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Good as Gold

At the Youth Centre Adam and Tommy were teaching a self defense class.

"Where's Jason? He said he'd be here." Tommy said

"I have no idea." Adam said

"This isn't like Jason." Tommy said

"I know. What do you think could have happened?" Adam asked

"Not a clue." Tommy said

Meanwhile in the forest Jason was in his Gold Ranger form running from the Cogs.

"This isn't what I had in mind for a workout." Jason said

Jason ran off while the Cogs chased after him. Meanwhile in the Machine Empire.

"Yes that's it Gold Ranger tire yourself out." King Mondo said

"Why aren't you capturing him?" Sprocket asked

"First I want to take those Golden Powers away from him." King Mondo said

Meanwhile back in the forest Jason kept running until he saw Rita and Zedd.

"Oh great you two again." Jason said

"Well nice to see you too Jason." Rita said

"Let me guess you want the Golden Powers as well." Jason said

"Nice guess now hand them over." Zedd said

"You know me Zedd I'd never do that.' Jason said

"He's right." Rita said

Just then King Mondo and his family showed up.

"Oh great now I have three evil lunatics to worry about." Jason said

"Rito's not here." Zedd said

"There's nothing inside Rito's head to qualify him as an Evil Lunatic." Jason said

"He's right there." Zedd said

"I'm in deep trouble right now." Jason thought.

Meanwhile back at the Youth Centre Kimberly and Tanya walked in.

"Hey look its Kim maybe she knows here Jason is." Adam said

The two walked over to Kimberly and Tanya.

"Hey have you seen Jason?" Kimberly asked

"He's not with you either." Tommy said

"This is not good have you tried contacting him?" Tanya asked

"Can't too many people around." Adam said

"Good point." Tommy said

"I hope he's ok." Kimberly said

"I'm sure he's fine." Tommy said

Meanwhile back in the woods Jason was caught between a rock and a hard place.

"Since I saw Jason first I should be the one to have his powers." Rita said

"Forget it." King Mondo said

Just then the Cogs showed up and so did the Tengas.

"We're not afraid of you Mondo." Zedd said

"Yeah after seeing your failures we realized you're not so scary after all." Rita said

"Enough Cogs attack." King Mondo said

"Tengas attack." Zedd said

Jason quickly moved out of the way and saw the Tengas and Cogs fighting.

"That you for being stupid." Jason thought

Jason then ran off while the Tengas and Cogs fought. Meanwhile at the Detective Agency.

"I need a real case." Bulk said

Just then the door opened and a note flew in on a balloon. Bulk grabbed the note.

"If you want a real case meet me at the park and 1600 hours." Bulk said

Bulk then left the detective Agency and headed to the park. Meanwhile at the Youth Centre all ten Rangers were there and they were worried about Jason. Then all of a sudden a powered down Jason stumbled in and landed on his back. The Rangers and Hayley ran over.

"You ok?" Kimberly asked

"Yeah just tired I feel like I ran the length of the marathon track twice." Jason said

"Come on." Tommy said

Tommy and Adam helped lift Jason up and the eleven Rangers walked off.

"Mind if I go with them?" Hayley asked Ernie

"No go ahead I'll handle things here." Ernie said

Hayley handed the trey of drinks to Ernie and left with the Rangers. Meanwhile back in the Forest the Tengas and Cogs defeated each other.

"Well that was pathetic." Rita said

"You said it." Zedd said

"I'll give you one more chance leave." King Mondo said

"What do you want with Jason anyway?" Zedd asked

"I'm going to make him my general." King Mondo said

Rita and Zedd both tried not to laugh.

"Ok we'll leave good luck with that plan of yours." Zedd said

"Later." Rita said

Rita and Zedd walked off and cracked up laughing.

"Dad why are they laughing?" Prince Sprocket asked

"I don't know." King Mondo said

Meanwhile back in the Power Chamber Jason was laying on the bed.

"Guys I keep telling you I'm fine it has nothing to do with the Golden Powers." Jason said

"We just want to make sure." Billy said

"Yeah what ever can I at least get comfortable?" Jason asked

"Yeah." Trini said in confusion.

Jason reached down and pulled out his three morphers.

