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Sakura's P.O.V.

I looked around my room and thought 'Hmmm... my rooms so awsome!' I gazed at my walls. My mother thought a young woman's room should be pink or purple but I insisted on the color midnight blue. Of course, she threw a fit but I didn't cave this was my room and I wasn't going to have it look so... so... girly. Then my eyes shifted to my bed spread. Yet again, my mother tried to talk me into picking out a bed set that was pink or white with red roses. Ha! Like my bed would look like that. I insisted on the black with yellow trim. Suddenly my eyes caught something golden, in other words my favorite trophe. I threw my gaze to it. I loved my skatebording trophe more than life itself. That reminded me to get my skatebord out of the box I put it in when we moved. Thats when a sudden ding dong scared me half to death. I ran down my starecase to get the door, forgetting I had my bord in my hands still. I opened the door to see this hot boy my age standing there, holding a... was that a... skatebord? He was so handsome I alomost didn't notice a woman my mothers age standing with him until she asked," Is your mother home?"

Sasuke's P.O.V.

"Hey, mom."I breathed to my mother. "Good morning ,Sasuke, please go get dressed." My mother asked... well told me. "Why?" I asked. "Because we're going to go see our new neighbors to day and I want you to look good." She declared. "Do we have to?" I wined. "I heard there's a girl your age living there." My mother stated happily. 'Great' I thought,' Another fangirl I'm the most popular guy in school can't I have a break?' "Fine I'll go." I said disapointed. I walked slowly to my room no need to hurry. Then I went into the shower. When I was finished I got dressed and grabed my skatebord. I might as well leave right after to the skate park. "SASUKE!" MY mother yelled at me. 'Well can't drag this on anylonger' I thought. With that I left the house with my mother skatebord in hand. I rung the doorbell. Then I heard running and then the door opened. ( A/N: ok i forgot to tell what they are wearing. Sakura has two pigtails with a black hat over them. She then is wearing a red baby-T that says' Born to Sk8t' on it in black. Her knee long shorts were an olive green. And she had black VANS on. Sasuke had a navy blue hoodie and baggy jeans on. He also had VANS but they were blue not black okay im done now onward to the story!) I was gawking at her we had no skater girls here. Thats when my mother asked,"Is your mother home?" With that the girl ran. Then her suposed mother came in to view and invited us in. My mother sat at the table and started talking to this girls mother as if they were old friends.

Sakura's P.O.V.

"Honey," my mother said," Why don't you give ummm..." "Sasuke" Sasuke's mother helped. "Sasuke, a tour?" my mother finally finished."Do I have to?" I asked. "Please" my mom begged. "Fine, If I have to..." I breathed. With that I gave 'Sasuke' a tour. Of course, I left my room out, I mean who in their right mend would want to see my awsome room. Well... mabey I just didn't want show an arragent, popular, rich boy my room. He would just go all 'I'm better than you' on me. When I thought that we were done Sasuke asked in this hot voice," And where's your room, might I ask?" With that I responded," At the end of the...hall." "Can I have a look?" He asked again in that awsome hot voice. "You don't want to." I said quickly. 'I'm such so stupid' I thought. "Yes, I am sure I do." he stated and made his way down the hall. There was no stoping him, but before he entered he asked,"May I ask, what your name is?" He chuckled. "Sakura, Haruno Sakura." I blushed quickly I noticed and turn away and heard the door open. I, then, started towards the door. When I enteredhe was gawking at my walls...well my posters, to tell the truth. " What now" I breahted without thinking. "Nothing, just...well when I first heard a girl was living here I expected her to have pink walls not Tony Hawlk posters all over her walls" He smirked." What? A girl can't have Tony Hawlk as an idol?" I accused. "No... I just wasn't expecting it... your very intresting." he chuckled "so you skatebord to?" "Yeah..."I answered. "Wanna come to the skate park with me and meet some borders?" He asked me."S-sure." I blushed even more. "Okay lets go." He smirked a hot smirk. I nodded my head and went to the room with my mother. "Mom, I'm going to the skate park... with Sasuke." I stated and awaited her answer. "Ok honey you two have fun... and make some friends." My mother answered. Wiht that we were out of the door.