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The gentle glow of the dashboard lit up the artists face across from her enough that she could see the immediate flash of lust that ran through her. Brennan suppressed the shiver that ran through her upon seeing this, and instead concentrated on regulating her breathing. It seemed impossible that Angela could affect her in this way, and so fast, but still her heart beat quickly, her stomach twisted in knots and her entire body tingled, no matter what she told herself. She smirked at the deep blush that was spreading down Angela's face and neck at her forwardness, and, on impulse she reached forward and traced the pink skin with a forefinger, this time feeling the shiver go through her friend. 'Well, 'she breathed, trailing her finger so it stopped short of Angela's top, 'which do you prefer?'. She wondered if this was too soon, but that trail of thought was soon stopped as Angela closed the space between them and crashed their lips together, no hesitation as she slipped her hands under the material of Brennan's top to caress her sides and back. Eventually Angela pulled back enough to say 'take me to yours' before resuming her exploration of her mouth. Brennan responded in kind, and soon their tongues were battling for dominance as fingers and hands caressed flesh.

Angela groaned, shifting to get closer to the object of her affection, before getting caught on her seatbelt. She couldn't help but laugh. They were like two teenagers making out in a car. Her giggling seemed to confuse Brennan, and the sight of a flushed, confused Brennan only added to Angela's amusement. The slightly taller woman raised her eyebrows in question, causing her to gasp out what she was finding so funny. Immediately that drew a grin on Brennan's face. And the sound of the scientist chuckling made Angela's heart pitter-patter and fill with love. Bren didn't laugh enough, and in that moment Angela made herself a promise that she would try to make her friend laugh as much as she could. The atmosphere was light as Brennan leant back doing her own seat belt up, and slid the car into drive. Angela settled herself into her own seat, but missed the contact with the beautiful woman next to her. Waiting till Brennan moved her hand back to the wheel; she tenderly slid her hand into the other woman's, quietly sighing at the tingle of electricity that seemed to connect them together whenever they touched.

Surprised by the contact Brennan jumped, before relaxing into the artists grip. No matter how much they had touched during the night, it was still a new experience for her. She had never felt the need to touch someone; she was never a tactile person. But in the years she had known Angela that had slowly changed. She had begun to not mind, and even look forward to the light touches, the lingering hugs. The need to stand just that little bit closer to the woman whenever they were in the same room had now become a prominent feature of her day, and she often felt best as she stood talking over another terrible crime when the heat from the artist's side warmed her aching heart. The short trip back to her own apartment was a bit longer than it had taken to get there, but she didn't mind, listening to Angela's gentle breathing next to her. She felt relaxed, and, she admitted to herself, loved. As she pulled up in front of her apartment complex she glanced over at Angela, smiling at the fact she had fallen asleep at some point during the journey. She gently leaned over, tucking a stray strand of hair behind a perfect ear, loathed to wake her sleeping beauty. 'Ange' she whispered softly. 'Ange, we're here.' Angela only mumbled something under her breath and tried to 

turn away, hitting her head on the passenger window. 'Oww' she muttered, now fully awake. Struggling not to laugh Brennan unbuckled both the seatbelts and exited the car, walking round to open the artist's door. As she got there, Angela had already made her own way out of the car, and was stood rubbing the spot on her forehead that she had hit, a pout upon her face. 'Still hurt?' she questioned sympathetically. Angela only pulled a face she didn't know the meaning of and continued to rub her head. In the light from the street lights she could see a mark already appearing under the woman's elegant hand. Without quite understanding why, but knowing that it was the right thing to do she leant in and carefully removed Angela's hand, placing her lips over the mark in a soft, sweet kiss.

At this contact, the slight pain Angela was feeling was completely erased as Brennan kissed it away. Her heart filled with love for the scientist and all the feelings of lust and anticipation that had been dulled by the sleepy car ride were inflamed in her body by the innocent touch. Spinning them round she pressed Brennan into the side of the car, crashing their lips together as she wrapped her hands around the other woman's neck. She ran her tongue along Brennan's full lower lip, before taking into her own mouth and gently sucking. At the Brennan moaned, and responded in kind, pulling the artist closer and running her hands down her spine. The kisses that followed were heated and passionate, but conveyed the love that both women felt, and were still getting used to exploring. All too soon Brennan pulled away, causing Angela to pout and lean her forehead against the slightly taller woman 'okay?' she managed to gasp out, trying to calm her heart. Brennan nodded and placed butterfly kisses across her cheeks before wrapping her in a loving hug and whispering in her ear 'always when I'm with you. But we should probably take this inside.' Angela laughed, the sound bubbling up and overflowing in her. She couldn't imagine Brennan having sex outside. It was such a funny image. But she sobered quickly as she felt Brennan's hands slide down her legs and up under her dress, tracing circles on the firm flesh. She blushed, and felt her knees go weak at the intimate touch; the look on Brennan's face was purely predatory. 'Now' the anthropologist growled, slipping her hands farther up the raven haired woman's dress so she had her hands resting on her bum.

Brennan was surprised by her own forwardness, but being with Angela brought it out of her. It always had. She had become a better person since the artist had forced herself into her mainly solitary life. And she had not regretted a single moment of it. The blush her actions produced on the graceful cheekbones of her friend and the heat coming off her graceful body made Brennan damp, and she realised that she had to touch the artist before she exploded. Dragging her hands slowly round Angela's body, making her buck into the touch she pulled away, taking the woman's hand and leading her to her apartment.

As Angela watched Brennan fumble one handed with the key, she decided to get her own back on the anthropologist, now she had recovered from the surprise of Brennan's forwardness. She moved to the back of Brennan, hugging her form behind and placing soft kisses on the tender skin of the back of her neck, right on the clasp of the necklace she had given her only a few hours ago. As she continued to suck and nibble on the flesh in front of her she pondered how much had gone on in only a few hours. She wondered if they were going too fast, but the moans Brennan was producing from the back of her throat at her touch made all thoughts of slowing down vanish from her head as she stroked her fingers under the grey top Brennan was wearing. Brennan groaned and arched into the touch, as she finally got the key turned in the lock, flinging the door open. Deciding to take 

charge, Angela moved past Bren into the hall, turning to blow a kiss at Bren on her way through to the bedroom.

Brennan nearly came at the sight of Angela walking down the hall to her bedroom, slipping out of the dress on the way. Hurrying to close and lock the door she followed the beautiful woman, swallowing the lump of excitement in her throat. At the thought of making love to the woman who was not only her best friend, but the woman who had been invading her thoughts for months, she didn't think she had ever been happier. Angela called from the bedroom, her voice low and sexy 'Sweetie, get that cute ass in here now'. Happy to oblige Brennan hurried down the corridor, a smile on her lips and the only thought in her head was that she quite liked Valentines Day after all.

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