"Man these things are annoying when you're trying to lay down." Jason said

"I'll bet they are." Zack said

"Wait a sec. Tyrannosaurus Power of Courage Test of Heart, White Tiger Power of Wisdom Test of Courage and Blue Wolf Power of Heart and test of Wisdom. That's it." Jason thought

"Jason would you lay down so we can do the scan?" Kat asked

"Sorry but I need to do this. I think I might have figured out how to get the answer to why my body is keeping the Golden Powers." Jason said

All eleven teens looked at Jason then at each other. Jason stood up and he was right he was fine. Meanwhile back in the forest Zedd and Rita walked along.

"I can't believe King Mondo thinks he can turn Jason evil." Rita said

"This should be amusing come we must get our seats some drinks and Popcorn and watch the show." Zedd said

"Let's go I can't wait to see King Mondo lose." Rita said

Meanwhile back in the Machine Empire.

"Sire all the alarm triggers are in place so now we'll know if the Gold Ranger walks into a marked area." Clank said

"Good. Soon I'll have the strongest general and I will once again be the most powerful." King Mondo said

Meanwhile back at the Power Chamber everyone stood back to give Jason plenty of room.

"Now Tyrannosaurus Power of Courage." Jason said

Jason then threw the Tyrannosaurus Morpher and it stopped but stayed spinning in the air shooting a red beam to the ceiling.

"White Tiger Power of Wisdom." Jason said

Jason then threw the White Tiger Morpher and it stopped but stayed spinning in the air shooting a white beam to the ceiling.

"And Blue Wolf Power of Heart." Jason said

Jason then threw the Blue Wolf Morpher and it stopped but stayed spinning in the air shooting a Blue beam to the ceiling. Jason then walked over to the triangle the three Morphers had created.

"White Tiger Test of Courage." Jason said

Just then a red beam went from the Tyrannosaurus Morpher to the White Tiger Morpher.

"Blue Wolf Test of Wisdom." Jason said

Just then a white beam went from the White Tiger Morpher to the Blue Wolf Morpher.

"Tyrannosaurus Test of Heart." Jason said

Just then a Blue beam went from the Blue Wolf Morpher to the Tyrannosaurus Morpher. Then all six beams turned gold creating a golden energy triangle.

"Whoa." The ten Rangers and Hayley said

"Golden Power Staff." Jason said

Just then the Golden Power Staff appeared in Jason's hands and he placed it in the Golden Triangle. The Golden Power Staff started to spin then all three morphers shot a beam at the Golden Power Staff then a gold beam shot out of the red orb and hit the viewing globe. Then everyone saw Trey of Triforia.

"Who's that?" Hayley asked

"That's Trey." Tommy said

"Jason if you are watching this then you have figured out what each of your morphers means. What I have to tell you is going to revile why the Golden Powers have never left you. First off on my home planet there was a legend that started that a being on another planet will process over the scale Courage Wisdom and Heart. You demonstrated your over the scale Courage when you became the Red Ranger and gained the Red Dragon Battle Armor. Then your over the scale Wisdom shone through when you became the White Ranger and gained the White Dragon Battle Armor. And last but not least your over the scale honor and respect that shone from your heart shone through when you became the Blue Wolf Ranger and gained the Revenge Wolf Battle Armor. But this was only to the part of you being worthy of holding the golden Powers not to keep them." Trey said

"Then why hasn't the Golden Powers rejected Jason's body?" Rocky asked

"Jason this is something I wish I told you the first time we met. But the reason why the Golden Powers won't reject your body is because you are the Gold Ranger." Trey said

"What?" Everyone asked

"Eighteen Years ago a prophecy was fulfilled when you were born Jason it had nothing to do with your wolf soul. The prophecy stated that I had to transfer my powers to a being born with a heart of Gold. And you Jason have a heart of gold you care for everyone around you and I'm sorry for not telling you this. The Prophecy also stated that the being is a descendent of a hero. And Jason you are the descendent of a hero Wolf Heart. He gave his life to save your planet by telling Miss Kimberly how he felt about her before he completed his quest. Again I'm sorry for not telling you this Jason. I hope you can forgive me. Good luck Gold Ranger of Earth." Trey said

The viewing globe went black and the golden triangle disappeared. Jason then looked at the Triangle and caught the Red Tyrannosaurus Morpher and transformed into the Red Ranger and powered down. Jason then caught the White Tiger Morpher and transformed into the White Tiger Ranger and powered down. Jason then caught the Blue Wolf Morpher and transformed into the Blue Wolf Ranger and powered down. Jason then grabbed the Golden Power Staff and transformed into the Gold Ranger before powering down and walking off.

