The author's poor attempt at Royal Pair. For Valentine's Day. Except a bit late…but oh well XD


"Atobe, please tell me why you're calling me at four o'clock in the morning," Oshitari's tired voice asked.

"Ore-sama is at a loss for what to do," Atobe answered, flipping through his cookbook.

"At a loss for what to do? Why is that?"

"Ore-sama forgot it was Valentine's Day three days ago."

Atobe could almost see Oshitari's knowing smirk through the phone. "Ah, Atobe, so you're planning on giving someone something?"

Atobe frowned, flipping through the cookbook even faster. "You know exactly whom I'm talking about."

"Atobe, I can hear you flipping through that cookbook all the way from here. Now, do you really expect him to eat something that you would make?"

Atobe slammed the cookbook on his desk. "And what do you suggest that I should do then, ah?"

"Give him something simple. You know he doesn't like anything too fancy."

"The brat can't even take lobster. All he can think about is hamburgers."

"Exactly, Atobe."

"But it just doesn't seem suitable."

"Atobe, remember what you gave him on his birthday?"

"What do you take me for? Of course Ore-sama remembers."

"You remember what he did with it, don't you?"

Atobe let out a small grown of frustration. "Yes, yes, I do remember. He threw the cellphone out of the window and smashed one of my priceless glass sculptures."

"And what do you think he'll do if you give him another fancy gift?"


"Besides, you can't even cook."

"I'm an Atobe," he argued, tapping his fingers on the table. "You can't expect me to do something simple."

"You may be an Atobe, but he is just a regular twelve year old boy."

Atobe sighed wearily, rubbing his temples.

"Think about it. And now if you'll excuse me, I'd like to get some rest." With that, Oshitari hung up.

Atobe shook his head. Something simple was definitely complicated.

Echizen stared at the Ponta in his hands. "Monkey King, what's up with this?"

"Happy Valentine's Day, brat."

The green-haired boy gave a knowing smirk. "Mada mada dane. You're three days late."

Atobe really wished he hadn't forgotten.

Heh. Not really that good, I know. But yeah…XD