Okay, this is my new Jacob/OC story. I'm writing it because I think Jacob deserves his happiness but there is no chance he could possibly get between Bella and Edward. So I needed an OC. Hope you enjoy. Please review and let me know what you think, good or bad.

La Push was too small a place to get lost in and yet here I was, in the middle of thick, overgrown trees with absolutely no idea which way I was supposed to go. I stood next to the car, the map spread out on the hood. The corners were blowing up roughly with the strong wind and it was impossible to read anything off it. I cursed loudly, folding the map again and throwing it in the front seat. At least Amelia and Faye were still asleep in the back seat, their dark heads close together as they snoozed. I closed my eyes against the tears that threatened to spill over. How had I deluded myself into thinking I could do this? I couldn't be their guardian. I could barely navigate through a town that was smaller than the community in LA I had lived in. A loud noise caused me to jump and I turned quickly in a circle. A large creature was at the back of a car. It looked like a wolf but it was bigger than any wolves I had ever heard of. And it was slowly walking towards me. Shit. The kids. Shit.

I held my hand out towards it, trying to control my breathing. Animals could smell fear, right? It attracted them. I tried to practise my yoga breathing, to make my heart stop pounding.

"Good wolf." I muttered towards it, slowly backing towards the car. If I could just get inside I would drive. I would just pick a direction, and drive. I was bound to come across a high way sooner or later. "You don't want to eat me… There's not enough meat on my bones for you to really enjoy me. Oh God, please don't eat me!"

It made a funny noise and opened its mouth. I jerked back against the car as it finally made its way over to me. It sniffed me cautiously, as I tried to stay completely still and remembered what little I had learned about wild animals in the survival course I took when I was thirteen. Most wouldn't harm you unless you attacked them first, right? If I just stayed still it would go away hopefully. It turned around, heading away from me and I slowly exhaled in relief. It stopped a little ways away and turned to me again, making a soft noise in the back of its throat. Maybe I had been driving for too long without rest or maybe I was just going insane, but it sounded as if it wanted me to follow it. I climbed into the car, still watching in confusion. The wolf made to turn again as I started the ignition. I drove slowly, following the wolf as it made its way through thick trees. It moved slowly and with every second that passed I felt my heart return to its normal pace. We finally emerged on a road a few minutes later and I laughed loudly in relief.

"I'm so going home to sponsor a wolf." I chuckled. The wolf turned to me and opened its mouth slightly, making the same noise it had made earlier when I spoke to it. I rolled the window down and smiled widely at the wolf.

"I must be going insane but thank you." I laughed. The wolf turned and sprinted back into the woods. I sighed and looked in the mirror. The girls had slept through the whole thing, I noticed wryly. I sighed and opened the map again; looking for the road I was on. I was absorbed with the task, and nearly shrieked with surprised when someone knocked on the window. I placed a hand to my racing heart again, before turning and locking the door before rolling down the window.

"Can I help you?" I asked politely. The man in front of me smiled, showing a perfect set of gleaming white teeth. His skin was a gorgeous copper colour and his perfectly straight, jet black hair was tied in a low, loose ponytail, He wore a pair of loose, cut of denim shorts and a simple white wife beater.

"No, but I was thinking I could help you. You look lost." He smiled at me again and I felt my face flush with embarrassment. La Push was an Indian reservation, this guy was bound to know where I was going.

"Um, I guess I am." I admitted. "And I suck at reading maps."

He chuckled huskily and I found myself smiling at the sound. His eyes were a beautiful dark brown, the type of eyes that you could easily get lost in. His face was striking, that was for sure.

"I'm Jacob." He held his hand out to me through the window. I shook his hand, breathing in sharply. His hand was so hot. I looked up at him in surprise. He didn't look ill but he looked uncomfortable when he noticed my surprised expression.

"I'm Lily." I finally spoke again. "I'm moving in to my grandmother's old house. It's somewhere near… First Beach?"

He nodded. "What was your grandma's name?"

