Summary: Naruto and Hibara (female!Itachi) releasing some tensions.

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...ooO Aftermath: Lemon Ooo...

Hibara could feel the beginnings of the burn low in her belly. The growing slickness between her thighs. Without conscious thought she followed her mate, matching his pace through the trees almost perfectly.

And then he stopped.

Without bothering to check for intruders she dropped her pack and began stripping; trusting in his skill and senses to do the security check and set up the usual warning barriers. Weapon harnesses, weapons, boots, fish-net mesh. She shuddered slightly as she felt him release youki to set up the fuuin jutsus. The charged energy sent her senses haywire. Almost frantically she tugged at the steel-cored cord lacing the sides of her leather pants. The chakra infused material responded and slid smoothly out of the steel grommets running down the two edges of each pant leg. The buckles were next allowing the leather pants to be discarded leaving her clad in just her burgundy t-shirt and underwear.

Blindly she searched behind her for support and found it in a tree trunk. She leaned against the rough material, knees bending slightly to expose more of her heated core to the much cooler air. Black half-closed eyes watched as the blonde shinobi cast massive area fuuin jutsus without the prep work most other Seal Masters would consider a necessity.

- - -

Naruto could sense her eyes on him. The musky aroma of her arousal increasing in response to his leaking youki. The yoko within him chuckled as it triggered the release of more pheromones designed to attract and bind a potential mate.

{Why are you bothering Kyuubi? Hibara is already my mate, there is no need for the courting rituals.}

The yoko smirked. {A wise male never stops courting his mate. Always work to keep your mates interest, never let your mate feel undesired or less important.}

Naruto considered that bit of wisdom and was in complete agreement. He had been alone for so long, betrayed by so many. Now that he had those that loved him, he would not take them for granted, he would never forget that Hibara Needed him and his reassurance just as he needed hers.

Carefully he released a blend of his chakra and the kyuubis. Tendrils of blue and red-tinged purple energy leaked in fluorescent ribbons to form an intricate pattern that bloomed away from him, guided by the underlying intent and desire.

As those ribbons fell to the ground they ignited the vegetative matter and surface soil burning the lines of a protective fuuin jutsu based on a blend of youkai and ningen principles. Naruto had developed this jutsu a few months after he left Konoha, a means of setting up a defense with little prep work. A very useful technique for a solitary mercenary with next to zero back up. While the technique was up, infused by a small amount (for a jinchuuriki) of chakra no one could cross the warding lines without setting off major alarms and huge personal chakra cost. More than enough time for those within the technique to respond to the threat. When Naruto was ready to move on the seared lines of the fuuin jutsu could easily be erased after Naruto re-absorbed the chakra powering it and used a simple doton jutsu to erase all evidence of its existence. At first Naruto could only shield small areas but as his experience and skill grew so did his control. Now he could theoretically shield a small village if he had to.

Red tinged blue eyes watched as the last of the lines were seared twenty meters away from him forming a circle whose circumference consisted of overlapping circles each linked to each other by lines of kanji and symbols. A few seconds was all it took to infuse the fuuin jutsu with his energy causing the symbols etched by carbon to shimmer gold.

Satisfied with his defenses Naruto turned to his mate whose arousal was intense enough to make him go feral. She was fingering her clit through the thin musk soaked material of her green panties. Distantly Naruto mourned the missed opportunity. He loved the taste of her desire, the scent and flavor of her fluids. Oral sex was definitely high on his list of preferred foreplay games. Internally he shrugged. The only way to get his oral treat was to delay the experience of her hot tight flesh clamped around his dick. Acceptable.

Five quick strides and he was kneeling before her and almost intoxicated from the scent and heated flesh just inches from his nose and mouth. His hands went to her hips drawing her close before muscles tightened to keep her from moving. Unable to resist the treat he latched on the swollen flesh through the cotton material and sucked. The material was no real barrier and easily his tongue found the bit of flesh protruding from the puffy folds and he sucked on it, teasing the nerve rich tissue with his lips; releasing it just before she went over the edge. He chuckled as slim strong hands clenched in his hair trying to force his head closer to her crotch. Her soft throaty moan said everything.

Deciding to up the ante he pushed the material covering her crotch to one side and studied the blood-rich tissue just inches from his face. His hands shifted to wrap around the top of one thigh, urging her legs to part a little more while the other went to the small of her back to alter the angle of her pelvis. Satisfied with the arrangement Naruto made his move. A long agile tongue swiped the slick slit, cleaning it of leaking fluids. The rough raspy texture of his tongue on her swollen clit without the muting barrier of fabric was enough to send her over the edge.

