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Uzumaki, the Assassin's Clan

"Normal Speech."

'Normal Thought.'

"Jutsu or Yelling."

"Demonic Speech."

'Kyuubi Thought.'

Chapter Names

Time Skips



"Damn." Minato said as he watched the enraged form of the Kyuubi, the Guardian of Fire Country, tear through the ranks of the people it had been entrusted with and told to protect. He frowned slighty as he thought of this, but the reason for its anger didn't matter too much right now. If he didn't do something now they would all die, but so far nothing they had done had managed to do anything more than slow it down, and it was hardly slowed down at that.

"Hokage-sama?" came a voice from behind him. He turned to find a dog masked Anbu. He smiled a weak smile.

"How many times must I tell you to call me Minato-sensei?" the Fourth asked with a chuckle.

"Does it really matter? I won't listen." the dog masked Anbu shot back.

"Ah, Kakashi, whatever happened to listening to your Hokage?" Minato whined.

"What about respecting your Hokage?" Kakashi replied.

"Then respect me by honoring my wishes and calling me Minato-sensei! Ah well...what did you want?" the young Hokage asked, turning his gaze to the roaring Guardian once more.

"You wanted me to tell you when your wife went into labour." Kakashi said seriously.

"Ah...that's right. Well, I'll be there shortly." Minato said, disappearing in a flash of yellow, making the young genius wonder what exactly the Hokage was doing. Sure, it was an important part of being a father, the birth of your child and all, but right now the village needed him.

"Just what are you planning Minato-sensei?" he asked aloud turning to watch the roaring figure of the Kyuubi.



Kushina raised her head wearily from her sleep, looking for her husband, but she saw nothing. She sighed, saddened. He hadn't been there since she had given birth, a fact that depressed her to no end. Unconsciously she reached down for her child, to find nothing there but empty air. Her eyes widened as she realized what he had done.

"MINATOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! YOU BAKA!!!!!!" she screamed into the air.



Minato couldn't help but shudder at that. Knowing her, she would somehow bring him back to life, just to kill him again, an experience he didn't want to have to go through twice. He looked down to the child in his arms, the newly named 'Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze'.

"Never thought I would be forced to do such a thing to my own son to save my village..." he said aloud. He stood still for a moment, watching the raging Kyuubi slowly closing in to Konoha. Minato set the baby down for a second, freeing his hands for a series of hand seals, biting his thumb and slamming his palms on the ground. A giant cloud of smoke appeared, cearing to reveal Gamabunta, the Boss Toad.

"What kind of a mess have you gotten yourself into this time Minato?" Gamabunta said while putting away his pipe as he stared warily at the Kyuubi.

"It seems there's something wrong with the Guardian." Minato answered, picking his son up once more in his hands.

"I wonder what could be wrong with her?" the Toad Boss said, stunning the young Hokage.

"HER? The Kyuubi's a her?" he said, forgetting the gravity of the situation with the unexpected comment. Gamabunta just ignored the stunned ninja, instead choosing to speak with the Kyuubi herself.

"KYUUBI! What have you done? You kill the very people you are meant to protect!" the giant toad said in an effort to awaken Kyuubi from her rage. Failing miserably, the toad boss was forced to draw his sword. Minato shook his head as he did.

"No 'Bunta, I just need you to get me close to its head." he told the summon. Gamabunta raised his nonexistant eyebrow.

"What the hell do you plan on doing?" the toad asked, only to be ignored.

"Forget it. Just get me close, I can take care of it." Minato said, beginning his hand seals once more. The toad jumped towards the giant fox which, at the moment, was flailing its nine tails wildly. As they neared the Hokage jumped off of Gamabunta's head, slamming his hands onto the fox's head.

"" Minato shouted. A glow encompassed the area and when it passed it revealed a dying Minato...and that the Kyuubi was gone. Gamabunta looked down, just managing to catch sight of an extremely complex and disappearing seal.

"You didn't..." the toad boss said in shock. The young and dying Hokage chuckled weakly.

"Yup...tell them...I wish for him to be a hero..." the man said weakly, his eyes beginning to dull. "And," he continued,"Tell Kushina...that I love her...and...I'll wait for her..." he finished, panting hard now, obviously fighting death with every breath.

"I will." Gamabunta promised. As he finished the man gave him a smile, before dying right there.

Just then Jiraiya and the Third showed up, but it was too late.

