This plushie fic is bit more amusing than my other ones, I think because this ends humorously instead of angsty. All I have to say is poor Rester.

Rester was beginning to think that he needed a vacation. Really, he needed to get away from Near. Well, not Near, per say, just his strange toys. Mainly the creepy plushies that were always sprawled across the floor even after Lidner had made Near put them away.

At first, when Rester had noticed Near played with toys almost every second of everyday, it had irritated him greatly. Unfortunately, Near said that playing with the toys kept his reasoning well above those of normal human beings, so Rester could not argue. Now, he just wanted these plushies locked away. Would Near noticed if he had just destroyed the plushies? Near had SO many other toys he could play with.

Rester sighed when he noticed that the plushies had striking resemblances to people in Near's life, so no, Rester could not destroy the plushies without calling Near's wrath upon himself. He had heard an angry Near was something fierce, and he never wanted to experience it himself.

While leaving the main room, Rester tripped, landing face first into a huge pile of plushies. He sat up angrily and looked for what had tripped him. It had been two plushies that were not in the pile with the rest. One, he recognized immediately as Mello. Rester had seen this plushie in Near's hands plenty of times, but it looked different. It had a huge grin and glowing eyes, just like the real Mello had had. Rester gulped then chastised himself when the thought of possessed plushies came to mind.

Before he could get up, Rester felt something on his leg. He looked down to see the L plushie that Near usually played with when he was having a bad day as L, but there was something off about the plushie. Rester glanced over to the pile of plushies he had landed in earlier to see the L plushie lying comfortable on top of the Kira plushie.

Rester looked back at the other L plushie, but he noticed that this plushie had feral red eyes. It could not be an L plushie, but Rester had no idea who it could be. Rester closed his eyes and pinched the brow of his nose. He did not have time for this. When he opened his eyes, he saw that the not-L plushie had moved on top of the Mello plushie who was struggling underneath it, trying to avoid the not-L plushie's advances.

Rester's eyes widened. "Plushies are not alive. I'm hallucinating. Those plushies are not attempting to have a plushie make-out session," he muttered to himself. "I really need a vacation."

Rester left quickly, and when he did, the Mello and B plushie stopped moving. Instead, the huge pile of plushies began to shift. Near popped out of the pile with a remote control in his hand. He pressed a few buttons, and the modified B and Mello plushies walked back into the plushie pile. Near smiled and sunk slowly back into his plushie pile.