Disclaimer: Harry Potter, the subsequent characters, and universe belong to J. K. Rowling.

Summary: Ron suspects that Rose might be dating Scorpius Malfoy. He enlists the help of Teddy to figure out if he's right, but Teddy becomes quickly entangled in the situation. Rose/Scorpius Rose/Teddy.

Chapter 1: The Letter

At this very moment, Teddy Lupin felt like the worst sort of person. Not the sneaking into the cinema kind of bad, but the kind of bad where you take a toy from a toddler and keep it out of their reach taunting them until they cry. He's pretty sure that the sickly heavy weight in his stomach was an equivalent level of guilt. Not that he normally went around taunting children, but he figured spying and tricking family was pretty low on the moral scale.

It all came about a couple of days ago. He received an invitation from Ron to meet up for lunch if he could sneak away from the office for an hour or two. Of course, it wasn't very difficult considering his supervisor was his godfather, Harry Potter. Harry was a bit of a pushover when it came to giving time off.

Teddy arrived at the muggle diner in London about ten minutes after their scheduled luncheon time. It was no surprise that Ron hadn't arrived yet, Weasley's always tended to run on a different set of time than the rest of the world. Ron seemed to have an especially bad time of keeping appointments when he didn't have Hermione reminding him to leave at a proper time. Teddy got himself a table and ordered a muggle soda. He spent the extra time flirting with the waitress. She was a few years older than him, but still rather attractive. Teddy was still dating Victoire, but flirting came as naturally to him as breathing. Besides, Victoire shared the same bad habit, and they had learned long ago to curb their jealousy. Sometimes they even played about seeing who could catch more blushes with just a sultry look.

The waitress in a fluster excused herself after hearing the complaints of a nearby table about lack of service. Teddy smiled to himself and leaned back in his chair. He was a bit curius as to why Ron chose to meet in muggle diner. He still had a hard time figuring out muggle currency and generally he avoided the embarrassment by only eating muggle-side with his wife. Teddy smiled wryly expecting Ron wouldn't be the one by lunch today.

"What's so funny," came a voice off to Teddy's side. Ron was wearing a pair of slacks and a chudley cannon t-shirt. He must have placed a freezing charm on the quaffle, so it didn't swing around and move through the goal post as it normally did. Even with the freezing charm, Ron still looked mightily out of place.

"Your idea of what muggles wear," Teddy said chuckling.

"And you do any better?" Ron responded slumping into a chair across from Teddy. He was of course referring to Teddy's turquoise hair, ripped jeans, layered t-shirts, the clunky and outlandish belt, and the multiple piercings.

Teddy gave Ron one of his charming smiles. "Yes," he said simply.

Ron punched Teddy in the shoulder from across the table, that man had an unnaturally long reach. "I'll have you know I get compliments on my clothes from Rose and Hugo all the time."

Ron had never been very quick on picking up on sarcasm. "I'm sure you do," Teddy replied trying to hold back laughter.

The waitress approached them when she noticed another person at the table. After taking their orders she blushed and hurried away from Teddy's wink. Ron frowned disapprovingly at him which only caused Teddy to laugh. "So how are things," Teddy asked taking a sip from his drink.

"Look, Teddy I've got to be honest with you." Teddy raised his eyebrow and waited for Ron to continue. "I didn't ask you here to just catch up…I need your help with a very delicate issue."

Teddy was intrigued. He leaned forward slightly waiting to hear more. "I found this in Rose's room," Ron said pulling out a piece of parchment. It was worn out a bit by weather and it looked to have a name scrawled across the back.

Teddy frowned at the parchment Ron was waiting for him to take. "Tell me that's not a letter addressed to Rosie," he groaned.

Ron jerked back the piece of paper defensively, "So what if it is?"

Teddy was only twenty-four not far removed from seventeen in his opinion, and he definitely remembered what an invasion of privacy it was for a parent or in his case guardian to go through your room. "You went through her room!" Teddy began rubbing his forehead vigorously.

