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1 year later.

Bella POV.

Edward, Alice, Jasper and I were sat in the living room of Rosalie and Emmett's new home, watching some crap program on MTV. Rosalie was cooped up in bed and feeling too crappy to come out and see us which was fair enough. We'd all just got back from another cruise a few days ago.

"I just don't get it…" Emmett muttered with a deep frown on his usually joyful face as he strode into the living room, one hand on his hip and the other rubbing the back of his neck "It shouldn't be like this, we've been back from the cruise for nearly a week and she's still throwing up and tired all the time". He continued, oblivious to Alice who was now scribbling something down on a piece of paper.

"Here, go to the drugstore and get this…if you cant find it ask a member of staff…" she ordered as she got up and thrust the small square note into Emmett's hand before she turned around and kissed Jasper passionately. "Go with him…" she ordered her beloved before she turned around and gave the same order to mine.

Edward gave an exasperated sigh, but none the less listened to Alice's orders, knowing what she was like by now. I pouted as I got up from my seat after Edward, watching him head for the door. "I love you dearest wife…look after my heart I've left it with you!" he called after him before he closed the door to the house.

I smiled stupidly to myself as Alice rolled her eyes. Edward was the sweetest, most romantic boyfriend, fiancée and husband, but I had to admit that Jasper and Emmett came in joint second. The three of them had proposed to us within weeks of returning home and had then between them, taken on the task of arranging the venue for our joint weddings and buying each of our houses which we moved in to just before heading off to our wedding destination.

"Come on, lets go see Mrs Pukes-a-lot" Alice sighed with a smile playing at her lips as she led me up stairs.

"Rose?" I called as I knocked on the door to her bedroom. The sound of her heaving from the bathroom within told me that she was up and about. Alice and I entered the bedroom and sat patiently at the foot of the bed until Rosalie was ready to come out.

"Hey" Rosalie murmured with a small smile as she came out of the bathroom. She swiftly crawled back under the covers and sat up against the headboard, shoving a mint into her mouth.

"You do know that you're pregnant right?" I questioned her, hoping that she wasn't being obtuse.

Arching her brow at me in a way only Rosalie could do, I flinched. "Yes, I'm not completely thick" she growled as she crossed her arms over her chest.

"Why haven't you told Emmett?" Alice asked softly, rubbing Rosalie's leg through the blanket.

"We all only just got married a little over a week ago…it's a bit too soon to tell him that I'm pregnant!" she spilled, covering her face with her hands and sighing heavily.

"How long have you known that you're pregnant?" I asked, beginning to get exited at the fact that Rosalie was expecting.

Dropping her hands from her face, she explained, "I've had a good idea that I was pregnant for about a month, but then I thought it was nerves for the wedding because I haven't actually taken a test yet…" Shock registered on her face as she quickly blurted out, "Emmett doesn't know does he?"

I shook my head 'no' until I remembered that Alice had sent the guys to the drugstore. I had a good idea what she had sent Emmett to get by now. Alice thankfully explained to an apprehensive Rosalie, "He doesn't know…yet, but he will soon enough…"

"What?" Rosalie gasped dumbfounded.

"He's worried! He probably thinks you're dying!!" Alice retorted forcefully, letting Rosalie realise that it was probably true from the way Emmett had been nursing her and tossing and turning in bed a lot, worrying over her.

As silence washed over the room, I picked up a stack of pictures from Rosalie's bedside table. They were photos of our joint wedding on the very beach that we stopped at when we went on our first cruise. As I leafed through the pictures I remembered how gob smacked I was when I found out that the guys had arranged for us to get married on the beach that we had built sandcastles on, camped at under the stars and that sea beyond was where Edward had taught me to swim.

I found pictures of Charlie and Carlisle, both trying to be manly and hold back their tears, but failing miserably by the time Charlie had finished walking Alice, Rosalie and I down the isle in turn.

Edward POV.

I knew what that little word on the piece of paper meant, and as far as I could tell, Jasper did too. Not that we were going to tell Emmett. I was eager to see his reaction to the news. I already knew how I would react, having been picturing the scene in my mind since we got into the car.

Once Jasper parked outside the drugstore, the three of us marched in, Emmett with his slip of white paper in one hand and a determined look on his face.

