People always assumed that Ikkaku was "the man of the relationship." Ikkaku always looked at them like they were perhaps slightly whacked. There were two men in that goddamn relationship. That was what "gay" meant in the first place. What the hell, seriously.

Yeah, so Yumichika was all about being pretty, and he was prissier than any girl Ikkaku knew -- but there was no doubt in Ikkaku's mind that he was -- ngh -- he was all man, baby.

Oh yeah -- just like that.

He was also utterly ruthless in a fight -- okay, so most of the girls Ikkaku knew were totally vicious, so maybe that didn't count very much -- but what cinched it was... he understood.

Yumichika understood about needing to fight your own battles. And about how letting a guy fight and die on his own two feet was a better mark of friendship -- respect -- love -- than getting in the middle to spare his widdle feelings, stealing his kill, and making him look like a dickless wonder.

Ikkaku was -- ghkk -- was pretty sure Yumichika had a dick.

A big one.

A very -- elegantly -- masculine one.

Fit nicely up Ikkaku's ass, as a matter of fact.

And who played the "woman" had nothing to do whatsoever with which of them was most girly. 'Cause neither of them was girly. Yumichikia's dick was just, apparently, too "perfect and wonderful" to expose to this dark, dirty alley any longer than strictly necessary. Might get germs, as 'nother matter of fact.

Ikkaku didn't mind keeping it safe. That was what partners did. Heh. -- oh, oh yeah, nice. Again. Harder. Harder, yeah, fuck me like you mean it, ah, ah -- damn right 's a challenge!

... Yeah, so Ikkaku didn't have much to say against Yumichika's dick. (Muffled around it, eh, that happened.)

Ayasegawa Yumichika was nobody's girl, nobody's bitch. Sometimes, with his cheek pressed against the wall in some alley, or his back flat on a training mat, being ridden like a horse, Ikkaku suspected he might be Yumichika's bitch, but he didn't see a problem with that.