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Chapter 1

"Dean, man, can we go now?" Sam Winchester leaned against the side of the black car, his arms folded across his chest and his head canted to the side as he watched his older brother crouched down in a field of clover and if that wasn't a weird sight…

"No," came the grunted reply. "Not until I find one. Damnit!"

"The odds of finding one are ten thousand to one, dude, let's just go. I'm getting hungry." Sam wondered sometimes about his brother. This obsessive foray into Mother Nature was inspired by a whacked out conversation about a new television movie the brothers had seen advertised. Apparently, they were doing a new Knight Rider and Dean had made a comment that he wished his baby was a K.I.T.T – a fully, talking and rocking car – and an ill-timed passing of a clover field heralded a hard brake and new hunt…

For a four leaf clover.

Dean wanted the clover so he could make a wish – a wish that his car was K.A.T.T, apparently the feminine version of the television car. Once he had recovered his breath from doubled over laughter, Sam humored Dean, but after two hours even Sam's grace had its limits. "Dean!" he shouted again. "DEAN!"

And then a triumphant cry and the younger hunter rolled his eyes. It would seem it took two hours to search out ten thousand clovers because, low and behold, his brother was holding up a bonafide four leaf clover.

Wearily Sam clapped. At least now they could leave. "Let's go."

"Wait, wait," Dean stood up stiffly, shook the kinks out of his body and grinned. "I need to make my wish first."

"What?" the younger man exhaled in disbelief, "You can't be serious. It's a plant."

"Yeah and that dead rabbit's foot was just a dead rabbit's foot," his brother countered, his eyebrows raised significantly. Okay, Sam had to give him that.

"Dean," he tried to sound patient, really he did…

His brother promptly ignored him, closed his eyes and said loudly, "I wish my beloved baby was KATT 3000!" and then tossed the little green plant away.

Sam's mouth dropped in shock. His brother had just spent over two hours searching for the damn –

'Ahem. If no one minds, I'd really prefer to be anywhere other than on the side of a road.'

A woman's voice?

The young hunter slowly turned towards the car. No…

"Holy fucking shit!" Dean's armed pumped the air, "It worked!"

'Of course it worked,' the 'car' continued, Sam scrubbed his face and felt his knees go weak. He struggled to make sense of this. The car – Dean's car – was talking, and in a husky, sexy female voice, no less. 'Dean found a four leaf clover and made his wish. Now come along, I'm itching to put blacktop beneath my rubber!'

Beaming broadly, Dean punched Sam in the arm as he passed, "You heard her, Sammy – let's burn rubber!"

Even as he dumbly followed, Sam had a very bad feeling about this.


"Man, isn't this the coolest," Dean gushed as he sat back in the driver's seat with his hands behind his head, a picture of total relaxation as the car continued along the highway. "Think of how much more distance we can cover in a day. KATT can drive while I sleep… hey Sammy, you'll never have to drive again!" The car not only talked but also seemed to have full control over everything including the radio, locks on the doors, seatbelts and, of course, it could drive itself and was doing so, right now. Thank goodness there wasn't any other traffic around…

Sam glowered. "Gee, Dean, yeah that is just the coolest." He was still very freaked out about this besides which he wasn't that bad a driver. The semi thing didn't count.

'Is Sammy angry with me?' the car asked, putting just enough inflection in its voice to make it sound like a pout.

"Nah, baby," the older hunter cooed as he patted the dash affectionately, "just jealous."

"Were you born a jack-ass or is it something you work at?" Sam had gone from freaked out to pissed off. Not bad enough he played shotgun to Dean but now, apparently, he got to play second fiddle to the car. He scowled at the radio since that is where the voice seemed to come from, "And the name's Sam. Not Sammy."

'You really should try to relax more, Sam' Oh God the car was offering advice. 'Is he always so fun?'

Sam knew the comment was directed at Dean but he cut in before his brother and car could get in any more digs. "I think we should call Bobby."

"Bobby?" Dean turned to him genuinely surprised, "Why?"

"Because, Dean, we have a little problem here," he glared significantly at the radio, "and I think we could use his help."

"How?" His brother apparently wasn't seeing a problem. "And with what?"

"Do I have to spell it out?" Sam growled angrily. He hated when Dean played dumb, his brother was not stupid by any stretch of the imagination and knew exactly what Sam was talking about.

"Sam, would you just relax? I still don't get why your panties are in twist – this isn't a problem. This," he spread out his arms indicating his beloved baby, "is a wish. My wish, might I add. This is what I wanted." He dropped his voice and his eyes, shyly casting a sidelong glance at Sam and the younger man knew he was about to be played. "Don't I deserve to get what I want… sometimes?"

Oh geez. And Dean said Sam had him wrapped around his little finger??

Exhaling loudly, Sam threw up in his hands in exasperation. "Fine. You win. But I swear," he glared at his sibling, "if it -"

"She," his beloved sibling corrected.

