All of You

I never do things halfway,

I guess that's why it took me so long to say,

"I Love You."


My heart, I think, always knew,

But my mind was not sure that my feelings were true.

Treacherously logical, it took its time in thought.

Did I only love one of you? Or two of you?

All three of you the same?

I lacked the will to look beyond the surface,

For what is in a name?


Your true form, so pure, had no scent of sin upon it.

In that place, my true face,

I displayed to you with no remonstration in my heart.


Your second alias gave me cause to turn and look again.


The third guise I thought so long was an enemy,

Was in actuality a friend.


At first you did not love me, both each others' foe.

You worked to restore Mytho's heart and I to let it go.

But my goals changed and our purposes were cast together.


We fought for the same person, often side-by-side.

That's when more then just our causes began to collide.

You made me feel as I never had before.

Your thoughts and insecurity were knew feelings for me to explore.

I didn't tell you my fears, but inherently you knew.

You could sense what specters haunted me

And how to help me through.


Slowly it occurred to me how much of me you knew,

And that I would give almost anything to know the same of you.

It is then, I think, that our affections for one another grew.


But our destinies denounced us and we were chained by fate.

Our futures were tragic, no happy endings did await.

You, to disappear as a fleck of light,

after announcing your unrequited love for another,

and I to die,

a courageous knight,

by the Raven's awesome power.

And yet there was something that defied this tale,

Our love for one another.


My conclusion is that I adore all of you, no matter your name.

Three guises you may have,

But they are one person in the same,



Princess Tutu,

My Love.

By Fakir

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this poem! I hope you enjoyed it. If you want to, drop me review; because, in all honesty, it will take you less than two minutes to write one and it will fill up your 'Good Things I Did Today' quota. : )
Well then... So just to let you know, this poem is all from Fakir's point of view and it seems obvious to me that he's writing about how he fell head over heels for Ahiru. Yes, Yes, I know. Fakir would never ever be this sappy in real life but, But... What if he were to write this and then burn it after realizing how lovesick it sounded? Yeah. That justifies the OCCness... I think.

Until next time - Kuroi Fushichou