Jasper and I tried to subtly herd Emmett down the appropriate isle without having to actually tell him, but he was being to imperceptive to notice. He finally asked a member of staff, a forty-something woman who was stacking shelves. "Excuse me, could you tell me where I could find this?" Emmett asked politely, holding out the piece of paper to the woman while Jasper and I stood apprehensively a small distance away.

I gave Jasper a sharp shove to his side, indicating silently for him to look at Emmett who had just frozen stock still, crushing the piece of paper in his hand while the staff member walked away.

Jasper and I tentatively stepped towards Emmett who seemed to be stuck in some sort of trance. "Emmett? You okay there brother?" I asked softly as I reached a hand out to his shoulder.

A goofy smile spread over Emmett's face before he turned on his heel and sprinted down the isle, to the one beside us. Jasper hauled me after him while we both tried to look a little composed that Emmett.

Turning the corner, my eyes fell on Emmett who was frantically looking from the words on the note to the boxes on the shelves. "Want some?" Emmett half laughed excitedly as he began to shovel boxes into his arms. I smiled and kindly declined while I marvelled at how Emmett had responded. It was a bit more over the top than I imagined that I would react, but with the same level of eagerness that I envisaged.

After grabbing seven or eight boxes, we headed to the checkout. "I'm going to be a dad…" Emmett blurted to the teenage boy who was ringing up the pregnancy tests with an unsure look on his face. Emmett seemed to be oblivious to this and continued regardless, "It makes sense now…my wife's been throwing up a lot and sleeping and she's been snappy…well more snappy than usual…" he laughed as he paid the kid, who was fair play, smiling by now.

"Congratulations dude" the kid called as Emmett ran out of the store pockets full of boxes while we followed faithfully.

Bella POV.

About half an hour after having left the house, there was a screech of tires outside the house before we heard three doors slam loudly.

"Uhhhh-ohhhh what if he's not ready to be a father yet?" Rosalie whispered in fear as her eyes begged us to reassure her.

Before either Alice or I got a word in, Emmett's excited, booming voice seemed to echo around the house. "I'm going to be a dad!" He repeated the statement more softly as he barged through the bedroom door, his eyes radiating love and excitement.

Jasper and Edward followed Emmett silently into the room mere seconds later as Emmett was hurriedly pulling out what looked near enough to ten pregnancy tests out of his pockets. Edward sat down beside me and then drew me into his lap, wrapping his arms around my waist, resting his head on my shoulder silently.

The four of us watched Emmett as he leant down, with his face close to Rosalie who was grinning back at him. He cupped her face in his hands as he whispered enthusiastically, "We can call our boy Emmett jr…"

"And what if we have a girl?" Rosalie retorted with a smile and amusement in her voice.

"Emmetta" He answered nonchalantly as if it were a common girls name as he stood back up and began to tare at the boxes, opening a few. "Ready?" he asked more soberly as he held a few pregnancy tests in his hands and indicated to the bathroom. Rosalie gave a small nod and let Emmett scoop her out of bed and carry her to the bathroom.

"Back in three!" Rosalie laughed before Emmett shut the door behind them soundly.

I relaxed back into Edward's chest and felt my heart race in my chest as I realised that Edward was stroking my stomach with both of his hands, rhythmically, as if he was unaware of the action. I turned my head and kissed him softly before I turned my head back after having found that he was looking down at my stomach from over my shoulder.

I turned my head the other way and felt tears prick foolishly at the back of my eyes as I took in the loving scene of Jasper and Alice. Alice was laid flat on the bed and Jasper had his head on her chest, while one hand played under her shirt, over her stomach, much like Edward was doing to me.

Two minutes later, Emmett emerged from the bathroom, shutting the door behind him, looking slightly ashamed as he began to pace the area in front of the bathroom door.

"Emmett?" Jasper questioned, never halting the rubbing of Alice's stomach.

"Rose kicked me out…I only asked her a few times if we could shake the test to make them work faster…" he whispered, never once breaking from his pacing.

Another minute later, the bathroom door creaked open. I could tell that Edward was holding his breath just like I was.

"Your sports room's going to have to go…" Rosalie began calmly before she raised her head and locked her eyes with Emmett's "we're going to need a nursery!" she gushed out, running into Emmett's outstretched arms.

"I love you, I love you…" he chanted against Rosalie's lips. I clearly heard Emmett's voice break with emotion before he picked Rosalie up and pressed her against the wall before she locked her legs securely around him.

