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Title: A Ghostly Companion.

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Summary: Itachis response to Kagomes challenge


...ooO First Time Ooo...

Kagome didn't know what she was thinking when she challenged him like that! Itachi had always prided himself on his skill and deftness and here she slurred his prowess as a lover! Any red-blooded male would take offense to that!

She cried out as he forced her to her knees then moved to straddle her calves from behind, still controlling her with the hand gripping the back of her neck. Her skin tingled as hard callused fingertips skimmed the bare skin of her upper arm, shoulder, and neck. Then that same fingertip played with the strap of her sensible white bra.

Just when she thought she was going to scream he pushed the strap down one arm. Then that wandering hand danced down her front, under the material to cup one breast to tease the hard tingling tip.

A soft moan escaped her lips. She was barely aware of the hand on her neck moving the other strap down to give her other breast the same treatment. She could feel the fire dancing from each tip, down through her belly to a point between her legs. She shifted slightly. The friction helped alleviate the ache.

Itachi frowned when he realized what she was doing. Nimble fingers stripped off the bra leaving her bare from the waist up. Then he pushed one booted foot between her knees, forcing her legs to part.


He paid no attention to her protests. Once her legs were suitably parted he knelt behind her, straddling one leg. One hand rested on her skirt-covered hip while the other played with her front, occasionally pressing through the green material.

She was very aware of his hard body just behind hers. She could feel the heat of him through the heavy linen of his pants and shirt. At some point he had discarded the heavy flak vest and armor plating. He was younger, shorter, but he completely dominated her just like he dominated any opponent on the battle field or dueling grounds. She blindly grasped at one strong forearm. She needed to hold onto something, anything.

He chuckled, a low and dark sound. His free hand deftly unhooked her skirt and ripped the material so it fell free from her hips leaving her clad in just light blue cotton panties. A hot flush suffused her skin as she felt his gaze skimming her hips and the curves of her bottom. And then he did something to her.

She could feel the heat building in her veins, pooling flowing swirling. All sensation seemed to be focused on a point between her legs. She cried out when his hands ripped the last cloth barrier away; when he devoted his attention to the slick swollen slit between her legs. He enjoyed playing with the pink flesh, coaxing more fluids to spill from her soaking her dark curls.

He gave her pleasure but never allowed her to fall over the edge. Kagome felt torn and ready to scream.

"Stop playing with me!"

He laughed. "As you wish koishi." And then he thrust two long fingers into the clenching hole while the heel of his palm ground against her swollen clit. Those fingers curled inside her and did Something.

Her world exploded into raw sensation and fireworks as her muscles convulsed in a series of orgasms. Her knees were so weak she fell forward on her hands, barely keeping from falling onto the grass. Every nerve in her body sang and still she yearned for something more.

She was barely aware of him stepping away, stripping his clothes and discarding them in an untidy pile. Then she felt the heat and silk of his bare flesh against her back curling around her, the smooth jutting shaft sliding between her drenched slit renewing her arousal, strong hands forcing her elbows to bend until her face was resting against her forearms.

Then there was pain when something hard and thick thrust against her weeping hole, stretching the delicate flesh, ripping something inside as it forced past the virginal resistance and into her untried body.

Kagome moaned. She hurt from the alien intrusion but the clenching ache from before was partially soothed.

Itachi hissed as he fought the urge to retreat and slam back into her. She was so tight her cunt was like a fist around his cock.

"You are tight. You feel perfect stretched around me." His voice was strained.

As though in response to his words her muscles clenched drawing a pleasured hiss from the male. He felt her shift, the action allowed him to slide even deeper and bottom out.

Kagome trembled. One hand reached between her legs, exploring the base of his shaft, the way her opening stretched around him, the heavy twin orbs in the sack behind the base of his shaft.

Itachi hissed and grabbed her wrist. If she continued playing with him he would not be able to control his climax. And he was determined to make her come several times before his own release. Firmly he guided her hand to her own flesh. He showed her how to play with her clit and erogenous zones. Riding out her climaxes took a great deal of the mental self-discipline developed over years of genjutsu training. Her flesh gripped him like a vice, desperate to milk him of his fluids. Deciding it was time to end this round he began to move.

Kagome forgot about playing with herself. He was everything; his cock stretching her, his hands restraining her, his movements igniting her, his power dominating her... She lost track of how many times she came. All she knew was her thighs were sticky from her fluids, her muscles were trembling from the strain, her throat was sore from screaming her pleasure. All she could do now was moan.


"You challenged me to make scream. Have you screamed enough Ka-go-me?" He purred. "Or do you want more?" He thrust hard, hitting a particular spot that caused her to climax.

