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Raven's POV



They had every right to be made with me. It was I who got us here anyhow. It was I who lost control, not them. But, even though they should be yelling, screaming, and telling me off for getting us into this mess, they are just standing there, staring at the eight people staring right back at us, with the same look in there eyes: who the hell are you.


Raven's POV


I was woken up by the alarm clock beside of my bed at 5:30 in the morning. I groaned at the time. This is the only day I really wanted to sleep longer, and Robin had to plan a Training day for today; at six; of course. I slowly got out of bed and got dressed. I walked out into the common room to get some tea to wake me up. After I made my tea, I decided that I should meditate. I had been having trouble controling my emotions latly, although I had no idea why. So I could use the good thirty minutes.

I hadnt realized how long I had been sitting in my room meditating until Beast Boy knocked on my door.

"Raaaveeen!!!!! It's time for Training, Raaaaeee!!! Come On!!"


I then came out and ignored him. He had been getting more annoying over the past few weeks. I dont know if it was him trying to annoy me even more...or if it was me...over reacting. I would have to go to Nevermore soon...sort it out. As we walked to the Training Room, Beast boy looked over at me.

"Hey rae, are you okay. You look a little paler than usual." I looked back at him, and of course I had the sudden urge to tell him off, but I stopped myself from saying anything too harsh.

"I am fine, why" I said the why alittle more acidly than I wanted too.

"Like I just said, looking paler than normal, and, no offence, but you are a little but more snappy than usuall, and your eyes are a darker purple then they usually are." I sighed. That was true.

"I just havent been getting alot of sleep, thats all, I am fine." I havent been getting any sleep actually, I keep having a dream every time I go to sleep, but when I wake up, I cant remember it. It drives me insane. And then I cant go back to sleep.

"oh, okay" He said as we walked out into the Training room.


When the three hour training session was over, I went back to my room, got a book, then phased to the roof to read. I always liked it up here, If you didnt pay attention to all of the pollution in the city, and just looked out into the ocean, It was peacful. Until you come back to reality and see all of the smoke, smog, and god knows what that being dumped into the ocean.

I tuned out all of the sound but the sound of the waves crashing up at the shore. I then started to read my book. It was a new one, well, new by my standards, only a few years old. I think that there were three books out now, and another coming out this fall. I has barely gotten into the first chapter when the alarm sounded. I groaned and phased back into my room to put away the book, then phased to the common room where all of the others were allready located.


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