I know starting another story when I have 3 other one's out is not smart, but I thought of this idea and just had to go with it! Lol

Summary: Meet Troy Bolton, a 30 year old well known lawyer living in Albuquerque. Now meet Sharpay Evans, a 16 year old teenager living on her own. When Sharpay is raped, it is up to Troy to defend her in court as she struggles to tell the truth of what happened. But when Sharpay struggles to keep her life from falling apart even more, Troy promises to protect her, and in Sharpay's eyes, like a family would do. Watch as the bond between a lawyer and a victim gets stronger.

I just want to let you know ahead of time that it is not a romance between the two. I don't want to give anything away so you'll just to read and see what happens.

So, will anyone read this?!