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Kirimi's Big Problem

Kirimi Nekozawa has a big problem.

Oh yes, she had a very big problem. Thus, she needed a grand solution for that problem.

So our brave, determined, little heroine Kirimi looked everywhere for that grand solution.

She searched in books, newspapers, diaries, mangas, animes, and even the internet! But our poor cute heroine could not find the solution any where!!

Little Kirimi soon grew worried that she would NEVER find the solution to her grand problem.

But!! Our brave heroine did not give up and kept on thinking of a solution for her big problem.

So gallant little Kirimi used her little three year old brain and thought and thought and thought. After about twelve minutes of thinking really hard Kirimi came up with a grand solution!!

Her idea came from what one of the shojo manga that her servant Kurotake once read her.

It was a genius solution. This solution was so perfect that she wanted to take action of this plan right away.

So our little genius Kirimi sped out of the grand Nekozawa estate and on to the rich high school. Once our heroine got there she grabbed two certain characters and started dashing off with them.

Little Kirimi finally stopped running at the doors of a very gorgeous church. She opened the grand church doors and dragged the two people she was attached to down the church aisle.

The two people she was pulling down the aisle were none other then Umehito Nekozawa and Tamaki Suoh. They were both taken on surprise by little Kirimi's sudden actions.

Finally Kirimi brought the two of them in front of a man holding a bible and a lawyer holding a bunch of papers.

Kirimi turned around and said with a large grin "Kirimi often gets big brother and Tamaki confused. So Kirimi decided to have you two get married so that I can both call you big brother and never get it wrong!"

Yes Kirimi's solution was pure genius.