"What happened to the gaki?" Jiraiya asked the toad boss, trying to seem tough. e might have pulled it off too, if it weren't for the sad tone of his voice, or the tears threatening to engulf his eyes and pour down his cheeks.

"He sealed it in his son. That baka sealed the guardian in his own son..." the giant toad said from above them.The two legendary shinobi looked shocked, when a realization dawned on them. As the container for the Kyuubi it would be more than likely that the villagers would treat him like the Kyuubi itself.

"He needs to be protected. What do we do?" Jiraiya asked his sensei. The older ninja looked thoughtful for a second, but soon slumped his shoulders in defeat.

"I don't know." he answered his younger, but still old, student.

"I know what you can with him..." came a sweet voice from behind them. The two shinobi began to sweat bullets as they turned slowly around. And there it was. the nightmare of all Konoha shinobi...Kushina Namikaze, the wife of the Yondaime. Granted, she wasn't able to do anything just yet, thanks to her weakened condition caused by Naruto's birth...and the fact that Rin Inuzuka and Kakashi Hatake were holding her back and up at the same time.

"Kushina-chan, leave the poor men alone. They had nothing to do with it." Rin admonished the older woman, getting more than a few confused glances. After all it wasn't too often that both a subordinate admonished their Anbu Commander.

"Rin-chan, I suggest leaving her alone. She'll tear you apart if you get in her way." Kakashi warned, only willing to hold her back because of her inability to walk herself and the huge possibility that she could harm herself if left alone.

"LET ME AT 'EM! LET ME AT 'EM!" Kushina screamed arms flailing as the two shinobi in question cowered in a corner. That of course made everyone sweatdrop. Seriously, the Third and the legendary Toad Sennin cowering before the Anbu Commander?

"It wasn't our fault!" Jiraiya yelled back indignantly, unknowingly getting within reach of one of her flailing limbs, allowing for her to knock him out easily.

"YES!" she shouted out loud, now turning all of her killing intent upon the older of the two ninja.

"Ano...as fun as it is to watch you two cower before the human woman, I have other business to do and the time limit is nearing." Gamabuna interupted,"Your husband sealed the Kyuubi within Naruto, and as he did he left two dying statements for me to relay." the toad explained, looking around to be sure everyone understood.

"The first was that Naruto be considered a hero. The second was a little lengthier...I believe, word for word, he said: Tell Kushina-chan that I love her, and that I'll wait for her. Gamabunta finished. Everyone was awed, though it was the sort of thing that Minato would say. Suddenly a shreik split the air.

"W-What is this? Naruto had bright blue eyes, not green!" Kushina said, obviously concerned for her child.

"If I'm correct Kushina, you haven't yet had the boy checked to see if he was healthy. You should probablly have him checked on at a doctor's or something." Sarutobi said before making his way to the Hokage Towers, pickng his way through the debris carefully. The fiery haired (and tempered) woman made her way to the doctor's, office straight away. Jiraiya just watched before turning to the giant toad.

"Wann get a drink? I sure could use some right now." Jiraiya commented. The toad nodded, and soon both were gone in a puff of smoke.


Kushina was now sitting nevously, eagerly awaiting the return of her son. It had been a few hours already, and she was really starting to get worried. Suddenly the door slid open and out walked a very serious doctor.

"Is something wrong?" Kushina asked, now scared for her little boy, but instead of a sad face she received a warm grin.

"Namikaze-sama is fine, in fact I have great news to tell you." the doctor said excitedly.

"Yes?" Kushina said warily, unsure of whether or not to trust the guy.

"He has a bloodline...two in fact!" the doctor said proudly, obviously happy for his discovery. However, with this new tidbit of information, Kushina's eyes widened. This was gonna be more difficult than she thought. Now that the boy had two bloodlines, was the heir to the Namikaze clan and the Last Namikaze, he would be sure to have several assassination attempts and most likely would be spoiled by the council.

"Damn." she said aloud, confusing the happy doctor.

"What's wrong Namikaze-sama?" the doctor asked, thinking that maybe he had done something wrong.

"Not you. It's the politics I'll have to put up with now..." Kushina explained wearily.

"Oh..." he said.

"Yeah. Oh." Kushina snapped back. As proud as she was of her boy and his new bloodlines, she couldn't help but think, 'Damn it Minato. I swear I'm gonna find a way to bring you back, just to kill you again!"

Meanwhile the little baby in her arms just yawned cutely in its sleep, burrowing his head a little further into his resting place on her shoulder. Smiling she kissed the sleeping baby's head as she thought on what was going to happen now.

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