"Mary Bensa." I saw the flicker of recognition and sighed. He probably never realised that Mary had any grandchildren. It had been a long time since I had been in La Push.

"Listen, I don't mean to be rude or anything but I need to get the girls into a bed soon or they're going to be seriously cranky in the morning. Could you point me in the right direction?"

He stared at me intensely for a few minutes before nodding. "I'll do better than that, I'll show you. May I?" He nodded towards the passenger seat. I sighed and nodded, knocking my bags and bottles off the seat to make room for him. They landed with a thud on the floor. He climbed in with more grace than I would have thought possible from a man his size. He grinned at me, a friendly cheeky sort of grin that took my breath away. When his face was animated like that, he was breathtaking.

"So, you need to go straight down this road for a while." He began giving me directions and I nodded, pressing my foot on the accelerator.

It was less than five minutes before we were pulling in beside a pretty, quaint little house a few seconds walk from a rocky sort of beach. It would take a little while for the girls to get used to that. They were used to the golden sands of California beaches, I thought ruefully, glancing back at them.

"Hey, guys, wake up." I said loudly, giving each of them a little shake. They stirred slowly and I turned back to Jacob. He had the door of the car opened and was climbing out. I quickly followed suit and climbed out after him.

"So, thanks a lot for helping us." I told him with a smile. "We probably would have been eaten by coyotes if it wasn't for you."

"Not much coyote activity in these parts." He laughed again. The sound was slightly intoxicating and I found myself holding my breath as I watched him. "We do have a few wolves you should watch out for though."

I started at his words and looked up into his amused face. He was just trying to scare me, I realised. He couldn't possible know that a giant wolf had led me to the road he had found me on. Even I was sceptical of the story now, in the wide open space away from the thick trees. I was starting to think I had made the whole thing up. I watched in silence as the two girls climbed out of my car, yawning and holding hands.

"So, Jacob, is there anything I can do to thank you?" I asked, turning back to face him.

"You could give me your phone number?" He smiled cheekily again. I found myself laughing and nodding. I held my hand out for his phone but he simply stared at me in amusement.

"You don't have a cell phone?" I asked in shock. He shook his head.

"Don't need one. La Push isn't really big enough for everyone to need them." He explained. He scratched the back of his neck nervously.

"Oh, okay," I replied. I took a pen out my bag and ripped a corner of the map off, scribbling my number. "There you go. Thanks again."

"It was no problem." He grinned. "It certainly brightened up my day."

I smiled and watched him as he jogged down the beach, before turning to the house. The last time I had been here I had been eight. I could barely remember anything. I unlocked the door and allowed Amelia and Faye to run in front of me. They made their way up the stairs and I could hear their muffled yells as they each claimed their rooms. I threw my bag on to the old sofa and sighed. The wall paper was old and fading, a seventies pattern of big flowers on brown paper. I made a face at the old, groovy looking arm chair. It would all have to go, I decided. If I was going to make a fresh start it would have to be completely fresh and nothing in this house was fresh, I decided as I sniffed the cushion next to me. I sighed and went to grab my laptop from the boot of the car. The movers would be arriving in a few days, which should be just enough time to get new furniture sorted out in most of the rooms.

I couldn't help but let my mind wander back to Jacob. I could picture his smiling face so clearly in my head, the way his dark hair had fallen into his eyes and how he had casually brushed it away with his large, unnaturally hot hand. I had been fixated with those hands. I shook my head with a slight laugh. No doubt Jacob was married or engaged or something of the like and here I was, practically fantasising about his hands. How pathetic.

"Lily!" Amelia called as she ran back down the stairs. I started the laptop up before turning to her with as big a smile as I could muster. Why had I thought I could do this for?

"What's up, short stuff?" I asked her as she sat herself down next to me on the sofa. She wrinkled her nose up at the smell and I chuckled. They were such little snobs.

"We're replacing this, right?"

"As soon as I get broadband up and running." I promised. She nodded.

"Want to come see my room?"