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Bella POV.

"You better give those guy's a hefty tip." I warned Alice as we reached the reception area. Rosalie and I both had two suitcases each, while Alice unsurprisingly had four. Two poor bellboys called Simon and Joseph, who were dressed in matching blue uniforms, staggered behind us as they desperately tried to manage eight suitcases between them on the flimsy trolleys.

"Hmmm I guess you're right…we'll give them a little something!" Alice joked as she lifted her sunglasses from her eyes, to rest on the top of her head, while she shamelessly studied the two young men.

"Ladies, you have been given the Penthouse Suite. You will have a personal butler, called Tanya who will be on call for your services 24 hours a day. She will show you to your room. We all here at Eclipse hope that you will have an enjoyable stay." The friendly receptionist finished, and then handed us over to Tanya.

She was a tall, breathtakingly beautiful young woman of about our age who stood to the side of the reception desk with a friendly smile on her face and a file in one of her hands. She wore a simple, yet expensive looking black trouser suit which had the cruise ships name on it with a vibrant red ribbon floating beneath. "Good afternoon ladies, as you've already been told, I'm Tanya and I will be here for you 24/7 while you are on board the ship."

She quickly held out her hand to Rosalie and shook it as Rosalie told Tanya her name. The same introduction followed with Alice and me. "Okay then, lets get going, I'm sure that you're all eager to see your room!" she smiled excitedly as if she was the one that would be staying here.

The four of us strolled into a massive glass elevator while the bellboys followed on at a slower pace. Once we reached the Penthouse Deck Tanya led us down the corridor as she explained, "Your Penthouse Suite is situated at the very back of the ship, and your room number is 6147, and your suite's name is Twilight."

Alice, Rosalie and I all followed silently as we tried to take in every detail of the ship. I thought back to how lucky Alice had been to win this cruise for three. She had been awarded the three week cruise for three people, for being the most 'Loyal customer of the year' at her favourite store back home in Seattle. Neither of us even realised that they handed out such generous prizes for being as good a customer as Alice was, but after talking to the store manager, apparently they did.

"Ladies, if you will now follow me, I will show you around your Penthouse Suite." Tanya told us in a cheery voice as she opened the door which had the name 'Twilight' above the room number. Once she stepped inside, she stood aside as she held the door open for us all to go in.

Alice, Rose and I stood in the foyer feeling exited as Tanya ordered the bellboys to go through the door to the right and to leave our suitcases in the walk in closet adjacent to the bedroom. Once they left the foyer, Tanya stepped forward and ordered us to follow her as she took the same door that the bellboys had taken. Through the door to the right, we entered the bedroom which was decorated in rich colours of blood red and black. A large king sized bed lay in the middle of the room, against the wall which held an eye catching picture of two hands holding a vibrant red apple. On each side of the bed there were two comfy looking, matching black sofas. Through a door to the right of the bedroom, we entered a dressing room which had one side dedicated to mirrors. Through this room, we entered the walk in closet where the bellboys had left our suitcases.

We walked back into the bedroom and took the door which was opposite the bed. Tanya beckoned us inside before she began explaining, "In here we have a marble master bath, a whirlpool tub and separate shower." She pointed each out to us then spent the next few minutes explaining how to use the whirlpool tub.

Next, she led us back out of the bedroom and back into the foyer. She looked at Rosalie and motioned to the door on the left as she said, "Go ahead and open it." Rosalie complied and opened the door to a big, long room with a large dining table, a small shiny black piano and a huge plasma TV which was mounted on a wall, opposite to a large brown leather sofa.

"Wow! This is amazing!" I gasped as I ran my fingers lightly over the piano keys, while I surveyed the rest of the room.

"In this room you will find, a baby grand piano, motorized draperies, lights and security system, a plasma TV, a DVD player and a VCR which are all linked to the surround sound, a music centre, an outbound fax machine, and finally an Internet station." Tanya's voice rang around the room. I realised that she sounded like a voice over for an expensive car commercial.

"This is incredible! How many DVD's are there?" Rosalie gawped at the shelves full of DVD's.

Tanya laughed from beside the baby grand piano before she answered, "There are more than you will be able to watch in the short time that you have aboard the Eclipse!" She then went on to show us how to work the motorized draperies and all the other gadgets.

"Now then…are you ready for the final part of the Penthouse showing?" She asked us sounding exited. This was sure to be good. We all nodded eager to see what else we could possibly have.

Tanya pulled back a floor to ceiling length sliding glass door which lead us out to a veranda. "Here you have a Jacuzzi and seating area" she explained as she pointed to each, before she led us on, to the right.

I couldn't believe it, the veranda spanned across the whole length of our Penthouse room in an L shape. As we walked to the other end of the veranda where there was a seating area and a bar, I realised that to the right, the bedroom linked to the veranda as well with another set of sliding glass doors.

Tanya asked us to lie down on the lounge seating area on the veranda while she ran over some of the extras that we could ask for.

"Okay you lucky ladies can have the following, first of all, you can decide where you want to sit in the dining room called Midnight Sun, which is directly below you." She quickly added, "You'll see why it's called Midnight Sun later, it's amazing!" She stopped to point at the stairs at the opposite end of the veranda before she continued her information talk, "If you head down those steps, you will walk straight into the dining room which will save you the bother of having to walk down the hallway and down the stairs."

I looked at Rosalie and Alice in awe, not being able to believe our luck! As I looked at Rosalie she silently mouthed the word, 'Amazing.'

Tanya continued, "You can also request, a private portrait sitting, an in-suite massage, in-suite lunch and dinner service, in-suite afternoon tea service, evening hors d'oeuvres delivered daily, complimentary espresso and cappuccino and finally you can even request to have the delivery of board games to your room. You will also have a full breakfast each morning and the daily news delivered, unless you request otherwise." She finished, closing the file in her hands.

