"...what is that?"

"A plushie, obviously. I thought you were a genius, Mello"

Twitch. "Let me rephrase that. Who is that a plushie OF?"

"Again, obviously, it's you. Man, you're having an off day."

Another twitch. A hand placed on the butt of a gun. "Matt, why do you have plushie of me?"

"I thought it was cute. Don't you?"

Plushie Mello waves at real Mello. A third twitch. "...where did you get that?"

"Nowhere special."

A gun is cocked and pointed. "Again, where did you get it?"

"...you have to put the gun away first."

The gun is put away, for now. "Well?"

The Mello plushie kisses real Mello's cheek. "From Near's private collection."

The gun is cocked again, and Mello is furious. Bang. Bang. BANG! The Mello plushie is no more. Matt frowns. "You didn't have to do that..."

"Shut. Up."


After that, Matt gave up on talking because Mello put his mouth to much better uses while the forgotten Mello plushie watched with its stuffing spread out all over.