"Well…congratulations guys…" I mumbled as Edward swiftly got up, holding me closely to him and led me out of the room. We left Rosalie and Emmett to their celebrating and headed for home, while Jasper and Alice headed for theirs.

About a year later.

Edward POV.

We were all at our parent's house, waiting patiently for the big Sunday lunch that Esme was making for us all.

The wives were all in the kitchen, helping Esme with the food and the laying of the table while we men kept from under their feet and literally watched the three most precious things in the world with a hawk's eye.

"My Lilly could floor your boys no problem…" Emmett stated confidently from beside me on the living room floor where the three of us were sat on our heels, lined up in front of our precious babies. Jasper and I rolled our eyes, used to hearing Emmett's proud and confident boasting whenever we were all gathered together. I looked to our father who was nodding placidly to Emmett to keep him quiet and to keep the peace.

I looked back to my little Masen, marvelling at how perfect he was. I didn't care if I was being biased; he was perfect, just like his mother. His green eyes hid behind his lids, the small orbs that had made Bella so very happy on the day he was born. For some reason she was ecstatic that she had two of her very own green eyed boys. I gently ran my fingers over his soft growing hair which, so far seemed to the same colour as Bella's hair, but as unruly as mine, the poor guy.

I painstakingly tore my eyes away from Masen to look at Jasper. He was staring lovingly down at Brandon who was fast asleep, yet grasping tightly to his fathers little finger.

Jasper gave me a small smile before he silently turned back to look down at his son who had jet black hair, yet piercing blue eyes just like his father.

The gentle, rhythmic sound of the three babies breathing was so calming, it was unreal. I wondered how I ever managed to wind down before with music and how much I had been missing out with not having my little blighter in my life who had the lungs of an opera singer when he got truly riled, yet was so calm and observant at other times.

"I'm so bored…" Emmett whispered, I guessed mainly to himself from beside me. I looked over to Lilly who was sleeping just as soundly as the boys, her blonde hair shining like a halo around her head just like her mother. Her playfulness definitely came from Emmett, but her temper tantrums came from her mother.

I rolled my eyes and braced myself as Jasper was doing as I realised that Emmett was scanning the room for any signs of the wives. "What a shame…" Carlisle muttered over the screeching as Lilly was oddly jarred lightly awake.

Emmett sighed dramatically before he gently scooped his princess into his arms and began to rock her in his gigantic arms. Masen and Brandon soon followed suit and wailed having been woken up by Lilly. I held Masen against my chest and let him howl into my ear as I rubbed his back soothingly.

Jasper smirked at me as he held Brandon in his arms who had already calmed down and was now staring intently at Jaspers face. I wondered how Jasper always seemed to be able to get the babies off to sleep faster than the rest of us, but he admitted that he didn't even know, he just had a knack for it.

"Emmett…" Rosalie snapped from the doorway, one hand on her hip and the other resting on her swollen stomach which held three month old triplets. Since finding out that they were having triplets, Emmett had been impossible as he boasted that his 'little swimmers' were much stronger and greater in numbers that ours. Poor Jasper protested and demanded that his army were just recuperating and building up their numbers ready for the second battle.

"Did you wake her up again? You know she needs to sleep! She's not some freekin' vampire!" Rosalie added before Emmett was saved by Carlisle who 'vouched' that Lilly had randomly woken up. With one last glare at Emmett and then a soft loving look, she turned and headed back to the kitchen.

"Hand over the goods…" Carlisle demanded calmly as he held his arms out for Lilly. Emmett sighed in defeat and handed over a now sobbing Lilly. I grinned at Carlisle's sneakiness of vouching for Emmett in order to get the rewards of holding his granddaughter.

"No fair…" Emmett mumbled before he gently sat down beside Carlisle and played with Lilly's miniature hand.

Bella POV.

The four of us hid silently behind the kitchen door, watching the men with our little diamonds, cooing and chatting to them as if they would actually understand them. We all laughed as we watched Edward pointing out birds to Masen through the window and Emmett arguing with Carlisle in a whisper to hand back his baby girl. I looked to Alice and the both of us nodded our heads. It was decided, we would tell Edward and Jasper our big news today, even though it may not be as big as Rosalie's had been a few weeks ago.

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