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There are a total of four omake stories for the original SS. Three were originally released on Web Clap while the fourth was written by Sekitx2 as a gift on LJ. The fourth omake has been re-posted, with her permission, on my website (location in my profile). Thank you very much Sekitx2 for the cute omake!

Omake 1:

A floating feeling...

Gene opened his eyes and looked around idly. His mind was still half asleep as he realised he was in the SPR office. He could see Mai in the kitchenette putting some things out on the counter, while Yasuhara was in the reception area, Lin was in the data records room, and Naru was in his office seated at his desk reading. Turning his attention back to Mai, he watched as she put a dessert dish on the counter, and realised it was some sort of chocolate mousse layer cake. Looking at the calendar he quickly realised today was Valentine's Day. But any way he looked at that dessert, he couldn't see Naru accepting it. Naru didn't like sweet things.

Gene frowned as he considered the dessert; he himself wouldn't mind having it. Naru had often passed his desserts to him when they were kids, but it was a little difficult for him to be able to have the dessert considering his current condition. Gene continued to ponder the situation before him when he saw Mai pull out a small container of cocoa and realised that she was planning on dusting the dessert with icing sugar and cocoa powder. Gene knew that Naru was probably even less likely to accept the dessert if she did that, when he suddenly had an idea.

An impish smile flickered across his beautiful features as he gazed at Mai in amusement. Gene reached out as Mai went to open the tin and held the lid down tight. He watched as Mai struggled to open the tin, but he didn't let go. He waited a few moments longer before suddenly releasing his grip on the lid and watched as Mai ended up throwing half the cocoa into the air all over herself and the kitchenette floor.

"Wah!" Mai exclaimed in surprise as cocoa flew into her face when she finally got the lid off the cocoa container. She struggled to keep from spilling the rest of the cocoa while she coughed as the fine powder entered her lungs.

Gene considered his handiwork and couldn't help a small wicked smile as he glanced at his younger brother. 'There's no way Mai'll be able to get all that cocoa off her, and Naru's definitely not going to miss the scent of cocoa on her. It doesn't matter how much of a stick-in-the-mud idiot scientist he is, he's bound to do something!' Gene laughed to himself as he settled back to watch the action...

Omake 2:

Naru considered the chocolate dessert on his desk--Mai had left it behind when she managed to escape from his office moments earlier. His lips twitched into a faint amused smile as he remembered the shocked and embarrassed expression on Mai's face. Naru knew that it would be difficult to get her to come near him again that day, but there was the minor issue of the dish she'd left on his desk. He generally didn't like sweet things, so really, she should be the one to eat it.

Naru reached out an took a sip of tea from his cup. Mai said she'd made a light Assam, and her choice was ideal. Not too heavy for the afternoon, it would be strong enough to wash away the chocolate taste of the dessert were he to eat it. Naru gazed contemplatively at the dessert on his desk considering his options when he heard a soft knock at his door. He looked towards the door as his administrative worker opened the door.

"Ah, Shochou, I need to go out and get some office supplies," Yasuhara said as he entered Naru's office and approached his desk. "It seems we're out of a number of things, so I was hoping to take Lin-san and maybe the van."

Naru looked a bit surprised at Yasuhara's request but readily agreed.

Yasuhara glanced at the dessert dish still on Naru's desk before he calmly took Naru's teacup away from him.

Naru frowned. "Yasuhara-san..." he said quietly. However, Naru immediately spotted the suspicious glint that flashed across Yasuhara's glasses as the young man smiled at his boss.

"I assume you'd like some more tea?" Yasuhara asked innocently.

A hint of surprise crossed Naru's features before amusement took over. Naru nodded slowly. "On your way out, tell Mai to bring me another cup," he said.

Yasuhara bent down and picked up the tray Mai had dropped earlier; he put the cup he'd been holding on it. "Certainly," he said. "Oh, and Shochou?"

Naru glanced at Yasuhara.

