Oh Crud…

Wow, I haven't updated in like, forever…Anyways, here is Choutaro's birthday story! Enjoy! (You'll get why the title is like this…Kukuku…)

I'll try to write the ending of my 50 things… Yes, I actually wrote it, but it's hard to come up with a right ending…

Shishido Ryou woke up one sunny day all grumpy and mad. Well, he's like that usually, but today, he felt even worst. He didn't know, but he felt like he forgot something. Shishido got up, made his bed, dressed and got ready for school.

He sighed as he got to his classroom, maybe today won't be that bad. A couple of girls came up to him, greeting him, and crap (as Shishido puts it). Soon, he realized:

"Oh crap…today's Valentine's Day…" He muttered to himself as he got to his seat. "Why didn't I remember something like that? Oh yeah…'cause it's a stupid holiday…"


With that, the capped boy jumped. "What!?" He snapped, turning to whoever was stupid enough to mess with him today. "What do ya' want!?!"

"Get outta my seat," Gakuto ordered. "And you better listen to me because I'm older than you and stuff."

"Get lost, Flippy," Shishido muttered. "I'm not in the mood to talk or act like an idiot like you."

Gakuto twitched and attempted to push Shishido out of his seat. "How about you get lost while I sit down?"

Shishido shoved Gakuto to the other chair. "Deal with it, I'm in a bad mood."

"Geez, you on your monthly?" Gakuto muttered. "You're especially grumpy today…"

"That's because it's Valentines Day…which idiot created this holiday?!"

"Uhh… St. Valentines?"

"Gah, whatever…" Shishido muttered as he got his things ready for class.

"Shishido-san! Shishido-san!!" Choutaro greeted as Shishido made his way to a tree in the back of the school. "I got you a seat!"

"Thanks…" Shishido grumbled as he ate his lunch. "Man, I hate today…"

"Why's that?" Choutaro asked. "Did something happen today that you don't like?"

"Yeah, I hate Valentines Day…I wish they didn't create today…"

Choutaro smiled, "Why? You get chocolate, Shishido-san…Isn't that a good thing?"

"Yeah, and then I'll end up with cavities…"

"Well, good luck for today, Shishido-san…Just don't be too mean to the others," Choutaro said. "Anyways, happy Valentines Day to you. I have to meet Atobe-san for the tennis thing, you know, for the second years."

"See ya," Shishido said, taking another bite of his lunch.

"Shishido," Gakuto called. "You know what I just remembered?"

"Your brain?" Shishido snapped. "I never thought you would find it, is it all shriveled up and dead?"

Gakuto ignored him, "Today is Valentines Day, right?"

Shishido rolled his eyes, "Wow, and today I was just talking about Valentines Day… oh I dunno, maybe it's in November…"

"Stop it or I won't tell you, Shorty!!" Gakuto yelled.

"Shorty? I'm taller than you, idiot."


"You had a point in the first place?" Shishido questioned. "I thought you were just some random idiot talking about Valentines Day."

Gakuto ignored him again, "You do know what today is, right?" He asked, whispering to the taller boy (weird to call Shishido, "taller").

"Valentines day…?" Shishido replied plainly.

Gakuto slapped Shishido, "NO! RETARD!!" He yelled. "It's your favorite kouhai's birthday!! Gosh! And you call me stupid!"

Shishido looked at Gakuto, then at Choutaro who was talking to some random first years, then back at Gakuto, then back at his kouhai.

"….Oh crud…"