A/N: This is a continuance of the story Or perhaps in Slytherin. Just so you know.


"A sickle for your thought."

Belinda looked up at Rose with one eyebrow raised. She was sitting on the ice cream parlour in Diagon Alley, and had just been accompanied by the very person she had been waiting for.

"Their not worth more?"

"I won't pay more for things I already know. Let me guess. He's about this high, with jet black unruly hair, emerald green eyes and goes by the name Albus Potter?"

Rose sat down and grabbed her friends' hands.



"Oh. So you're not thinking about the wedding?"

Belinda couldn't help but laugh.

"Yes, but not about my fiancé."

"Oh. What then? Everything else's set."

"I was thinking about my father."

A puzzled look came over Rose's face, before she blushed and turned it away.

"You do know I have a father."

"Yeah, but since you never talked about him I just assumed…"

"He was dead?"

Rose looked at her again.

"That he left because of what your mother was."

Belinda looked shocked at her friend.

"I know you're a half blood and for a lot of half bloods that is the way things are. That happened to Thom."

"Thom is a half blood?"

Thom had still not warmed completely up to Belinda, and Albus had several times threatened to stop seeing him if he didn't behave. He had started to behave, barley. Rose nodded.

"But he doesn't like to talk about it. His mother told his father after his sister was born, and he left. Thom was only four years old."

Silence. A weird silence. Belinda bit her lower lip, but as she looked at the woman she knew it was the right thing to do. Rose was one of her best friends.

"My mother was raped by a mob of muggles when she was sixteen."

Rose looked at her with shock and disbelief.


"I am the result of a rape. That is why my mother went mad and ended up at St. Mongus before she killed herself."

"She killed herself?"


"Why didn't you tell me?"

Belinda looked at her hands.

"You never asked, and it's hard to get into conversation. Hello, nice weather, my mother was gang raped and got pregnated with me, so who do you think will win this Friday?"

Rose just looked at her.

"Does Neville know?"

"Yes. And Albus."

"I can't believe he didn't tell us."

Silence again, before Rose snapped her finger.

"I know, a recognition spell."

Belinda looked surprised and queerly at her.

"It's actually quite easy. If you can find a man, the spell will tell you whether or not he's related to you."

"They actually have a spell for that."

"Of course. Now, the question is how do we find him?"

Belinda looked surprised at her.

"You mean you want to help me?"

"Of course."

Rose grabbed her hand.

"That's what friends are for."


Belinda was looking up at the house. It was a large house, three stories, and white wooden walls. A home. Rose was standing just inches from her. Belinda knew her father was behind that big oak door. They had taken the spell. But more than that, Belinda would swear she could feel him. Feel his presence.

"You want to be alone?"

"Don't you dare abandon min now Rose Weasley."

Rose smiled and grabbed her hand.

"Wouldn't dream of it."

Belinda walked up the pathway and pressed the button. A faint ding-dong could be heard inside, and a man opened. He was tall, light blond hair and baby blue eyes. Nothing that reminded of Belinda. He looked at her, before a faint recognition came over him.

"Come in."

Belinda guessed he could feel her too.


They sat in a big red leather sofa. The man, Jack Maxwell, sat opposite of them.

"I was seventeen, and everyone else was keen on attacking the weird girl in the neighbourhood. We knew if she told anyone no one would believe her. I never intended to rape her, it just happened. Of course that is no excuse. What we did was wrong. No matter what. But I was seventeen. A kid."

"My mom was sixteen."

He sighed and took a new sip of his beer and leaned back.

"So how is she? They moved shortly after, the incident."

Incident? It was nothing more than an incident?

"She's dead."


Silence. Belinda looked at this man, and found out that they might share some blood, but he was not her father. The man sitting opposed her was nothing compared to her grandfather or Neville. She smiled and rose.

"We have imposed on your kindness long enough."

Rose and Maxwell rose too.

"Thank you Mr Maxwell."

"Please call me Jack."

Belinda looked at a picture hanging over Maxwell's shoulder. Him, his blond wife and three children. Boys. Brothers. They where a family, but she wasn't a part of it. It didn't hurt her as much as she had thought it would.

"Good bye Mr Maxwell."

"Thank you."

Thank you for not ruining my life. Thank you for not making me have to tell my family and friends who you are. Thank you for keeping it a secret.

They left and when they had cleared the house Rose stopped and looked at her.

"That's it?"


Belinda had continued to walk, and Rose quickly followed her.

"No, I guess not. I just thought. I don't know. I don't know what I thought would happen."

Belinda couldn't help laughing.

"Ever since mom died, I don't know. I've always wondered who my father was. If he really was such a bad guy. If he ever wondered what happened to my mother. If he knew about me. If he could fill the hole inside me."

Rose grabbed her hand, and Belinda looked down at them before smiling to her.

"But I'm glad we did it. He made me realise that I have nothing to do with him. Just as Justine has nothing to do with Scorpius. Neville is my father and Albus is hers."

"Well duh. You really doubted that? You know I love Justine with all my heart, but if I hear one more story from Al about how perfect she is, and the miracles and accomplishments that girl has done I'm going to scream. She's just one. She can't do that much yet."

Belinda laughed.

"Her eyes finally switched colours."

"She did? Why didn't you tell me? What colour?"

Belinda loved the sudden sparkles in her friend's eyes.

"Brown, almost black. Like mine."

"I knew it. Hah. Hugo owes me five galleons."

Belinda just rolled her eyes as they apparated in the abandoned alleyway.


"Dad what are you doing here?"

Rose seemed to be just as confused as Belinda as they stepped into the shop and saw the four men standing there. Harry, Ron, Lexnog and Neville.

"Why aren't you at Hogwarts Neville? Has something happened? Is Justine okay? Al?"

Belinda suddenly felt all the blood rush from her head. Lexnog went over and grabbed her hand.

"Justine is fine Bellie. She's sleeping in her room. Al's fine too."

"But something has happened Belinda. Ron and I are here on professional business, not private."

Belinda squeezed Lexnog's hand as she looked from the one to the other.

"What has happened?"

"Scorpius Malfoy has just escaped from Azkaban."

Belinda could feel how here entire body went numb.

"And you think he will come after me?"

Ron and Harry shared a look before Ron continued.

"He knows about Justine."

Belinda couldn't hear anything else. She let go of the goblin and rushed upstairs. Opened the light purple door and felt her intestines squirm. She looked from the crying baby to the man holding her. She didn't even hear the others run up the stairs.

"She has your eyes."

"Let go of her."

He turned to her and raised a wand. Belinda froze.

"You must have imagined my surprise when I heard I was a father. Good job Belinda."

"Freeze Malfoy."

Out of the corner of her eye Belinda could see a wand. She screamed and hit it as something came out of it.

"Don't, you can hit Justine."

"See you later then, mommy."

Then he vanished.