"Jason." Kimberly said

"No Kim. He needs time to think." Tommy said

"I agree. I mean I knew Jason had a heart of Gold when it came to helping people but who knew it was actually more to it." Billy said

"Jason was always special I've been watching him ever since he was born Jason's heart is pure and true that's what Trey meant by a heart of gold. Jason sealed his heart away when he got teased and his mother died but his honorable nature and always wanting to help people in trouble stayed true. It was because of all of you that his destiny is nearly fulfilled I still sense there is another power Jason must collect and a power Jason must unlock." Zordon said

The ten Rangers looked at each other and Hayley looked at Kimberly.

"He's going to be ok." Hayley said

"I know." Kimberly said

Meanwhile in the park Bulk met up with a detective who offered him a job. Meanwhile in the desert. Jason was walking along.

"Great so I've got a heart that's pure, honest and true. Yeah that's me a freak of nature." Jason thought.

Jason didn't notice that he triggered one of the alarms set by the Machine Empire.

"Kimberly wouldn't want to go out with a freak like me. The others wouldn't want to be my friends." Jason thought out loud.

Little did Jason realize that the others were listening in through the Viewing Globe. Meanwhile back in the Machine Empire.

"Sire the Gold Ranger has triggered one of the alarms in the beta sector." Clank said

"Good now send down the cogs to attack him." King Mondo said

Meanwhile back in the Desert Jason was walking along when the Cogs showed up.

"Oh great you metal heads again." Jason said

Jason went to morph and the Cogs stood back but Jason just stood there. Then the Cogs attacked and Jason attacked the Cogs with power and speed. Meanwhile back in the Power Chamber.

"Why isn't Jason morphing?" Hayley asked

"Don't know." Tommy said

"But he is dead wrong about those things he said." Kimberly said

"You said it." Tanya said in agreement.

"Rangers perhaps you better remind Jason of everything he's done for you." Zordon said

"Right." The Ten rangers said

"It's Morphin Time." Zack said

The Five Zeo Rangers made there Zeonizers appeared and placed them together. While the other five Rangers pulled out there Morphers and held them out in front of themselves.

"Zeo Ranger One Pink." Kat called

"Zeo Ranger Two Yellow." Tanya called

"Zeo Ranger Three Blue." Rocky called

"Zeo Ranger Four Green." Adam called

"Zeo Ranger Five Red." Tommy called

"Yellow Bear." Aisha called

"Mastodon." Zack called

"Pterodactyl." Kimberly called

"Triceratops." Billy called

"Saber Tooth Tiger." Trini called

Back in the Desert Jason was fighting the Cogs when Zack showed up and took down the Cogs with the Power Axe.

"Zack." Jason said

"You couldn't have been more wrong bro. As if any of us would stop being your friends and as if Kimberly would stop dating you. Your our friend Jason and we're friends forever. You taught me so much and helped me realize my true love was with the one person I had with me the whole time. I thank you for that Jason you helped me become the man I am today." Zack said

"He's right Jase." A Voice said

Jason looked and saw Kimberly in her old Pink Ranger form.

"Kim." Jason said

"I love you for who you are not because of the powers you have. It was your midnight eyes and smile that captured me Jase. You helped me out so much with my dad and helped me build a stronger relationship with my mom. So don't ever think your losing me. You've been alone way to long and don't think we're going to let you be alone now." Kimberly said

"Kimberly's right Jase." A Voice said

Jason looked and saw Billy in his Blue Ranger form.

"Billy." Jason said

"You've always been there for me. Since the first day we met you've always had my back I'm proud to call you big bro. In fact we're all honored to have friend like you. You helped me open up and become more confident in myself and helped me stand up to the bullies that picked on me. So don't ever think your alone cause your not we're all going to be right there by your side." Billy said

"Billy's right." A voice said

Jason looked and saw Trini in her Yellow Ranger form.