"It," Sam ignored him, "goes all Stephen King's Maximum Overdrive on us, it is so going to be your fault!" Oh no, he wasn't going to be petty about this at all. "And," might as well go for broke, "you get to tell Bobby why you thought this was such a 'cool' thing."

Dean frowned. "Geez, Sammy, hostile much?"

He just stared at his brother. Oh no, this wasn't going to be a bad idea at all…


KATT as it turned out, was quite a conversationalist and by the time they had finally agreed on a place to stop for the night, Sam pretty much hated the sound of its voice. He had never realized before how much he enjoyed the silence that permeated most of their road trips, punctuated by heavy metal and sporadic conversation. It was actually exhausting to listen to the continued parade of conversations between the car and Dean as Sam slumped against the window and tried to sleep.

Yeah, like that worked and it was only Sam's insistence that his butt would go totally numb if he had to spend any longer in the car – followed by the threat that if it did, Dean would have to rub some feeling back into it – that made an overnight stop more attractive to his brother then the fun of letting the car continue driving.

Dean pulled up in front of the motel and parked the car. He and KATT stopped their 'debate' over who the top five drummers in the eighties were long enough for him to wave his hand at Sam in a shooing motion. "Get us a room." And then they picked their conversation right up as if it had never been interrupted.

Sam's seatbelt flew off and the passenger door opened, leaving him no choice but to roll his eyes and get out of the car. "You actually going to come in or should I stick a 'Do Not Disturb' sign on the mirror?" He barely got out of the way as the car slammed the door. His brother's smirking face and small hand wave soured his irritability. This was absolutely ridiculous.

Up until this exact moment Sam had been pretty confident of where he stood in relation to the car when it came to Dean's priorities, but now he wasn't so sure.

"Fine," he sulked as he moved towards the motel office, "No problem. I don't care anyway." But deep down, he knew that was a crock. He cared, too much.


'What's his problem?' KATT purred – oh yeah the car could even purr – Dean noticed as he watched his brother stalk away. He couldn't help but grin, amused by Sam's outright jealousy over the car. It was kinda sweet actually, like having two girls fighting over him. Except for, well Sam wasn't a girl and they weren't exactly fighting but it still gave Dean a bit of a head rush.

"Ah, nothing, baby," he consoled the vehicle, "he's just wound a bit too tight right now, that's all."

'Can someone unwind him?' the car asked, real curiosity laced her tone and Dean felt something tighten painfully in his chest, afraid of what would happen to his little brother if anyone did.

He shrugged off her question with practiced ease, "Not tonight," he watched as Sam finished talking with the manager and walked towards them. "Well I guess this is good night." His hand undid his seatbelt and he pushed open the door even as the car whined,

'Awww… so soon? It's only early, Deanie, stay and keep me company…'

The hunter cocked an eyebrow as a grin tugged at his lips, "Deanie?"

KATT made a noise that actually sounded like an honest to goodness giggle – his car giggled? Dean grinned broadly – and then the car's voice dropped low and tentative, 'You don't like it?'

Man his car was such a chick…

"Nah, it's fine. But I gotta go," Dean slid out of the seat and then leaned in conspiratorially to whisper as Sam unlocked the door to their room and left it open to come help Dean with the bags, "gotta keep the other woman in my life out of trouble tonight." He then winked at the interior, stood up and shut the door as the impala popped open the trunk for Sam. "See you in the morning."


The car watched the two Winchester's go into the room and waited until they locked the doors before it switched off its lights. Settling down in the parking lot, it tried to keep from being bored but it was difficult. It couldn't even try to sleep – cars didn't need sleep.

Sighing dramatically, it checked the time. 10 PM. This was going to be a long night.


Sam waited until Dean fell asleep and then took his cell phone and slipped outside. Seeing the car, he gave a self conscious little wave – not sure of its current consciousness level – and then slipped around the corner of the motel and out of sight.

Only when he was sure he wouldn't be overhead did Sam finally let out the breath he was holding and pressed the speed dial button for Bobby. He didn't care what his brother thought or said, Sam just had a very bad feeling about all this and he wanted the senior hunter's assurance one way or the other.

He waited as the rings went through, easily imagining the chagrined look on the older man's face when his phone rang at 2 in the morning. He let out a sigh of relief when he finally heard the familiar gruff voice on the other end of the line, even if he grimaced at Bobby's choice of words,

"Who died?"

Sam took a deep breath and then burst out, "Bobby, it's Sam," as if the other man wouldn't recognize his voice, "I think Dean's gone and done something stupid…"

He heard the older man sigh loudly, "Yeah, so what else is new?" That made Sam chuckle and shake his head. Sometimes he forgot just how well his father's old friend knew them. "Spit it out, kid," Bobby continued, "the sooner you tell me what's going on, the sooner I can haul ass to pluck yours out of the frying pan."

"Well see, it's like this," Sam started, feeling a tiny prickle of guilt at going behind his brother's back like this, but he was worried and Dean wasn't listening to him; nothing good could come from a talking car. "Dean found a four leaf clover…"