She cried out and sagged, knees buckling. But she did not fall to the ground. Only against him, his face pressed against her belly. Her arms wrapping around his head, his around her thighs to keep her up right.

He chuckled as he shifted her limbs, altering her balance and center of gravity so her back rested against the trunk of the ancient oak tree. Hibara shifted restlessly against the rough bark, reaching up to grab a low branch. The action thrust the full curves of her chest out and up. Naruto resisted the urge to rise and clamp on the hard tips visible through layers of fabric.

A faint red haze surrounded Naruto as he caressed the lean bare thighs, urging them to move apart. She obeyed the non-verbal instructions without protest, giving him enough room to stand between her legs.

A small smirk quirked the blondes wide mouth as he released a bit of youki, infusing the vines and creepers growing around the base of the oak, guiding them to grow in seconds, to coil and twist around Hibaras limbs, pinning them apart and against the oak tree.

She opened her eyes wide, black eyes glistening like wet stones and whined in soft protest. "Nooo! I want to hold you!"

Naruto chuckled. "Your legs or your arms. Which will be bound?"

She parted her lips to automatically protest before catching herself to consider the choices. "My arms." She decided after some thought.

"As you command saiai." The vines unwound from around her legs and twisted around the trunk to reach the lower branches. There they wrapped around her wrists, binding her grip on the branch.

Naruto rose from his crouch between her legs and bent his face to kiss his wife thoroughly. She enjoyed the taste of herself on his lips; her soft pink tongue darted out to clean the area around his mouth wet with her fluids. Her hips arched and pressed against his rock hard cock, a silent plea to be filled and taken, a plea he had every intention of satisfying. But for now he wanted to enjoy the sensation of her flesh, cupping her ass before his fingers slipped under the edges of her panties to fill his hands with her curves unhindered by fabric.

Distantly he was aware of their audience moving away and was pleased. He did not have to restrain his desires any more. Naruto did not mind providing a show, proving his dominance over his chosen female but Hibara was very sensitive at being vulnerable before other males. If she ever found out he knew and did nothing… Naruto did not want to ever go through another six weeks of her cold displeasure.

His hands slipped up from her hips, dragging along the sides of her torso catching the bottom of the clingy t-shirt and bunching the material under her armpits. This exposed the slim torso that was familiar to him as his own, full breasts restrained by the gray sports bra, faint scars from a time when she had been too far from a skilled medic, lean defined muscles, a narrow waist that just weeks ago had been greatly expanded, days before she gave birth to their two latest offspring, Fujiko and Kenshin.

They hadn't had the opportunity to satisfy their personal desires for a few weeks since before she gave birth. And later she was first recovering and then they were too busy handling the assassination attempt and the retaliation plans.

His voice was slightly hoarse. "Have you healed?" It was an unnecessary question. Kumo had damn good medics and only the best and trusted were permitted to treat high-level shinobis, especially the Raikage and his family.

She smiled. A knowing sly expression. If Naruto or anyone else had any knowledge about ancient art they would describe it as a Mona Lisa smile. But Naruto did not know anything about art and he was not interested in learning. All he cared about was getting inside his wife and reaffirming his bond with her.

Her voice was throaty as she answered. "Why do you ask when you know I am ready for you?"

He did not bother responding. Strong fingers ripped at velcro and buckles freeing his cock from his pants. Right now he Needed to be inside her.

Hibara hissed at the familiar stretching sensation of her husbands cock between her legs, inside of her. The hard shaft rubbing against sensitive tissue set off sparks of sensation that inflamed her Need for more. To be taken hard and fast, dragged to the edge and over. It had been so long since they could indulge without worrying about the babies.


Red bled into blue irises. Before her eyes the faint whisker marks darkened and grew jagged. Fresh heat ignited in her belly. He growled and spoke, baring growing fangs.

"As you command. But remember, I will not stop unless you beg."

Hibara tightened her grip on the branch between her hands and tilted her pelvis to get more comfortable. It was going to be a hard ride.

And she was right.

He dragged her thighs up and settled them against his hips. Following the unspoken order she wrapped her legs around his waist, locking her ankles against the small of his back. The position left her completely open and vulnerable to him and he took full advantage of it.