"Trini." Jason said

"You taught me honor and respect can also be put into a team. You taught me to focus on the now and to do one task at a time. You taught us what Family, trust and friendship, are all about. I'm grateful to have a friend like you Jason. So get those negative thoughts out you head we're your friends and that's forever." Trini said

"Trini's right." A voice said

Jason looked and saw Tommy in his Zeo Ranger Five form.

"Tommy." Jason said

"You saved me from evil twice and taught me that true power comes in believing in your friends and in yourself. When you became the White Ranger and I became the second Red Tyrannosaurus Ranger. I so honored you trusted me with your powers even though they didn't have all the powers but you still trusted me with them and I trust you Jason. Don't ever forget we all trust you." Tommy said

"Tommy's right." A voice said

Jason looked and saw Aisha in her Yellow Bear Ranger form.

"Aisha." Jason said

"Don't ever think we'd turn our backs on you. You never turned your back on us. You helped us in so many ways you helped me realize that the love of my Family and Friends is the greatest gifts you can ever receive and one friend we're all grateful to have is you Jason." Aisha said

"Aisha's right Jason." A Voice said

Jason looked and saw Rocky in his Zeo Ranger Three form.

"Rocky." Jason said

"You helped me out in more ways then I can count. You showed us that against all odds you can always find a solution. The day you let me take charge made me realize just how much you trust us and I'm grateful for that trust. Never forget that it was you that led us all here and we will never stop being your friends." Rocky said

"Rocky's right Jason." A Voice said

Jason looked and saw Adam in his Zeo Ranger Four form.

"Adam." Jason said

"When we first met I was impressed at how someone so muscular can move so fast. Then when I saw you train it made sense you practice in speed and power. The day of the Lantern was the day I learned about my inner strength a power you knew I had but wanted me to understand it for myself. Jason you always have a way of helping us and don't ever forget we're here to help you." Adam said

"Adam's right." A Voice said

Jason looked and saw Katherine in her Zeo Ranger One form.

"Kat." Jason said

"When we first met you figured out who I was and the fact I was under a spell. You helped me break the spell in a way you knew how. I'm grateful that you didn't look down at me as just Kimberly's replacement that's not you. I'm grateful for the fact you helped me in a way you knew best you never tried to show leadership but you always bring it out and I'm grateful I met you and I've never regretted a day we became friends none of us have." Kat said

"Kat's right Jase." A Voice said

Jason looked and saw Tanya in her Zeo Ranger Two form.

"Tanya." Jason said

"When I first met you I was scared about how I should talk to you and about what I should say. But when I saw you talking to the others and talk to me like it was nothing I realized that you're not scary as I thought. Jason you showed me Courage and Strength I didn't even know I had. You helped me stand up for myself and take things into my own hands and always told me to follow my heart. I'm grateful for the fact you are always there for us and only step in when you know we need your help." Tanya said

Guys." Jason said

"We'll never leave you Jason. Just like Kimberly said you've been along for way to long and it's time you realized that you're not alone." Tommy said

Jason looked around at his friends and a tear slid down his face and hit his communicator making it glow. Just then Jason morphed into the Black Storm Turbo Ranger. Then the Gold armor of the Gold Ranger appeared on the Black Storm Turbo Ranger's form except the Armor was more squared then the Gold Ranger's form and the Golden Power Staff changed Jason pulled up the red orb to revile a blade then Jason placed the orb with the Blade sticking out the Gold Ranger symbol on the staff disappeared and was replaced by a handle.

"Whoa." The ten Rangers said

Just then King Mondo showed up and made himself and some Cogs Grow Thirty Stories tall.

"Let's see you defeat me now Rangers." King Mondo said

"I'll handle him you ten handle the Cogs." Jason said

"Be careful." Kimberly said

"With the friendship these guys have for me and the love you have for me there's no way I can lose." Jason said while looking at Kimberly

"Go get him bro we're all here for you." Tommy said

"Right. "Jason said

Jason then ran off a bit so he was away from the others

"Golden powers of Triforia make me grow." Jason said

Just then Jason grew thirty Stories tall.

"Let's finish this Mondo." Jason said

"Yes lets." King Mondo said

Jason fought Mondo then flipped over and spun slashed the cogs away.