"March 14--you probably want to remember that day," Yasuhara said calmly. "It's the day guys return the favour three-fold and give candy or gifts to girls."

Naru nodded in acknowledgement. "I'll be sure to remember that," he said as a small amused smile flashed across his lips.

Omake 3:

Naru heard a light, hesitant knock at his office door moments before it opened, but he didn't look up from the notes he was typing on his computer.

"Um... Naru," Mai said uncertainly from half-way across the room.

Naru looked up and glanced at the girl. Mai stood in the middle of his office with his tea on the tray in her hands. He could tell her cheeks were flushed as her eyes darted about the room looking anywhere but at him.

"I brought you your tea," she said hesitantly. "I'll leave it for you on the coffee table..."

Naru shook his head stopping her. "I'll have it here at my desk," he said before turning his attention back to the computer screen.

Mai shivered slightly as she hesitated; she'd barely managed to escape from his office half-an-hour earlier. Mai couldn't help feeling like the little fly that entered the spider's parlour at returning to this domain again so soon. She warily approached Naru's desk and set his tea down for him. As she finished serving his tea, she noticed the chocolate dessert she'd brought him earlier was exactly where she'd left it. It was untouched.

"Ah, I thought so," she said almost as though to herself. Mai glanced at Naru; his attention was still on the computer screen. Mai reached for the plate with the chocolate dessert she'd left for him earlier. "It's probably just in your way, so I'll take this away," she said with a weak smile.

However, as she reached a hand out towards the plate, Naru suddenly grabbed her wrist. Mai's eyes widened in surprise and realisation when she felt Naru pull her firmly towards him. Already awkwardly balanced from reaching for the plate, Mai had no chance as she ended up toppling over into Naru's arms. Before she could react, Naru reseated her such that she was now sitting in his lap. Mai blushed a bright scarlet as she realised her current position; Naru's arms held her firmly, and much to Mai's consternation, his dark eyes were no longer on his computer screen but were instead gazing directly at her.

"Um... Naru...?" Mai said hesitantly. "W-would you please let me go?"


Mai blinked in surprise at his immediate response. '"No"?? What does he mean "no"?!' She froze when she noticed a glimmer of amusement in Naru's eyes as he considered the girl in his lap.

"You want me to eat this, don't you?" he asked as he pulled the plate towards him.

Mai nodded wide-eyed. "I do... but I thought you didn't like sweet things," she said uncertainly.

A faint smile tugged at the corner of Naru's mouth as he continued to watch Mai. "I don't, which is why you're going to eat it," he said.

Mai slumped slightly at Naru's words. She expected him to refuse the dessert, but it still hurt to hear him say it. She felt tears of disappointment sting in her eyes, and she stared at her hands. She didn't want Naru to see her tears...

"??" Mai stared blankly at the fork that suddenly appeared in her field of view--a small bite-sized portion of the dessert she'd made sat on it. Mai raised her face and looked at Naru in surprise.

Naru didn't bother hiding his amusement as he gazed at the startled girl. "Aren't you going to eat it?" he asked as he continued holding the fork up for her to eat from.

His amusement grew as he watched Mai blush hotly in embarrassment, yet again,

"I-I can feed my--" Mai began to say when Naru slipped the fork into her mouth. Mai closed her mouth instinctively as she ate the chocolate cake while Naru cut another, slightly larger, piece of cake.

This time, Mai quietly accepted the cake when Naru held the bite up for her. Naru watched as she ate the second bite of cake; he'd made the piece a hint too big for her, so she ended up with a bit of cream at the corner of her mouth.

He lay the fork down on the plate and cupped Mai's cheek in his right hand. Mai's eyes widened in surprise as Naru ate the cream from the corner of her mouth before kissing her lightly.

"Wha-... you..." Mai stammered incoherently.

"It's quite sweet," he commented as he reached for his tea.

Exactly when Mai made it out of Naru's office is something that only they know. Yasuhara and Lin, for whatever reason, didn't return to the office that day after they left to 'buy office supplies'.

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