"Enough. It hurts." She murmured weakly.

"Mmm. Sex is like any other exercise. You need regular sessions so it doesn't hurt." He chuckled wickedly. "And I intend to make sure you get plenty of it."

He felt her still then twist to force her eyes to meet his.

"This isn't just a one time thing?" He could read the shyness mingled with hope and desire. "You want to be with me?" Then he remembered just what her last love interest had done to her. He had led her on then threw her away for another, for the walking dead. He had used her when it was convenient and denied her need for affection and comfort.

He kissed her fiercely. "I want you. I've wanted you for months. I've dreamt of you. I've jacked off fantasizing of you. Every time I saw a female in skimpy clothes I wondered what it would look like on you." His eyes were bloody. "I won't let you go. You are Mine!"

Wonder and hope came to life in scared blue eyes. She smiled and kissed him, an almost chaste gesture that quickly turned passionate. Unable to stop the rising tension he thrust hard and let go.

He bit his bottom lip bloody as his climax washed over him for what felt like an eternity. His muscles trembled from the intensity of his release. It felt like he had flooded her with what felt like five times his usual load; her hot wet flesh massaged his shaft, practically milking him dry.

Carefully he shifted and lowered her body to the grass. He heard her wince slightly as his partially deflated shaft worked out of her channel with a slight sucking noise. Carefully he rolled her onto her back. He could see the white pearly fluids oozing from her slightly loose hole, beading in the black wet curls, oozing out to smear on slightly blood stained wet sticky thighs. Her breasts, shoulders and neck were covered in red marks that would become bruises; marks inflicted by his fingers, teeth, and lips.

But she would never bruise. This was not a true body. He would break this illusionary world and when they returned it would be like she had never been touched. The only thing they would have would be the memories of the experience, of what they shared. Would she be a virgin next time?

"God, I hope not." She muttered. Itachi realized he had voiced his thoughts out loud. "It hurt at first. It felt like I was being ripped. You are too big."

Itachi chuckled. "I am glad you think so. It is a highly desired compliment."

Kagome struggled to push herself up on one elbow before glaring at him. "It felt like a battering ram! I don't know how you fit in me! I could feel you hit something but you still had half an inch!"

Black eyes widened in comprehension as he remembered how her fingers explored the base of his shaft and his balls. He chuckled softly and settled behind her, rolling her into his embrace.

"How much do you know of sex?" He asked gently.

"Not as much as I thought." She admitted. "Just the mechanics from sex ed. It is not like I had much chance to experiment or read about it."

"Mmm. Males come in different sizes, some are thicker, some are longer. I don't use the public bath houses often but from what I've observed I'm both. You might not believe it but women are designed to handle any male unless he is overly endowed but it is rare. If a female is prepared her body opens and relaxes to handle the girth. If she ever conceives the child she has to birth will be far larger than any male partner."

"But you were not fully inside!" She protested. "If you pushed--."

"There is still room. What I hit was the cervix, the opening to the womb. At the correct angle there is two inches past the cervix and into the womb. Such activity is not suitable during pregnancy." He smiled slyly. "If you do not believe me I can provide a demonstration."

Her breath caught then quickened. She could feel her blood heat and her body respond to the challenge. However when she shifted to get closer her muscles protested and she winced. "I'll take you up on that later. Even though this is not a real body it does hurt like one."

"Mmm. It seems to be the manifestation of the mind. But this is beyond the usual genjutsu to have affected you."

Kagome shrugged. "I don't mind." She smiled shyly. "I never thought I would ever be with someone. Nothing ever went right for me. Not until I met Naruto. If it wasn't for him I would have never met you."

There wasn't anything he could say to that. Naruto had brought the two of them together; gave him the opportunity to find a soul that was loyal and true, someone he could trust and confide him, someone named Kagome.

Itachi brought her close and tucked her dark head under his chin and wrapped his arms around her back.

"Just rest Kagome."

"But what about--."

"Hush. Sandaime-sama will assign an ANBU watch over Naruto. The Clan has no reason to go after Sasuke. We can wait and rest. No one will be able to break past the layered protections of my cache."

Kagome struggled with her instincts before conceding. "All right."

Itachi watched her doze off though it would be a while before he followed in her footsteps. While he waited for sleep he plotted and planned his strategy.

The Uchihas were going Down.




AN: You might say it is unrealistic, being sexually active at such a young age, I have to disagree. Killing is a highly stressful job. Even modern day soldiers and policemen do the same thing or have some addiction - nicotine, alcohol, drugs, it is possible. I can't see Itachi consuming something that would affect his field performance so sex is the next alternative. Honestly, can you see him taking up origami or calligraphy as a stress-relieving hobby?

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