"So…we can have all of that at no extra cost?" Alice asked eagerly as she sat up, bouncing.

"That's right, everything and anything you want is being generously paid for, so you can order as many or as little activities or extras as you want either on board or on land." Tanya finished in her business like tone. "Any other questions?" she asked enthusiastically as she took a seat beside us.

"Do you know who's in the Penthouse suite next to us?" I asked feeling curious.

"In the Breaking Dawn suite? I haven't a clue I'm afraid, but I could go and find out for you if you want?" she offered.

I felt bad for her, having to be at our beck and call 24/7 so I told her, "No, no! Don't worry, we'll find out soon enough I'm sure…I was just curious." I admitted.

"Ohhh I just remembered! I need to give you a tour of the whole ship! Are you ready? Or would you like me to come back after you've unpacked?" she asked kindly, probably having remembered the masses of suitcases that we had.

"We could go now?" Alice looked to both Rosalie and I. We both nodded and stood up to join Tanya who had begun leading us out of the front door of our room.

We stepped into the elevator with her and listened as she explained that she was taking us down to the Plaza Deck which was the lowest public deck. "On this level" she explained as we passed each new area on the floor, "We have the Theatre which goes up three stories, the cinema, the grand foyer and our very own United States Restaurant...I recommend you try it out some night." She smiled as she added the last bit.

She lead us to the grand foyer which was had an impressive onyx staircase, marble floors and a glass elevator which looked amazing.

In the next two hours, she guided us all over the ship, through each and every level. We were shown the, library, music room, casino, Martini and Champagne bar, cards room, the disco, the pool, spa, fitness centre, conservatory and kids playing area. On the very top deck, called the 'New Moon' deck, she explained that people could go up there to look at the moon and stars through telescopes on a clear night.

After the two hours she led us back to our room through the dining room, and up the stairs to our veranda. "Your welcoming champagne should have arrived by now." Tanya told us as she pulled open one of the sliding glass doors which lead to the living room.

Sure enough, there was a black tray with a bucket full of ice which held a champagne bottle and three glasses. Tanya waved us goodbye once she'd made sure that we were happy enough, leaving us with the bottle of champagne to drain dry.

"Do you think that we should unpack first? It's already five o'clock…we should head down to dinner at around eight I think." I voiced my view as I looked at my watch.

Rosalie and Alice both agreed with my idea and followed me to the walk-in closet. "Okay, hold on, I need to make sure that they're all here!" Alice demanded as she ran past Rosalie and me to the bags. "Doc, Dopey, Grumpy, Happy, Sleepy, Sneezy, Bashful and Snow White…okay let's unpack!" she cried excitedly as she started hauling each of her bags to the back of the closet.

"Alice…we've asked you before not to give the suitcases names." Rosalie shook her head as she spoke.

"I don't see why not, we had eight bags between us, I think it's cute." Alice defended herself as she started opening each of her cases.

I watched Alice in amazement, and then gasped when I realised that she had dedicated nearly a full suitcase for her shoes. "Alice, why did you bring so many shoes?" I asked astounded.

I rolled my eyes at her answer. "Bella, Bella, Bella, you can never bring to many shoes…then again…maybe I should have left a few pairs at home so that I could buy more…" she trailed off as she rummaged through her case. "Hey, we have to go to the gift shop down stairs before we leave. We need to get Uncle Charlie a little souvenir!" She clapped her hands excitedly as she looked from Rosalie to me.

Charlie wasn't really her Uncle or Rosalie's for that matter. He was my father, but they liked to call him Uncle Charlie, and he liked to hear it. Alice and Rosalie had been my best friends for as long as I could remember, so Charlie viewed them as his family just as much as I did. Whenever I visited Charlie these days, they always came with me.

Rosalie and I both finished our unpacking way before Alice did, so we got the marvellous pleasure of helping her. "Bella…could you squish your things up a bit…I haven't got enough room" Alice asked me sweetly with an adorable pout on her face. I complied simply because I couldn't say no to her cute pout.

"Why did you bring so many of the same shirts, but just in different colours?" Rosalie asked with an incredulous sound to her voice as she put them away neatly.

Alice gave Rosalie a look which simply said, 'Are you serious?' before she shrugged her shoulders, "It was hard to choose only two or three of them…I like to dress in the colours that reflect the mood I'm in…it's not like I could have foreseen what kind of mood I'll be in during this vacation." She finished with an innocent look on her face which effectively caused Rosalie to drop her questioning.

Once we had unpacked, we headed back to the champagne. After filling up a glass each, we headed to the bedroom. The three of us sat on the bed, sipping our champagne as we tried to decide what we would do tomorrow on the ship.

"Well…I wouldn't mind heading to the casino some night…I'm quite good at Roulette." Alice said as she flipped through the ship brochure.

"Stop! Go back a page!" Rosalie demanded as Alice continued to flick though it carelessly. "There! Look…we have to go there!" her face broke into an excited smile as she pointed to the page which mentioned the 'World-class spa'. "We should have a mud bath!" she proposed as she read over the spa's details.

"Well, I'm defiantly heading to the library at some point…all those books!" I called out excitedly as I bounced on the bed. I received odd looks from Alice and Rosalie for my little outburst. They didn't understand or share my love for books.

After a few seconds of silence Rosalie spoke up as she looked at me, "Okay Captain strange, shall we get ready for dinner?" She looked over to Alice once I'd stuck my tongue out childishly at her. After draining our glasses, we got off the bed and fought for the privilege of getting to the bathroom first.

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