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"Hey, you know what I want to do to you right now?"

I giggled as Jacob's hot breath hit the side of my neck and a shiver ran down my spine. His warm hands caressed my back as he pulled me against him, his lips soft but insistent on mine. I sighed into his mouth as his fingers deftly freed my hair from the clip it was in.

"Oh God, not again. Don't you two do anything else?"

I groaned and turned to glare at my son. Billy had that amused and mischievous look on his face that he had inherited from his dad as he threw his school bag in to the furthest corner of the room and flung himself onto the armchair.

"By the way, just a warning, Mia is on the warpath."

Jacob shot me a disappointed look and lifted me off his lap, tucking me along his side as we settled into the couch and waited on the rest of the kids to make their way inside.

Billy was the oldest boy and the absolute picture of his dad and granddad. He wore his dark hair in a ponytail and his skin was the same exact same colour as Jacob's. He idolised his dad and the two of them spent the majority of their free time down in the garage with Embry and Jonathon, his son.

"Mom, I was talking to Mr Peterson today and he said he thinks it would be good for me to get some sort of volunteer work this summer. He said it would look good on my transcripts so I called the animal shelter in Port Angeles and they said I could help out so they're sending me forms and I need you to fill them out for me. Is that okay?"

Faye was the quiet, golden child of the family. She and Jody had grown up to be best friends and the two of them spent the majority of their time together, away from the other pack kids. Faye's dark hair fell in waves around her face as she spoke to me, her blue eyes lit up at the idea of working with animals for the summer and I couldn't help but smile at her.

"Sure, baby. I'll fill them in as soon as they arrive." I promised, leaning my head against Jacob's hot shoulder. He ran his fingers through my hair and leaned down to kiss me softly.

"God, don't you two stop?" Mia groaned as she perched on her brother's seat. She rolled her eyes as we looked at her. "No one else's parents behave like that."

"Like what?" Jacob asked in amusement.

"Like they can't get enough of each other. You're both middle aged, you gotta stop acting like teenagers."

Mia had grown up to be just like her namesake. She was the drama queen of the family. Hell, she was the drama queen of the pack. Between her and Maria, the pack was always a dramatic group to be a part of. She was as outspoken as her birth mother had been and a huge part of the drama club in school. She had recently bleached her hair blonde and was toying with the idea of heading to LA to make it big. I was trying to convince her otherwise.

"You know for a fact that the entire pack acts like this." Jacob was chuckling.

"Yeah, well just because you all refuse to grow up is no reason for your children to suffer." Maggie commented as she threw herself on to the floor. Maggie was the baby of the family at thirteen. She was also the only one who actually looked like me. Her dark hair and pale skin set her apart from her brothers and sisters and I knew alternately loved it and hated it. "Anyway, uncle Sam and aunt Emily don't get on the way the rest of you do."

"That's because they have a million kids, they don't have time." Ethan commented as he ran his hands through his dark hair. Ethan was out final kid. The youngest boy was also a double of Jacob although he had gotten my eyes which led for a striking look that he was constantly using to pick up girls.

"Mom." Mia had one of those soft, lilting voices that could be used for begging for something. And she was using it now. Jacob and I exchanged wary looks before answering her.

"What's up?"

"Now, daddy, don't get mad but there's this boy…"

"Does he like his legs the way they are?"

"What? Yeah."

"Then you don't want to continue that sentence." Jacob promised. I chuckled into his shoulder.

"But daddy, you know him! It's Dave Burns."

"Isn't that the little boy who was at our wedding?" I murmured low enough so that only Jacob could hear. He nodded and I chuckled. Dave and Mia had spent the majority of their childhood antagonising each other. Name calling, hair pulling and stone throwing were regular occurrences between the two of them. I always knew they'd end up together at some point.

"Didn't I threaten to break his legs then as well?" Jacob muttered. I chuckled and nodded.

"Daddy, every other girl my age is dating. It's not fair that I'm not. You're totally stunting my growth." Mia groaned, covering her eyes and flopping backwards in the chair. Dramatically.

"That's such a lie." Ethan laughed. "Jody and Maria and Haley and…"

"I get the picture." Mia hissed at him with a glare before turning back towards us and batting her eyelashes with a pout.



"But daddy…"

"I said no."


"Jacob, maybe…"

"Oh hell no."

I chuckled at the horrified look on Jacob's face and shrugged at Mia.

"I tried."

"Yeah, you tried so hard mom. Thanks."

"Speak to your mom like that one more time and I'll put the age up to thirty." Jacob threatened.

I chuckled and pushed myself up.

"What are we having for dinner?" Maggie asked as she followed me towards the kitchen. Billy wasn't far behind and the two of them took a seat at the table, watching me as I bustled about.

"How does stir fry sound?" I asked. They nodded, not really playing attention. They were talking quietly about their school work. I smiled as I listened to their easy chatting. I could still hear Mia begging Jacob to let her go on the date and I chuckled. The poor girl had no chance. Jacob was as overprotective as it came.

"Hey mom, Maria and I were thinking of going to Port Angeles this weekend to catch a movie and do some shopping, is that okay?"

Faye had taken her regular seat at the table, facing Maggie and Billy, and looked up at me with wide eyes. I had a sudden flash of the little girl that had landed on my doorstep one day. My life had changed so much since then and I was much happier for it.

Not for the first time, I thanked Mia silently in my head for giving me the two wonderful little girls I had raised. Without them, who knew if I would have come to La Push? To Jacob and the pack. Maybe I would have wandered the country for years, searching for the one person to make me feel complete, never thinking he was in a small Indian reservation in a tiny town in Seattle.

As Jacob wandered into the kitchen ten minutes later I was getting slightly misty eyes over the stir fry.

"Hey, what's wrong?" Jacob asked softly as he came up behind me. He had a knack for guessing my moods. He wrapped his arms around my stomach, pulling me against him.

"Sometimes I forget how lucky we are to have found each other." I told him. He chuckled and kissed my cheek softly.

"You'll drive yourself insane thinking like that." He chided softly. "Yeah, we're lucky but it hasn't always been easy, you know?"

I nodded and turned in his arms to kiss him, wanting to convey all my emotions in the small touch.

"Oh my God, can't you two just stop?" Mia shrieked from behind him. I chuckled and ignored her, leaning up to kiss him anyway.

"Love you."

"Love you more."