Okay! Here I am! Chapter 17! WOOT! I'm trying to get these out sooner and I hope you know I'm typing this with a sprained finger so I may have a lot of spelling mistakes because it's hard to type with only nine fingers and it really hurts! So I'm trying to get it out sooner because... I don't know.

Sasuke- No, You're too busy reading Fanfiction...

Me- Sasuke! You weren't supposed to tell them that!

Sasuke- And you weren't supposed to take me away from my training.

Me- Would forget about your brother?!
Sasuke- No. He killed my clan!

Me- Wow. You just yelled...

Sasuke- Did not. And if I did, it's because you made me! Family wrecker...

Me- Sasuke? Do you want to know why your brother killed your clan?

Sasuke- You know?

Me- Yep!
Sasuke- Why?

(This is not, I repeat NOT true! I'm lying to him.)

Me- Okay Sasuke. You asked for it. Your brother wanted to rape you. But your clan would not let him. His reaction was to kill them all and leave you alive so one day he could meet you, rape you, then kill you... Unless you told him about your undieing love for him. Happy?

Sasuke- ...

Me- ...

Sasuke- ...

Me- ...

Sasuke- ...hn?

Me- ...I lied...

Neji- I would never do that to Hinata...

Me- I know. That's 'cuz you're awesome!

Neji- I know! Now to the story!

Normal P.O.V.

Sakura sat down and munched on her pancakes. She really wasn't hungary, but she would gulp cough the d word if she didn't. (A/N: The d word is death die Ect...) She picked up her spork and began to stomach the food. No one dared to talk to her. They only stared. Once Sakura felt as if she couldn't eat another bite she started to move her food around with her spork. Once finished with that she stood and left to her room.

"Sasuke," Mikoto said, "Take Sakura out today, so she can get some fresh air."

Sakura curled up onto her bed and held the locket close to her chest. She was still in her pajamas. Black silk pants with a button up shirt to match. She had worn them for a strait week. Sakura's door opened.

"Sakura?" Sasuke asked. Sakura shot up to sit on her bed and wipe away her tears. "Knock next time..." Sakura ordered. "Fine. Get dressed." Sasuke said. "Why?" Sakura asked. "Get. Dressed." Sasuke left the room.

"Lazy, no good, bossy,-" Sakura was intrupted. "I can hear you, Sakura." Sasuke said out side of her door. Sakura sighed. She got in her shower and dressed in a black halter top and jeans. She opened the door. "Get your skateboard." Sasuke instructed. Sakura did so and they left.

"Where are we going?" Sakura asked. "You'll see..." Sasuke answered. Sakura hadn't been out side of the house in a month and that was only half of the summer vacation, so she hadn't skated in a whole month. For her, that was forever. She had givin it up because her mother never liked it.

"Here we are." Sasuke anounced as the stood outside of the skate park. "Sasuke, no. You know I can't..." Sakura wimpered as she looked at the ground. "Sakkura, you're going to have to sometime..." Sasuke said. "Not now. I just can't." Sakura replied. Sasuke picked her up and carried her on his back. He walked into the skate park and put Sakura on her skateboard. "Sasuke, no!" Sakura yelled as Sasuke pushed her into the bowl. Sakura skated for he life. She had only one thought on her mind; to not get hurt. (A/N: So did I... but I got hurt anyway... T-T) Soon the thought changed and she began to have fun. Little did she know, this was all part of Sasuke's plan.

Sakura emerged from the bowl and kissed Sasuke on the cheek. "Thanks, Sasuke, you're great." And with that, Sakura's life had changed forever.

Okay, so, I think that was the last chapter. I might make a second though. Sakura's happy! YAYS! So yeah... Tell me if you want me to make another.

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