"My cogs." Mondo said

"Just making sure we have no interruptions." Jason said

"You will pay." King Mondo said

Jason then used his Black Storm Sword Lance to attack King Mondo. Meanwhile Lord Zedd and Rita were watching the fight.

"This is great." Rita said

"Yeah." Zedd said

Meanwhile the other rangers defeated the Cogs and then looked up.

"Go Jason." Trini said

"You can do it." Billy said

"We're all here for you." Zack said

"I love you Jason I know you'll beat this creep." Kimberly said

"Give him one for me bro." Tommy said

"Show him the power of the Wolf." Aisha said

"Show him the power of the Tiger." Adam said

"Show him the power of the Tyrannosaurus." Rocky said

"Show him the Power of the Gold Ranger." Kat said

"But most of all Jason." Tanya started

"Show him the power of Friendship." All Ten Ranger said

Jason attacked King Mondo then back kicked him to the ground. Jason then powered up the Black Storm Sword Lance. It glowed with the colors of the Rangers. Red, Blue, Green, Black, White, Pink, Yellow and Gold. Jason then attacked and destroyed King Mondo with the Black Storm Sword Lance.

"Later days Mondo." Jason said

The Ten Rangers cheered and Jason shrank back to his original size and powered down then fainted but Rocky and Adam caught him.

"Come on let's get him back to the Power Chamber he needs to rest." Tommy said

Everyone nodded and they all teleported off. Meanwhile back at the Detective Agency.

"You did what?" Detective Stone asked

"Sorry sir but I took the job." Bulk said

"Fine leave." Detective Stone said

Bulk walked off. Meanwhile on the moon.

"You know Zedd you could have helped." King Mondo said

"Oh I've already tried fighting the Gold Ranger when he was the Blue Ranger." Zedd said

"So we'd like to give you a present." Rita said

Rita handed Sprocket a present and the two evil villains hopped into there Caravan and drove off. Then Sprocket opened the present and it exploded causing the Machine King, Queen and Prince to fall to pieces. Rita and Zedd laughed as they drove off with Finster, Rito and Goldar. Meanwhile later that day at the Lake Jason was sitting under a tree lost in his thoughts about everything that happened. Just then Jason noticed Kimberly.

"Hey." Kimberly said

"Hey." Jason said

Kimberly sat down next to Jason putting her arm around him.

"You ok?" Kimberly asked

"Yeah just thinking." Jason said

"About finding out you were always meant to be the Gold Ranger." Kimberly said

"Yeah and how I managed to gain ten of the best friends a guy could have and a beautiful girlfriend." Jason said as he wrapped his arm around Kimberly.

Kimberly put her head on his shoulder.

"This is nice." Kimberly said

"Yeah it is." Jason said

"I love you Jason never forget that." Kimberly said

"I love you too Kimberly." Jason said

Jason lifted Kimberly up and placed her on his lap and the two kissed. The two broke apart and Kimberly stood up and turned around and sat between Jason's legs leaning back against his chest with his arms wrapped around her.

"I love this." Kimberly said

"The peace a quiet?" Jason asked

"No being with you in your arms. You've always made me feel safe in them." Kimberly said

Jason smiled and his eyes went wolf and he saw his mom and Dad.

"She's perfect for you Jason I knew you'd find someone." Jason's mom said

"I'm so proud of you Jason." Gary said

Kimberly looked up and saw Jason smiling and his eyes had changed to wolf. Then his eyes went back to normal and looked down and Kimberly before kissing her on the lips. Kimberly broke the kiss and leaned back against Jason.

"So why did your eyes turn wolf?" Kimberly asked

"So I could see my mom and dad." Jason said

"What did they say?" Kimberly asked

"My mom says your perfect and my dad is proud of me." Jason said

"Your mom said I'm perfect?" Kimberly asked

"Perfect for me." Jason said

Kimberly smiled and silently wished she met Jason's mother. Meanwhile Trini, Zack and Billy were looking on.

"How about we leave them be." Billy said

"Good idea." Trini said

The three walked off happy Jason had finally found his heart and happiness again.

End of Good as Gold.

End of Zeo Rangers New Beginnings next up Turbo Rangers New Beginnings Rise of Maligore then Turbo Rangers New Beginnings.