the corner of her eye she recognised the person coming towards her, and let her posture relax. "Want me to help you put that on sweetie?" came softly from behind her. Brennan froze, how had Angela known what was in the box in her hands. Surely she could only know if it was her who had sent it. She gazed again at the necklace, beginning to recognise the piece of art in front of her as one of her best friend's pieces; she had seen so much of the other woman's work and knew her style that she mentally kicked herself for not recognising it sooner. She felt the slightly shorter woman move up behind her, moving to sweep her hair off her neck. Brennan shivered at the touch.

Angela watched the shiver run down her friends back as she gently swept soft auburn locks off the pale skin in front of her. Her breath caressed her friends skin, shallow almost gasps of air as she waited for Brennan to pull away. She didn't, so she slowly reached round the lean woman and picked the necklace out of the box. Angela tied the thong in a knot and let her fingers rest against the nape of Brennan's neck, feeling the heat beneath them. She sighed softly and turned the woman in front of her so they were face to face. The heart rested in the hollow of the scientist's neck, suiting her perfectly. Angela licked her lips, lifting her gaze from the silver to Brennan's face. Cobalt blue eyes met her own, showing confusion and weariness. She moved her hand up to trace the necklace "It suits you" she breathed, watching as Brennan's eyes widened at the touch, and something flashed through them, too quickly for Angela to identify. Taking the fact Brennan hadn't moved as a good sign, she moved her hand further, tracing the strong jaw line, laying her hand against Brennan's soft pale cheek. "Happy Valentines Day."

She couldn't believe what was happening. The woman who had been invading her thoughts for the past few months returned her feelings. She had bought, no made, her a beautiful necklace and was now standing in front of her, caressing her cheek. For once, Brennan was speechless. She gazed into honey brown eyes and saw the love expressed there, unhidden and all for her. She wanted to run, was this too fast? As she watched the loved was replaced by fear, rejection. All at once Tempe didn't want to run, she wanted to bring the love back into those beautiful eyes, and she leant towards the artist, bringing her own hands up to Angela's face, before closing the final distance and touching their lips together. The kiss was soft and sweet, with a promise of so much more behind it. When they parted Tempe opened her eyes, seeing the love once more in those eyes. "Happy Valentines Day Ange."

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