- - -

Five orgasms later Hibara was sore and a sweaty sticky mess; her body covered with a film of perspiration, her back bruised from the pressure and abrasions of the bark behind her, her voice husky from the screams and cries she had stifled by biting into his flesh, her core sore from the friction and spasms, her thighs sticky from her own fluids and aching from the strain of the unaccustomed position. During her pregnancy they had confined their activities to horizontal surfaces.

Her eyes were dazed as she removed her teeth from his shoulder and ran her tongue over the open wounds, tasting the tang of his blood and the salt of his sweat. Her voice was hoarse.

"End it." She begged.

Red eyes were heated. "Say it nicely." He murmured in feral tones before pressing his hips particularly hard, grinding his pelvis in small circles. It set off a small explosion in her core. It was a while before she could speak cohesively.

"Please." She whimpered. "Enough."

Hibara hissed and bit her tongue, struggling to resist the urge to give in and wallow in the pleasure. There was a danger in having a lover as satisfying as Naruto. It was very easy to forget everything and just Feel. They had had many such intense sessions that lasted at the least five days with only breaks for food and personal needs but now was not the time!

Sharingan activated and tomoes swirled in red irises. Her voice was husky and full of promise. "Once we are in Kumo I am certain we can arrange for a more extended interlude. Just the two of us and the stars."

Red eyes were faintly intrigued as he bent to her wishes. The vines around her wrists retracted and uncoiled. She dropped her arms around his shoulders, gripping her wrists behind his head, shifting her body to accomodate its new center of gravity. The action caused him to shift deeper within her and trigger a fresh climax. This time she was not alone.

When Hibara came down from her high she was very aware of the thick fluid flooding her core and overflowing to seep out of her hole, around the softening cock filling her channel. She moaned as Naruto moved to knee on the grass and shift to crouch on his hands and knees; an action that left her lying on her back, her arms and legs still locked around him.

Reluctantly she allowed her limbs to unlock, her feet to fall to the grass then her arms to the grass by her side, and looked up into the now blue eyes of her lover. The jagged whisker markings were now retreating. A finger reached out to trace them and brush over his wet lips.

He chuckled and caught the tip between his teeth and bit gently. The faint sting sparked fresh desire that made her lower muscles contract around him. Blue eyes shone with humor before he released her finger and brushed a kiss against her lips. She tasted the musky tang of her own fluids on him.

Hibara winced slightly as he left her body and moved to sit beside her. He was still mostly clothed. In fact he only had to do up his pants before being ready to move on. She watched as he did just that. She was sore and achy. She doubted she could move anytime soon. Despite her superb physical conditioning sex with Naruto always left her weak and achy.

He chuckled softly. "I'm not complaining. I like knowing you are so satisfied you cannot move." Then she realised she had spoken the thought out loud. At first her expression turned affronted before morphing into ruefulness. She could not argue the point because it was true. She liked wallowing in bed, sore and sated; something more common after they became Kumo nins.

He brushed a kiss against her lips and sank back against the grass drawing her close into the planes of his body. "Just lie and rest for now. We don't have to leave immediately."

Hibara immediately obeyed, burrowing her head under his chin. She threw a leg over one hip, pressing her wet core against the crotch of his pants, wriggling to get comfortable. She grinned inwardly as he hissed, his cock hardening against her.

His voice was very friendly as he pushed her waist away, enough to loosen his pants and free his cock. "You are a cock-hungry vixen." His hands shifted her against him, a thrust of his hips settled him home, erect shaft within the wet clenching sheath between her legs.

Dark lashes fluttered as she savoured the sensation of him within her. No friction, just the delicious hardness stretching her. She fought the urge to shift and undulate against him. That would only spark another session and she was too tired for that. Her slim hand settled on his bicep and shoulder as she nuzzled his chest.

"Oh yes. A vixen very hungry for your cock."

Naruto bit hiw lower lip and controlled the urge to move. He couldn't complain because he felt the same about her. There was something about her that sated him. All of him, including the instincts bred and fostered by the Kyuubi.

One large palm cradled the back of her head combing through silky black hair. During their activities she lost the senbon and pins anchoring her hair into her usual bun. Deep inside he knew he would never get tired of her or yearn for other women like most men. She was the only one for him, his other half.

"That's good because I feel the same way." Naruto stilled. He hadn't realized he had spoken out loud. He yelped as she pinched his skin and gave him a firm warning. "You are not the one to stray but if I find any other female trying to seduce you I will rip her hair out."

Naruto decided silence was more prudent and settled down for a nap. In a few hours they would be running to catch up to the Kumo taskforce before travelling back to Kumo.




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