Fanfiction has corrupted my brain. Please turn back now if you don't want to be similarly tainted. Nothing terribly graphic, but definitely some very suggestive themes going on here. LxMisaxRaito. Yes.

Oh, and borderline (or maybe not-so-borderline) crack.

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Who is?


Misa sighed contentedly, despite the fact that the steel chain draped over her belly had long since grown cold against her heated skin. She fingered the smooth metal with a faint blush, recalling how intimately they'd been entwined not long ago.

Naturally they refused to sleep next to each other, although she certainly wasn't complaining, feeling surprisingly comfortable settled snugly in the middle.

To her right she watched Raito's chest rise and fall rhythmically, his normally perfect hair looking distinctly disheveled against the soft white fabric covering the pillow.

On her other side was a certain famous detective, his hair looking every bit as wild and unkempt as ever. Though his eyes were closed and his breathing steady, Misa was unable to determine if he had actually fallen asleep.

With no less astonishment than she had felt when he first removed his shirt, her eyes took in his well-toned chest and nicely muscled arms. She recalled that he had made mention of his strength during the brief fight with Raito, but hadn't paid much attention at the time. Definitely her mistake, she decided.

"Are you enjoying the view, Miss Amane?"

The blond jumped back with a startled 'meep!' at being caught so obviously staring. She should have known better than to actually think he'd be sleeping.

"I found Raito's instructions most educational," he continued, ignoring her surprise.

She blushed in full force at that. Well, they didn't call L a genius for nothing – and the bedroom was apparently no exception. Raito had merely told him what and where, and the detective had immediately taken to the task, mastering it in a way she hadn't dreamed possible, all the while ignoring the constant audience of Raito's gaze. Only someone with his ability to concentrate so unwaiveringly could have done it. It must be all the sweets, she decided, for he really was quite good with his mouth.

"Your face is all red," he pointed out. "You aren't suffering an illness are you?"

She only blushed brighter as his eyes trailed down to her extremely naked torso –

"And your nipples are erect again – do you desire more intercourse?"

Whipping her arms across said perky breasts she screeched, "Hentai!!" and made a dive for the covers. The metal chain impeded her progress, stretched as it was from one side of the bed to the other, and she was forced to give up.

L chewed his thumb absently while considering her actions. "Surely I'm not the only one – anyone would be considered a hentai who engaged in the type of activities that we–"

Further speech was prevented as Misa quickly slapped a hand over his mouth. He merely blinked at her over the slender digits.

Raito rolled over, glaring at them half-lidded.

"Some people are too noisy in the morning…" He pulled on the chain connecting him to L, bringing both of them closer, and pressed a kiss to Misa's hand - the one still attached to L's mouth.

Misa bit back a sigh as Raito continued to kiss her knuckles and she felt L's teeth begin nibbling on her palm. She stared, transfixed at the two of them - noses nearly touching - and had a wicked idea.

Without warning she abruptly pulled her hand away, momentum leaving both of her companions in a decidedly compromising position. One which she was more than happy to observe. With a soft groan she fell back against the sheets and came to a sudden realization... she really was a hentai.