"Why shouldn't I," Ron said contemptuously. "She's still living in my house, so as far as I'm concerned it's my room."

Teddy just tightened his lips and raised his eyebrows. Ron shifted his eyes down to the table and hunched his shoulders. "Well, she was getting all these letters and she wouldn't say who they were from," he had taken on the whiny petulant voice of a child.

"Ron, this is Rosie Posey we're talking about. She has never misbehaved in her life or gotten below an O on any assignment. The worst she could be doing is owling a boy," Teddy told him exasperated.

"Exactly," Ron said with a triumphant look. He offered the parchment to Teddy again.

Teddy was tempted to read the paper. He didn't know Rose had a boyfriend, and his curiosity was demanding that he check to see whom the letter was from. However, he was already taking the morally high ground and lecturing Ron, so he wasn't about to back down. "She's seventeen Ron. She's allowed to owl boys all she wants, in fact she's allowed to shag them rotten".

That last bit may have been a mistake, because Ron turned a sickening shade of red and looked like he was ready to kill Teddy and live out the remainder of his years in Azkaban. "But I'm sure she's not," Teddy amended.

Ron was still a vibrant shade of red. However, he managed to get past his kill Teddy and decide how to break the news to Harry later phase. "I don't care if she's writing boys."

Teddy raised his eyebrows. "Okay…okay," Ron admitted, "I do care. But I also realize she's going to be," he paused and made a disgusted face, "dating at her age. I'm more concerned about which boy she's writing to though.

"Which boy is that?" Teddy couldn't help asking.

"Scorpius Malfoy," Ron revealed dramatically.

Teddy let out a bark of laugh. "But she hates Malfoy. They've been competing for top grades since they were like eleven. She's never had anything but complaints about him," Teddy reasoned. The waitress dropped off the food they had ordered and Teddy spared a moment to give her his charming smile.

"I know. That's what I thought. Until I read this," Ron began to unfold the piece of parchment. "Stop looking at me like that and just listen," Ron said exasperatedly.


I knew you'd make head girl. I'm so excited for you and I hear you get to have a room of your own. I miss seeing you every day, but maybe we can meet in Diagon alley. Too bad our Dads don't get along.



"Do you see now," Ron said waving the letter about. He was starting to attract a few stares from the rest of the diner.

Teddy gave him his best look of disbelief. "No actually. Ron, you can't even tell whether that letter is from a boy or a girl."

"But it says love."

"Hermione signs all of her letters with love," Teddy pointed out rolling her eyes.

"What about a room of your own." Ron placed as much innuendo as possible into that phrase.

"You're reading too much into it," Teddy insisted.

"But his initials are S and M and he says I don't get along with his father," Ron said triumphantly.

"You don't get along with a lot of people Ron," Teddy pointed out with a playful smile. "Look, I'm not saying it isn't Malfoy. I'm just saying that there could be plenty of kids at Hogwarts with those initials and a parent you don't get along with. I don't know, maybe its Mclaggen's kid or something," Teddy suggested.

"I hadn't thought of that," Ron said thoughtfully. "I bet he's just as handsy as his dear old Dad."

"Hold on Ron, you don't even know if he has a kid at Hogwarts. I was just suggesting that there are other possibilities."

"Maybe you're right," Ron admitted. "But I would feel better if we eliminated Malfoy from the running."

"And how are we going to do that?" Teddy asked leaning back in his seat.

"You are going to disguise yourself as Malfoy and show up on my doorstep," Ron announced. Teddy promptly fell backwards out of his chair drawing the attention of the entire diner.

So here he was standing on the Weasley's doorstep an inch taller and a few pounds lighter. He nervously ran his fingers through the light blond hair and shifted uncomfortably in his clothes. He wasn't used to being so…proper. He should just leave and forget the whole thing. Clearly he was off his rocker when he agreed to do this. Who cares if Ron said he owed him some kind of favor or threatened blackmail? Nothing could be worse than this. However, before he could decide to take off the door swung open.

"What are you doing here!?"