Typical fic of my own brand, inspired by one of my underlings, ahem, friends in the Iroha fandom. This was written a little over a year ago.

Never forget

"Akizuki-kun... I must thank you for saving me earlier this day. It was this close, or I'd.. and I forgot to thank you."

"It's no bother, Okita-san. Considering your health. I had to do what I could do."

"...you've become a fine young man. Strong, and so kind too.."


Akizuki was taken by surprise, and being equally modest he answered back with a compliment.

"N-no it was all your- You look well for- I mean-." He struggled in his words all of sudden.

"I see." Okita weakly smiled.

"What I meant is.. that you really helped me back then."

His eyes casted down to the ground and his voice took on a younger tone than he used to talk in. What made him feel so weird about being with Okita-san? Is it that strange to be with someone who used to be much stronger than him... and is in this state now.

Okita felt that Akizuki was shy around him and so, for a lack of better words... submissive and so.. He forgot how having pupils of his own felt, but Akizuki wasn't like the others who left him alone. He was just there, taking his precious time and he made Okita feel like he was his mentor again, even if it had been a short while. Was it?

"Akizuki-kun." Then Okita went to sit straight and got out of his futon.

"Okita-san.. what's bothering you?"

"Nothing.. just."

Akizuki's eyes faintly shimmered as he closed in near the younger man while on knees.

"Just that I want..." Okita took him by surprise and pinned the boy with his hands to the floor, on top of him. The young samurai's hand grabbed the Getsuruitou in a reflex, but it was too late. His first kiss was stolen away... and Okita was really getting into it and getting very excited and Akizuki completely panicked and his heartbeat was speeding up and the blood was pumping and it felt so weird and surreal, but he couldn't threw him across the other side of the room without killing him, so he would attempt to push him off or pretend to enjoy and even get on top of Okita himself by all means but but but but it was too late:

Okita puked blood.

And Akizuki never forgot.